• Oregon State Bank
    The State of Oregon needs to establish a State Bank similar to the one in North Dakota. We need such a bank so that millions of dollars of tax money is no longer kept in private banks (such as Well Fargo and Bank of America) which earn millions of dollars in interest. Such a bill was introduced and voted upon in the Oregon legislature but the bill did not come to a vote or was not passed, I don't recall which.
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    Created by Richard Pastega
  • Its the Price Stupid !
    Sensible energy, economic and tax policy in the US will save $5 - $7 Trillion in energy cost over the next 10 years, creating 15 - 20 million new American Jobs, stimulated by domestic energy, economic and tax policy that incentivizes businesses to create better and more products and services at lower and lower prices.
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    Created by Carlton Buford
  • Do Not Support The Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act
    The obscenely misleading name of this proposed legislation is offensive. There is nothing "fair" about this legislation at all. It is a bailout for the banksters and legalizes their crimes and fraud. It strips away basic rights to be secure in one's home and allows banks to circumvent our court system and judges.
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    Created by matthew weidner
  • Let's call it the "Republican Recession"
    The financial breakdown happened on the Republican watch and because of Republican de-regulating policies. The Republicans in Congress purposely keep the recession raging so they can a) use a shock doctrine technique to collapse government regulation even more, b) blame President Obama and regain the Presidency, the Senate and c) reward their corporate backers and promoters from Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court to the Koch Brother and Murdoch oligarchies.
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    Created by Maggie Rheinstein
  • 535 Plan
    A jump start to begin to tackle our nation's debt crisis.
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    Created by Mike Vaupel
  • Tennyson Street Merchants compensation fund
    Since construction has begun on Tennyson St. for street improvements, businesses have been severely affected from a loss of 30 to 60%+ in profits. Some businesses have already been shuttered and several new businesses are in jeopardy. Existing businesses are seeing a large decrease in customer visits and many complaints heard are that it's difficult to find parking, there are street closures almost daily, and that they're not sure if businesses are open during this construction period.
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    Created by Mary Hendrick
  • Save Post Offices across America
    Some 10,000 U.S. Postal Service stations and locations are on the chopping block. The lifeline of small communities to the rest of the world will soon be available only by greatest distances or only on the internet or dependent on media giants for communication and local deliveries. Already, the postal system is not as good as it was in our childhood. Please save it. After all, the written & printed word is important., too.
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    Created by Kevin Stoda
  • Tax Companies For Every Job Outsourced
    It is time for companies to be held accountable for sending jobs overseas. We need to tell our leaders that it should be more expensive for corporations to outsource jobs. Tax them for EVERY job they move overseas.
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    Created by Cherie Boeneman
    While the people of America are hurting to make ends meet & some to even find a job, giant Corporations are paying their CEO's more in salary than in taxes. This is absurdly unfair. We demand a reinvestment in working class Americans, lower taxes on the working class, & a jobs program to get us back to work.
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    Created by Otep Shamaya
  • Tax the JOB Exporters!
    The conservatives claim we cannot tax the "Job creators" so lets tax the JOB EXPORTERS instead. Its time the federal government creates laws to protect American companies who hire American workers from foreign competitors. For example three American Solar Panel manufacturers have gone out of business because the price has dropped 42% due to competition from Chinese companys
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    Created by Arlys MIlls
  • Bring Our War Dollars Home!
    Waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, the U.S. is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars abroad and killing thousands of civilians, increasing hatred of our country and thereby decreasing our security. At the same time, President Obama and Congress are considering cutting the deficit by cutting needed social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and even Social Security, which has nothing to do with the deficit. Ending our six wars would return the money wasted on them to our country, saving these social programs from being cut.
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    Created by Ed Ciaccio
  • We Pledge to Stand Behind Our President For Jobs
    As our economy still flat-lines at ZERO jobs created, unemployment and underemployment continue to hold our country down and hold our families hostage. Meanwhile, the bickering in Congress has already begun about a plan THAT HAS NOT YET EVEN BEEN RELEASED. We're calling on Congress to support the President for the sake of our nation or understand that they will join the ranks of the unemployed.
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    Created by Shawna Vercher