• Ensure pay for our military personnel regardless of a government shut down.
    As two parties from with in the government fail to reach a conclusion on new policy for what ever the reason, it should be understood that a "Government Shut Down" shall not affect the paychecks that our military personnel depend on.
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    Created by Christopher Richert
  • Support MJ Legalization in Maine
    Rep. Diane Russell has introduced legislation to fully legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. This petition supports the legislation and encourages legislators to vote in favor of responsibly ending the prohibition.
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    Created by Rep. Diane Russell Picture
  • Stop House Cuts-Tax the Rich
    The House has a radical agenda to reduce spending in vital programs, reduce jobs while keeping the Bush Tax cuts for the rich in Place. It is time to tell our government exactly where our priorities are
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    Created by Leigha Cohen
  • Federal Budget Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
    Proposed: The Constitution should be amended to require Congress to have the next year's Federal Budget on the President's desk for signing by midnight on the 10th working day prior to the end of the current fiscal year. Further, the amendment should stipulate that if Congress fails to deliver this budget on time as required, no member of Congress is allowed to stand for re-election at the expiration of his/her term. This would hold for both federal budgets of a Representative's term and all 6 budgets of a Senator's term.
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    Created by Tim Krupa
  • Prop. 13 Rollback in California
    In the late 70's conservative groups bankrolled "Prop. 13" that reduced property taxes, and mandated that any tax increases in Ca. required a 2/3 vote in the legislature. Since then the result has been devastating for schools and social programs in the state. There is now a $26 B. deficit in the state. A change to the concept of "majority rule" of 50% vote is needed.
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    Created by Stan Jones
  • Save Social Security
    Unemployment is at an all time high for the nation. There is a large number of persons 50-75 who are still able to work but cannot find work. This is going to result in a larger than normal early applications for Social Security Benefits. As we know Social Security is already in financial trouble, so hire a senior to forestall the drain on Social Security Benefits.
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    Created by Shirley Shepard
  • Develop a National Manufacturing Strategy
    Last week, HS Global Insight revealed that China has passed the United States as leading manufacturing output. While Germany, China, South Korea and every other industrialized nation have an implemented strategy to promote domestic manufacturing, the U.S. stands by and allows our jobs to be outsourced overseas.
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    Created by Nathan Estes
  • Protect Our Homes from Greedy bankers - Freeze Foreclosures NOW
    American families are being robbed of their homes to bankers and mortgage companies. Let's put a freeze on foreclosures and have modifications fairly and respectfully put into place on these loans. Why are banks taking huge loses of hundreds of thousands of dollars on upside down houses rather than work out payments? They are being bailed out somehow. Until this is fixed NO MORE FORECLOSURES!
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    Created by Kathy Gren
  • Stop Congress from cutting science funding
    Congress is debating next years budget as we speak. Last month, the House already passed a version that would cut NIH funding by $1.6 billion, as well as cutting NSF, DOE and NASA research funds. Now the Senate is considering a version that would keep NIH funding stagnant and reduce NSF funding by $75 billion. These cuts could cripple science research in the US. NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, has said it would mean only 10% of grants getting funded and noble laureate Dr. Harold Varmus said that even a $300-billion cut would send shock-waves through the nation's cancer research community. Sign this petition to help stop these cuts today.
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    Created by Milan de Vries