• Governor Walker: How Dare You
    Urgent: Gov. Walker and Wisconsin Republicans are calling an “extraordinary session” of the legislature, beginning Tuesday, June 14. By this Friday, they're expected to use this session to slash our education, health care and support systems, and jam through rights-stripping attacks on Wisconsin workers. The people of Wisconsin have stood together for over 100 days in a historic response to the unprecedented assault on the working and middle classes. Wisconsinites have rallied, marched and even set up tent cities to call attention to Gov. Walker’s devastating budget proposals and to stop the attacks on working people. But even with recalls of anti-worker legislators looming, the attacks continue. Even if we don't stop Walker and his friends in the legislature, we need to continue to make sure the governor, the legislature, and the media understand that the people of Wisconsin don't support their radical agenda.
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    Created by Stephanie Bloomingdale
  • Advocate for Felons Right to Work
    In the state of Oklahoma there are countless men and women who are felons and cannot attain profitable employment due to discrimination by business & industry with restrictions on hiring people with felonies. Leaving many homeless and relying on welfare and generosity of strangers to survive. We need jobs!
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    Created by Terri Sloniker
  • Gov. Cuomo & NYS Legislators: Yes, we're losing our homes. No, the tax cap will NOT help.
    NYS homeowners will learn soon enough that unless you accompany the tax levy cap with true local tax relief, and seriously address mandates and other sources of rising costs, the only way is out - out of New York. Pay for Circuit Breaker relief with extension of the Millionaire's tax on true millionaires. Or, re-direct the $1.5 billion property tax revenues - realized by rescinding middle-class STAR - to Circuit Breaker legislation before the legislature right now. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers paid 10-50 percent of their income in property taxes this year, last year and the year before. A tax cap, whatever its merits, assures annual increases in those tax bills. The ranks of the overly taxed will grow as the recession continues. NYS's problem is NOT state income tax - or maybe it is. When you and those before you say, "No new taxes," you're talking state income taxes. We at the local level know what follows: increased local taxes. Yes, rein in costs with mandate reform, healthcare reform and intelligent policy - but do something NOW that will honestly help the middle-class stay in their homes and in New York. Please, lead with the facts and good public policy for all.
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    Created by Carole Kraus
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  • Save San Jose Collective Bargaining
    On May 13, three of my fellow San Jose Council Members and the Mayor proposed a fiscal and public safety emergency that would strip city workers of their benefits and take away their collective bargaining rights. This bill is substantially similar to the attacks on workers rights that were recently rammed through Wisconsin’s legislature by its rabidly anti-worker governor, Scott Walker. But then, there was a huge backlash. As part of that backlash, thousands of San Jose residents—and thousands more across the country—signed a petition I started to Mayor Reed and the San Jose City Council, urging them to resolve our city’s fiscal situation in cooperation with our workers. Because of our efforts, the bill has been postponed to August 2! Now, I need help to keep my petition growing. If I can get a total of 10,000 signatures by August 2, it will send a really powerful message that attacks on collective bargaining won't be tolerated in San Jose. I will do everything within my power to convince the Mayor and my fellow council members to work with our city’s workers to solve our San Jose’s budget challenges, rather than attacking them. So far, this has been a tough fight. But with the votes postponed, we're winning. On Aug. 2, the city is scheduled up the "fiscal and public safety emergency" proposal, as well as proposals to retroactively reduce pension benefits that our workers have already earned and are contractually entitled to. Measures like these historically have been held to be illegal, and will no doubt lead to lengthy and expensive lawsuits. Instead of using these extreme tactics, we should work with our employees, who have shown their willingness to do their part to achieve fiscal reform. By myself, I am one City Council member. But together, we are powerful. I need your help to make sure our Mayor and City Council know that attacks on workers won’t be tolerated.
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    Created by Councilmember Ash Kalra
  • Pay Us First
    We need more Americans to buy American textiles. If we just spend an additional $30.00, per year on clothes made in America we would save hundreds of thousands of jobs! Not to mention the help it would be to our economy and the individual businesses! Most unionmade products available here are made in America!!! Just think of the economic boost it will be to keep all that money here, instead of sending it to China!!!
