• Verizon aggressive toward workers
    The CWA (Communication Workers of America) were forced out of collective bargaining with Verizon because the company has decided to not honor existing collective bargaining commitments. At this time, Verizon wants workers to give back money, security, benefits and even home-life by dictating a 100 mile radius where a worker must report. Meanwhile the company is showing record profits and is essentially telling its workers "Take it or Leave it". As of Monday 8-9-2011, the company believes it can handle the work load for the 35,000 Verizon, FIOS, and Verizon Wireless employees who are CWA or IBEW members. As citizens who are afforded certain rights as subscriber to these services, we have the right to qualified service technicians and we must call, write and email and demand only qualified technicians during out-of-service conditions.
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    Created by Sherry Leslie
  • Re-Establish/Refund the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corp - Back to the FUTURE
    WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE advocate for the re-establishment of the U.S.Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) to enable our unemployed and underemployed citizens to be engaged in a practical and peaceful community and national service. Eighty years ago, under the Roosevelt Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) program demonstrated that no conflict existed between preserving the environment and job creation. The purpose of this program is for the general benefit our community and nation. The CCC would aid to transform our country to become a resilient, sustainable and ecologically balanced culture in order for this society to survive, thrive and prosper as much as we did in the 20th Century. Those who enroll in the CCC would receive job training in meaningful job skills and would be first responders in disaster relief. New federal legislation for the CCC reestablishment and a renumbered bill has been established On 4 January, 2013 in the 113th Congress... HR 188  sponsored by the Honorable Marcy Kaptur. and contact your US Representative http://www.house.gov/representatives/ FMI @ WWW.WE CAN TAKE IT.ORG / www.goccci.org Please sign and spread this petition
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    Created by Jay D Alexander
  • Spend Taxes Intelligently
    Last weekend, Governor Rick Perry helped organize a massive, Christian-focused prayer rally called "The Response"—with taxpayers helping to pay the bill. Gov. Perry and the Texas Legislature should pay back any funds spent on "The Response" to Texas citizens, and they should not use state money to blatantly fund their own personal religious and political agendas.
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    Created by Damien Foletto
  • WPA 2011
    The WPA program championed by FDR in the '30s put millions back to work building America. Virtually every community still enjoys the benefits of money well spent putting Americans back to work making this nation great. It's time for President Obama, members of Congress and the Senate to champion a WPA to Rebuild America, to champion our pride in American workers. SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW! SHARE IT AGAIN EVERY DAY! BE PART OF MAKING THIS GO VIRAL! ---------------------------------------
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    Created by Bill Weiss
  • Bankers: Invest in US
    US (the United States) needs jobs, at least 8 million of them to put ourselves back to work. We call upon the six major U.S. banks that were saved by the taxpayer-funded bailout to make the American economy whole by funding 1 million public service jobs and funding the Small Business Lending Fund, which is already in operation.
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    Created by Jerry Polner
  • Protest Default
    Please sign this petition if you support raising the debt ceiling immediately and protecting important social programs such as Social Security and Medicare.
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    Created by Protest Default
  • Bankruptcy for the littlle guy
    The Supreme Court (Citizens United decision) says that Corporations have the same rights as individual Citizens. Okay. Then individual Citizens should have the same rights as Corporations. RIght? We should be able to file bankruptcy and keep our property like they do !!!
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    Created by Karen Gruber
    We will not allow the budget deficit to be strapped solely on the backs of Kentucky's seniors, disabled, working class, and those living below the poverty line.
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    Created by Karen Conley
  • End Corporate Welfare and Subsidies.
    According to the Cato Institute, the U.S. Federal Government spends nearly $100 Billion dollars annually in corporate welfare and subsidies. Before cutting programs for average Americans, Congress should cut off all subsidies and welfare for corporations.
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    Created by G. David Caudill
  • Stand With Sugar Workers
    For generations, the sugar beet industry has been the lifeblood of Northwest Minnesota’s Red River Valley. Sugar workers have always stood shoulder to shoulder with American Crystal Sugar and farmers to protect and advance the sugar industry. Together, the workers, company and growers have helped to build the local economy, support families, and made communities flourish. Now, American Crystal has put all of this in jeopardy by locking out workers. Sign our petition telling CEO Dave Berg: Don’t turn your back on the community!
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    Created by Shar Knutson, Minnesota AFL-CIO
  • "Peas" Protect Social Security & Medicare!
    Americans for Prosperity in Tucson recently staged a drop by action at Rep. Raul Grijalva's office, protesting President Obama's comment that urged lawmakers to "eat their peas" and tackle the debt and deficit. While the action was tongue in cheek, the truth is that Rep. Grijalva has been standing up for the many out of work Arizonans and vulnerable seniors who are having trouble putting enough food on the table due to the disastrous economic policies of Republicans in congress. Rep. Grijalva and Rep. Ed Pastor in Arizona, as well as 78 other Democrats in Congress, recently signed on to a letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urging that Social Security and Medicare remain off the table in the current budget deficit talks. http://www.npr.org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2011/07/14/137860891/top-house-progressive-says-he-others-wont-ok-debt-ceiling-benefit-cuts. Please sign a petition expressing support for these courageous members of Congress and urging their colleagues to join them in signing on to the letter to Rep. Pelosi. And here in Tucson, please consider making donations to the Tucson Community Food Bank in support of Rep. Grijalva's efforts.
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Move On To Jobs and Justice
    We need to get our Nation and our Elected Representatives to Stop this False discussion and narrative of Cuts and tell them; "Move On from Cuts to Jobs and Justice!"
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    Created by Joseph Segal