• Arizona Representatives: Don't Default on the American Dream!
    Arizona's Republican Congressmen have shown time and again that they are willing to bring the American economy to the brink of economic collapse to save tax breaks for billionaires and wealthy corporate interests. Don't Let Arizona Representatives Default on the American Dream! Please sign the below petition and if you're able, please join Arizona MoveOn members in dropping by your local Congressional office to deliver this message in person. Even as we create a long-term plan to rebuild the American Dream, we need to keep the foundation from being ripped out from under us. In this moment of crisis, we need to speak out as one voice in opposition to the immoral and damaging priorities in Washington. Our economy and much of what progressives have fought for over the last 60 years is at risk this week!
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • No Taxpayer Money to Support Retirement Pension for Congress or Senate
    Raise revenue by ending federal pension funds for congress and senate members when they leave office or retire. Most congress and senate members move to lobbying positions, working for corporations and to expensive speaking engagements. If the Social Security Insurance fund we have contributed to in good faith for our retirement looks like a place to make cuts, let's cut, rather,from those officials complaining about government spending who are trying to undermine the very government that promises federal pension funds to support them.
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    Created by Lisa BK
  • "Supporting the Postal Service"
    Please urge your Congressman the co-sponsorship of HR 1351. This bill requires the re-calculation of the mandated pre-retirement fund. Failure to pass this bill would potentially eliminate Saturday plus other days of delivery, once again this will cause the lose of 80,000 middle class jobs within the postal service, if not for the mandated Pension obligation the postal service would have made 650 million dollars from 2006 to 2010.
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    Created by Becky Jamison
  • Reduce the deficit, not the middle class
    We do need to reduce the deficit, but it's important that we cut the fat, not the bone and muscle. We should reduce the deficit by strengthening Social Security, reducing defense spending to 2001 levels, imposing a tax on big corporate polluters, reducing the cost of health care while leaving Medicare benefits intact, and allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.
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    Created by Walter LaBiche
  • HELP THE 99ers
    The 99ers are the 6 million unemployed people living in the United States who are no longer able to receive any further unemployment assistance since national and state governments allow a maximum of 99 weeks. This is at a time when we have 2.5 million job openings for over 15 million unemployed and there are no signs of these numbers improving. Not only would further unemployment extensions beyond 99 weeks be a sympathetic policy for millions of us long term unemployed, but it would also be a massive economic stimulator as for every $1 of unemployment assistance $1.61 is put back into our struggling economy.
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    Created by Edward Barcas III
  • Congress leave the big three alone
    Do not touch what we have worked for and paid into for years. We are on a fixed income and can not afford to have anything taken away from us. We the "Middle Class" have given enough..go after those who aren't on a fixed income and can afford to give back.....listen to us why won't anyone listen to us?
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    Created by Diane Polvinen
  • Bush-Era Tax Cuts - Where are the Jobs?
    The justification offered by Congressional Republican leadership for refusing to consider increasing tax revenues through the suspension of the Bush-era tax cuts is that it would discourage or suppress new job creation by the benefitting industry sector and enterprise organizations. However, no analysis from independent agencies has been provided that document a net gain in new jobs created within the US, resulting from the 10+ years that the Bush-era tax cuts? have been in effect.
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    Created by Ronald Thomason
  • "I'm Fine with 49" - A Call to Reduce Debt & Deficit by Raising Taxes on Earnings Above $250,000/...
    In an era of unprecedented national debt and deficit, many of our elected officials adamantly refuse to raise taxes and are instead calling for additional tax cuts for the wealthiest segment of society. This distorted thinking gains tacit approval each time it is repeated and reported without critical condemnation. Citizens can and should feel free to say, "nobody likes to pay taxes, but increasing taxes on those most able to afford it is practical, necessary, reasonable - and realistically, a burden one can live with." This petition will tell the President and Congress in clear terms that many Americans support increasing taxes. A maximum marginal tax rate of 49% on earnings above $250,000 will help sustain solid social programs and gradually pay-down our debt, while allowing those earning the most money to keep most of what they make. I'm fine with 49 - are you?
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    Created by Dan Bentley
  • Flat Tax
    A simple solution to the debt crisis is to implement a 10% income tax on all gross earnings for individuals, private companies, and corporations. This is fair and affordable for all. No more deductions or loop holes. No more tax dodging. The $20,000 threshold would benefit those living at the povery level. Many economist have proposed this solution. NOW IS THE TIME TO IMPLEMENT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Created by William Turley
  • Release Republicans from Norquist's "No-Tax Pledge"
    Republicans intransigent position on addressing REVENUE increases in order to help solve our National Debt and Budget issues threaten to plunge our Country into Economic Depression that would be devastating to America and throughout the world. Our goal is to enable and encourage genuine negotiations and forward progress within Congress on both the debate concerning raising the Debt Ceiling, and the Budget Debate, by nullifying Grover Norquists' "Taxpayer Protection Pledge"
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    Created by Mary Elizabeth Harder
  • Mr. President, please fund the United States Interest Free Home Mortgage Corporation
    Abraham Lincoln issued an executive order for the Secretary of the Treasury to issue debt free American money. JFK tried and Bobby Kennedy would have tried. We are asking you to use your Presidential power to issue an executive order to the Secretary of the Treasury to fund the United States Interest Free Home Mortgage Corporation with debt free American money.
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    Created by Lee Cheney
  • Should incomes over $250,000 be taxed at the same rate that lower incomes pay?
    For federal income taxes, anyone earning $250,000 or more should be taxed at a rate no lower than those earning lower incomes. There should be no "tax cuts for the rich", i.e., the Bush-era tax cuts. Likewise, state-level legislatures should immediately take measures to correct any tax loopholes that disproportionately tax lower income earners at a higher rate than those over $250,000.
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    Created by Susie Roberts