• Monetary Reform
    We should not have to borrow money from a bank that does not have any money. A well thought out plan to make the Treasury the source for our Nations economy is available and has workabilty withe precedence in North Dakota's State woned Banking system. They enjoy the mutually beneficial relationship with the private banks and share profits.
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    Created by Bill Loftus
  • The Credit Score: Contradictory, Harmful, Inane: Get Rid of This Illogical "Tool"
    Sign this petition if you have Pride for your level of Common Sense: have you realized that the credit score rewards you for debt & penalizes you if you are not in debt? However, if you are in debt in a way that is not pleasing to "them", then you are penalized, but you will be possibly rewarded you if you maintain debt in a way that makes enough interest for billionaire companies. Have you been denied a JOB because of your low credit score? Do you think it's FAIR to be denied employment for bad credit? Because I don't. There are so many flaws in logic, rationale & fairness I refuse to allow this economic tool to put me in harm's way: preventing me from progressing in life to secure food, shelter and stability. I refuse to further participate in this economic system designed to make us fail. There are more of us negatively impacted by low credit than not. We are the Majority. Let's gather our numbers, let's share our stories, let's present our solutions and let's end the day with ELIMINATING THIS INSULT TO INTELLIGENCE AND COMMON SENSE EVERYWHERE!!!!!
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    Created by CharLizzle
  • Don't Default on the American Dream in Arizona!
    Arizona Senator Jon Kyl seems to be willing to bring the American economy to the brink of economic collapse for the sake of his millionaire friends. Sen. Kyl walked out of debt talks when an end to oil subsidies was discussed. Don't Let Kyl and his Rebublican Colleagues Default on the American Dream! Please sign the below petition and if you're able, please join Arizona MoveOn members in dropping by Sen. Kyl's Tucson or Phoenix offices to deliver the message in person. Even as we create a long-term plan to rebuild the American Dream, we need to keep the foundation from being ripped out from under us. In this moment of crisis, we need to speak out as one voice in opposition to the immoral and damaging priorities in Washington. Our economy and much of what progressives have fought for over the last 60 years is at risk this week.
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Recall Legislators who Have Signed No More Taxes Pledge in Direct Conflict with their Oath of Office
    Minnesota Legislators that have signed and continue to honor their no-taxes pledge initiated by Grover Norquist above their oath of office should be recalled for nonfeasance.
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    Created by Mari Payton
  • Stop The War On Working Class Missourians
    All six Republican members of Congress in the state of Missouri supported the Paul Ryan budget, which would end Medicare as we know it and would continue to hand out corporate welfare, while working class Missourians continue to struggle. Enough is enough.
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    Created by Jeff Reed
  • Get Started with the "Texas Recall"
    Many congressmen in Texas voted to short the Texas school children about $4 billion and not use the money still in the rainy day fund. This will result in the loss of around 100,000 teacher and staff positions around the state. We need to ask these State Representatives hard questions, like why they chose bills such as giving tax breaks to yacht owners at the expense of the children of their district.
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    Created by Bill Hamm
  • Fighting for San Jose City Services
    San José has suffered 10 years of budget deficits; closed $300 million in deficits through layoffs and cuts in services in the past 3 years, and yet the General Fund will be $78 million in the red next year, and hundreds more layoffs expected. While the city’s population has increase by 100,000, the workforce has shrunk by 30%, providing dwindling services. Since the ‘90s, previous Councils, or labor arbitrators, have increased retirement benefits, particularly in public safety. A public safety officer receives an average pension of $102,000, increased 3% yearly, with free health insurance. Unfortunately for many reasons, including the economic crisis, these benefit increases have created unfunded liabilities in excess of $3.5 billion in San José’s retirement funds, and most of the burden lies on the General Fund. There are no frills to cut; without change these retirement costs will continue the cycle of massive layoffs. Many of us have found our retirement significantly reduced with no bail out. Most of us do not make a 6-figure salary, especially after retirement. I'm not anti-labor, it's just that City Services are essential and cannot be sustained without sacrifices during hard times. Petitions circulated by Councilmember Ash Kalra implied that workers would lose benefits and collective bargaining rights with current proposals. He provided no background information about the dire straights of the city, the efforts undertaken, or inform you that 5 of the city’s 11 unions are currently collectively bargaining! As a San Jose resident who has hosted many Moveon events and parties, I call for all to focus on solutions for the budget deficit, rather than political attacks. Workers, residents and ALL labor leaders need to quit the blame game, and work with the San Jose officials to provide rational solutions to this budget crisis. All residents and businesses of San Jose need to find ways to keep our libraries, parks, police and fire safety services. Let’s work together to solve this budget crisis!
