• Tell NH House Speaker O’Brien: No Dirty Tricks!
    For weeks, workers, faith leaders and community allies have working to defeat HB 474, a bill that attacks workers, weakens unions, and jeopardizes middle-class families. This so-called "right to work" bill is the first step in a larger effort to weaken New Hampshire’s middle class. The good news is: A bipartisan super-majority of representatives in the State House opposes HB 474. But even though we have the votes to defeat this bill, we could still lose. That's because Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien is refusing to announce when he'll hold the vote. Since Speaker O’Brien can hold the vote at any time he chooses, without warning or public debate, the big danger is that he’ll sneak through the bill when key legislators are absent—in the dead of night, on a low attendance day or over the winter. Holding a voce without adequate notice would be an undemocratic dirty trick. It’s only reasonable that New Hampshire working families have the notice we need to participate in our own state government. That's why we're respectfully asking that Speaker O’Brien honor the democratic process in New Hampshire, and give at least 48 hours notice before holding a vote.
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    Created by Kurt Ehrenberg
  • Tax the Rich and Wealthy Corporations
    Both the Federal and state governments have been depending on the working people and those who would like to be working to pay to run the government. Yet the laws are made to help the Rich and Wealthy corporations. It is time to flip the funding.
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    Created by Linde Knighton
    Congress and the President have put job creation on a back-burner in preference to measures that deal with inflation (which is very low); interest rates (also very low), and the deficit (high, but best lowered by a vibrant economy, which depends on plentiful jobs).
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    Created by RICHARD E. EVANS
    Elizabeth Warren is fighting for the protection of consumers. It is only fair that we as consumers fight for her, against the massive concentrated attack she is under from the GOP, the banking and insurance lobbies. Let's let the White House know we want her to head up the CFPB. The President can and should appoint her.
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    Created by Barbara Eardley
  • Pass the "America Is Not A Deadbeat Nation" BIll
    Congress has already voted to spend money. Now the Republicans want America to stiff its creditors by refusing to raise the "debt ceiling." I can't tell my tell my creditors I decided not to raise my debt ceiling. Tell Congress to label the debt ceiling bill the "America Is Not A Deadbeat Nation" bill and demand Republicans to vote yes or no on the question: "Does America cheat its creditors?"
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    Created by Charles Shafer
  • Stop Wisconsin-style Attacks on Maine Workers
    I’m Will Towers, a corrections officer from Oakland, Maine. My co-workers and I are willing to work together with the state to help solve our state’s fiscal situation. But we’re not willing to have our rights attacked. Instead of working with Maine’s state workers, our rabidly anti-worker governor, Paul LePage, is attacking us and our unions. Last week, I learned that LePage and his friends in the legislature are pushing a bill misleadingly called “right to work,” starting with a hearing this Thursday at 2:30p.m. L.D. 309—the bill our legislators will be considering—doesn’t give workers rights. It takes them away. It directly challenges the right of me and my co-workers to bargain freely over our wages, benefits and working conditions. I’ve had enough of Gov. LePage and his friends in the Maine legislature doing the bidding corporate CEOs, Wall Street hedge fund managers and out-of-state special interest groups who poured money into Maine’s 2010 elections.
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    Created by Will Towers
  • Fishman's Framework for Tax Reform: The tax reform plan that saves our middle class!
    This tax reform plan saves our middle class by lowering taxes for individuals and corporations, yet raises almost a trillion dollars more per year than our current tax system. The additional revenue creates and fully funds National Health Care, solves Social Security's long term funding problem, and allows all academically qualified students the opportunity to attend college free of charge. www.serioustaxreform.com
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    Created by Mark Fishman
  • Save Peace Corps' from Budget Cuts
    Recently in April, Congress passed a full-year spending bill after much contentious negotiation and many short-term Continuing Resolutions. Unfortunately, as part of the spending bill, Peace Corps received a substantial cut translating into a $25 million cut in the Peace Corps operating budget compared to the previous year's appropriation. The total agency budget for the year is now $375 million as compared to $400 million for FY10.
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    Created by Robin
  • Congress: Reinstate Glass-Steagall now
    [for more info, visit Glass-SteagallNow.com] In response to the failure of thousands of banks across the country, Congress enacted the Banking Act of 1933, commonly known as Glass-Steagall, during the height of the Great Depression. This statute safeguarded the American economy for decades by legally separating commercial and investment banking. Such a common sense system provided greater security to banking deposits in commercial banks. Additionally, investment banks were only able to leverage their own funds, limiting the systemic risks of the American citizenry. For decades, Glass-Steagall was a cornerstone of the U.S. financial system, until the Gramm Leach Bliley Act unwisely completely ended this important financial regulation in 1999. With the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act over a decade ago, the U.S. economy was exposed to an intolerable level of risk, and the recent financial crisis was certainly exacerbated by the removal of these safeguards. We must limit the potential for future economic collapses by returning to a more prudent banking system in which banks must once again choose between investment activities or commercial lending.
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    Created by John Miller
  • Small Business Equalization
    Today large businesses have unfair economic advantage over small businesses. Yet small businesses are major contributors to jobs, innovation and community economics. We petition the federal government to enact laws and regulations to ensure that small businesses have the same costs as large businesses in the following areas: 1. Percentage tax paid 2. Per capita health care 3. Shipping costs such as FEDEX and UPS
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    Created by Dr. Robert E. Goldschmidt
  • No Real Estate Taxes For Seniors
    Senior Home Owners are hit hardest by Real Estate Tax increases. They dutifully paid their taxes during their earning years but because of the weak economy, many were forced into early retirement with Social Security as their main or only source of income. Even with the Senior Real Estate Freeze and Exemption policies, annual R/E tax increases to them of 15% are not uncommon. Current assessments can equal more than 30% of a senior’s Social Security income while all seniors have not had a COLA increase in 3 years. In Bensenville, IL R/E taxes were raised astronomically for the school budgets even though thousands of Bensenville families were displaced outside the school districts due to the O’Hare airport expansion. They actually raised taxes for schools even though there are less students to teach. This is an example of extreme government greed that hurts seniors the most. It’s time to stop penalizing those who can afford it the least before they are forced into foreclosure. Stop the government from stealing the quality of life Seniors have earned. Give Seniors a break and remove them from the tax rolls entirely. They’ve earned it.
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    Created by Gene Buza
  • It's time to tax churches!
    For the last 30 years, churches have been more and more political, telling their parishioners who to vote for, what issues to vote for, etc., all the time growing wealthy on tax-free donations. The Constitution assumes that churches will be apolitical, small organizations: but today they are corporations, and, like all corporations, they should pay taxes.
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    Created by Eve Fisher