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    Created by Lawerence Moore
  • A New WPA To Put Americans Back To Work
    Capitol Hill needs to get priorities straight and stop putting the cart before the horse. What we need first is jobs! Nothing will get better until we have created jobs to provide income to American households... not the housing market, not the deficit, not the any part of the free market. Our nation's infrastructure is crumbling, so doesn't it make sense to focus on the horse that pulls the cart carrying all those ancillary issues? Any stimulus money our government has at it's disposal needs to be used to repairing and rebuilding roads, bridges, levees and dams we have depended on since FDR's program created them and brought us out of The Great Depression? Doing so would put countless numbers back to work, and that horse would be better able to pull the wagon that holds the debt ceiling and deficit issues we must ultimately address.
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    Created by Alison Conley
  • Support and Defend "The Peoples Budget"
    The Budget put forward by the House Progressive Caucus reduces the debt responsibly while protecting Medicare, Social Security and the Middle Class. Please know that when you stand firm behind our Party's true Progressive Principles that focus on creating good jobs for the middle class, investing in public education, ending Corporate Welfare and taxing the rich and corporations fairly, that we will all stand with you! We will support you, help to raise money for your campaigns and work to get out the vote to elect you! We will turn out in huge numbers to support you if you make our best case to the American people! You stand on the shoulders of courageous people like President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, President John F. Kennedy, Robert and Ted Kennedy, and Reverend Martin Luther King. Men who risked everything to fight to create a Middle Class and defend the rights and dignity of every American! These great leaders knew that when you call on the people of this Country to do great things we answer the call! The CPC proposal: • Eliminates the deficits and creates a surplus by 2021 • Puts America back to work with a “Make it in America” jobs program • Protects the social safety net • Ends the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq • Is FAIR (Fixing America’s Inequality Responsibly) What the proposal accomplishes: • Primary budget balance by 2014. • Budget surplus by 2021. • Reduces public debt as a share of GDP to 64.1% by 2021, down 16.5 percentage points from a baseline fully adjusted for both the doc fix and the AMT patch. • Reduces deficits by $5.6 trillion over 2012-21, relative to this adjusted baseline. • Outlays equal to 22.2% of GDP and revenue equal 22.3% of GDP by 2021. Here is a link to the Peoples Budget http://grijalva.house.gov/uploads/The%20CPC%20FY2012%20Budget.pdf Eliminates National Deficit by 2021! We want to see every Democrat in Congress speaking in support of our values, our needs, our communities and our People's Budget! It's the way to victory for every American and for the Democratic Party in 2012! Please call a Press Conference and stand together on the Capitol Steps in support of "The People's Budget"!
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    Created by Joseph Segal
  • Rebuild Our Infrastucture Now
    Since the beginning of his presidency we have heard President Obama talk about rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, but nothing has actually happened. No bills have been initiated, no money appropriated, and no projects started. When these steps are taken it may still take decades to see results. We have given away trillions to billionaire bankers and mega-corporations that have produced little or no benefit or relief to the poor and middle class. The time is now to improve our roadways, bridges, and rail systems and to develop new energy sources and move away from our dependence on foreign oil. The added benefit is the creation of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of disparately needed jobs that will drastically improve, if not totally revive our dying economy.
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    Created by Moses Thrasher
  • Tell NH House Speaker O’Brien: No Dirty Tricks!
    For weeks, workers, faith leaders and community allies have working to defeat HB 474, a bill that attacks workers, weakens unions, and jeopardizes middle-class families. This so-called "right to work" bill is the first step in a larger effort to weaken New Hampshire’s middle class. The good news is: A bipartisan super-majority of representatives in the State House opposes HB 474. But even though we have the votes to defeat this bill, we could still lose. That's because Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien is refusing to announce when he'll hold the vote. Since Speaker O’Brien can hold the vote at any time he chooses, without warning or public debate, the big danger is that he’ll sneak through the bill when key legislators are absent—in the dead of night, on a low attendance day or over the winter. Holding a voce without adequate notice would be an undemocratic dirty trick. It’s only reasonable that New Hampshire working families have the notice we need to participate in our own state government. That's why we're respectfully asking that Speaker O’Brien honor the democratic process in New Hampshire, and give at least 48 hours notice before holding a vote.
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    Created by Kurt Ehrenberg
  • Tax the Rich and Wealthy Corporations
    Both the Federal and state governments have been depending on the working people and those who would like to be working to pay to run the government. Yet the laws are made to help the Rich and Wealthy corporations. It is time to flip the funding.
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    Created by Linde Knighton
    Congress and the President have put job creation on a back-burner in preference to measures that deal with inflation (which is very low); interest rates (also very low), and the deficit (high, but best lowered by a vibrant economy, which depends on plentiful jobs).
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    Created by RICHARD E. EVANS