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    Created by Patti Bossert
  • Tell Minnesota Republicans: Do Your Jobs!
    Update - 7/22/2011: Today, the Minnesota government re-opens, and Minnesotans can finally get back to work. Sadly, Republicans chose millionaires over Minnesota’s future. They insisted that tax hikes for the richest Minnesotans be off the table. But your pressure played a vital role in stopping GOP plans to erode critical public services, take away Minnesotans’ workplace rights and put tens of thousands in the private and public sector out of work through mass layoffs. And because of the huge public outcry, Gov. Mark Dayton was also able to put more Minnesotans back to work with his jobs and infrastructure bill. Because of GOP legislators’ continued insistence on protecting millionaires, Minnesota’s revenue shortfall will continue over the next two years. Ultimately, the only way we will truly solve Minnesota’s revenue shortfall and build a better state is for the richest to finally pay their fair share in taxes. We know the public is on our side. And with your help, we are confident that this is a fight we can win. To stay up-to-date on our work, "like" the Minnesota AFL-CIO on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mnaflcio and follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/mnaflcio.
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    Created by Shar Knutson, Minnesota AFL-CIO
  • Support the Recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Nov. 2012
    What's happening in Madison is unlike anything I've seen in my career in politics. Scott Walker and his allies embrace the cruel, selfish philosophy of Ayn Rand that is devoid of any social responsibility. At a time when we need our leaders to work together to solve our serious problems, Walker and his allies have pushed an extreme agenda that slashes millions from education, makes it harder for seniors, students and minorities to vote, and strips away collective bargaining rights from thousands of workers -- all while handing massive tax breaks to corporate special interests.
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    Created by Dave Obey
  • RAISE MARYLAND: A Decent Wage for All
    We all know a hard days work should pay a decent wage but 300,000 Maryland workers currently earn $7.25/hour - the lowest POSSIBLE minimum wage in the U.S - not enough for a family to survive on. Putting more money into the hands of those who need it most and will spend it quickly on goods and services will create jobs and help rebuild the middle class and our economy. Please sign this petition to call on the Maryland General Assembly to raise the minimum wage to $10/hour over 3 years. Then please forward it to others, learn more, and get involved at RaiseMaryland.org.
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    Created by Scott Roberts
  • Pennsylvania’s future on the chopping block
    Urgent: a budget already approved by the Pennsylvania House inflicts massive pain on working families and the poor—and we only have days to stop it from becoming law. The current budget cuts almost $1 billion from Pennsylvania public schools and slashes $471 million in funding for health care, services for people with disabilities and vulnerable children. It even stashes away $540 million in a “rainy day” fund, while unemployment remains at record levels. But it fails to close corporate loopholes or enact a Marcellus Shale drilling tax—which could help avoid cuts to services for seniors, kids, and other vulnerable citizens, while also helping to mitigate the environmental impact of drilling. (Pennsylvania is one of the only states that does not tax drilling.) We still have a chance to influence the final budget—because negotiations with the governor and Pennsylvania Senate are ongoing. But there isn’t much time. A vote could happen as early as this week.
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    Created by Rick Bloomingdale, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
  • Tax Marcellus Drilling in Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania is the only state that does not tax drilling. Not only do the Marcellus Shale "frackers" pay no drilling tax, no other drilling is taxed either. Whether you oppose all drilling in the Marcellus Shale, support drilling with restrictions or hold another view, Pennsylvanians agree that drillers must pay their fair share in taxes.
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    Created by Michael Morrill