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    $0, but i supports my parents having pensions when they retirer
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    Created by Anton
  • Stop Oil Market Speculation and Manipulation
    Oil prices are being driven by wealthy invesment speculators who have no connection to the oil industry other than making a profit off of the price moves in the oil markets. Require oil investors to have a business that is directly related to the disposition of the oil either in the production or the refining or the deliveryof it. Banks like Goldman Sacs have no business investing in oil markets
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    Created by David Rosstad
  • Evict Wall Street Insiders from the White House
    Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke aren't part of the solution to our nation's economic fix; as alumni and protectors of Wall Street, they are part of the problem. We need advisers such as Krugman and Galbraith to press for regulations with teeth and for effective investigations of fraud and price-fixing. President Obama: for real change, get rid of Geithner and Bernanke!
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    Created by Kathryn Nocerino
    Taxpayers that make $75,000 and over are not allowed to deduct student loan interest payments. This $75,000 range affects the middle class. Deleting the phaseout amount will help our economy; and allow students to payoff loans faster.
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    Created by ELAINE SEEGERS
  • Tell Congress: Invest in America! Buy goods Made in USA! Create jobs! Invest in education!
    Call on Congress to invest in America by getting our Federal and local governments to purchase goods made in USA! No more American flag lapel pins, worn by Congress, made in China! For things that are not made in America, we need to invest in what is necessary to make them. Incentivize companies to manufacture goods and hire employees right here in America. It creates millions of jobs. It invests in education. It makes our tax dollars work for us and keeps our tax dollars circulating in our own economy. Every tax dollar our government spends on products should be invested in purchasing goods made by workers right here in America!
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    Created by Dawn Beckman-Accius
  • Paul LePage vs. MPBN
    Governor LePage wants to cut all state support for MPBN - 20% of their overall budget. This relatively small amount of money enables Mainers in the farthest reaches of the state to get their news and entertainment through radio and TV. More info here: http://www.mpbn.net/Home/DefendandSupportMPBN.aspx#bottom
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    Created by Tom Foreman
  • Bring back Greenbacks
    In order for America to survive, we must get the private Federal Reserve Bank out of the equation in all Federal government spending. We need to print our money ourselves, spend it directly into our economy for highways, bridge repair, railroad upgrades etc. rather than issue bonds which the Federal Reserve buys with Federal Reserve Notes (look at the money in your pocket) that they print out of thin air (counterfeit) and then charge the U.S. Government (that's us) interest on the bonds in addition to the face value of the bond all of which is our debt. Without this change, it is mathematically impossible for America to survive.
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    Created by Ken Kollodge
  • Stop Corporate Tax Cuts
    Two thirds of all U.S. corporations do not pay federal income tax. If they paid their fair share, we wouldn't have to cut teachers, firefighters and public services. Every year corporate tax havens cost us $100 billion. That's nearly enough to balance the budgets of all 50 states. Corporate tax avoiders are bankrupting the United States.
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    Created by Sheree Welshimer
  • Don't Cut Taxes on Rich to Balance Budget
    Paul Ryan's budget proposal cuts programs that many people depend on while simultaneously cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations at a time when their taxes are already lower than they have been for the greater part of a century. This is quite simply taking from the poor to give to the rich and is unacceptable. The petition is not to request tax hikes or that programs not be cut, there are other petitions for those things. This petition is simply saying to all members of congress (Republican, Democrat, and Independent) that if they support a budget plan that cuts both taxes for the wealthy and programs for average Americans they will have forfeited our vote when they come up for reelection.
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    Created by Brandon Pollard
  • Pass HR589 Tier I Unemployment Extension for 99ers
    The long-term unemployed need help to survive now. We need to speak out with one voice to urge the President and Congress not to abandon those who have no income through no fault of their own. Foreclosure, homelessness, hunger, unmet medical needs and even suicide are our reality.
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    Created by RC deWinter
  • Congress, show you care!
    Get Congress the message. Do they really care about us? How about them giving up something for our economy just like we are?
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    Created by Sharon M. Larocque
  • Cut The Pentagon's Budget First
    The astronomical cost of the U.S. Military, including the hundreds of billions of dollars the Pentagon is now spending waging wars and building weaponry, is the most significant reason our Federal budget is running an unsustainable deficit. The U.S. needs to balance its budget by reducing our military expenditures rather than by making cuts to other Federal programs.
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    Created by Mark van Gelder