• Meet President Obama, Increasing U.S. Revenue without Taxes
    You can help create a means to balance our U.S. Budget and Reduce our U.S. Debt without cuts to programs for the poor, elderly, or disabled, or seeking New Taxes from the Middle Class.
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    Created by David E. Perko
  • Record Your Call to U.S. Senator Patty Murray's office
    This is part of our three step process to let Sen Patty Murray how concerned we are about the super committee's plans for debt reduction. This "petition" was created so that we could track the numbers of calls made to her office on September 1st, one of the last days before they convene from the August Recess.
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    Created by Amanda Morgan
  • Create New Revenue to Keep Social Security Solvent
    46 percent of all Americans pay a "payroll tax" on practically every dime they earn. The Congressional Budget Office found that those in the bottom 80 percent of the earnings ladder paid around 9 percent of their incomes in Social Security taxes; the top one percent paid just 1.6 percent of theirs. Higher wage earners took home more pay from the payroll tax cuts ($200 for low wage earners and $2,136 for high wage earners.) We're calling for higher wage earners to pay their fair share since they receive the same benefits.
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    Created by Jo Ann Brown
  • Support Sensible Taxes-Cuts Cause Chaos
    We have been captive too long to the concept that taxes are evil. A major cultural shift is needed to present taxes as the necessary and positive action that will put our country back on track. As the expression goes you do not get something for nothing. By everyone contributing their fair share is the only way all of us can truly be independent.
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    Created by Joan Kuenz
  • legalize home distillation
    Home distillation of alcohol for personal consumption should be legalized and regulated to the same effects as home brewing or wine making. This would create a new market for business investments, generate tax revenue for all levels of government, and stimulate a micro/craft movement similar to that which is enjoyed by brewers and wine makers . We are calling on our elected officials to help create new jobs by legalizing home distillation of spirits and alcohol.
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    Created by Michael Guittar
  • Support expiration of Bush era tax cuts
    It will show that many, or even most, Americans would be glad to see the expiration of Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest and closing loopholes for wealthiest individuals and corporations for the good of our country, reducing our deficit, and funding important social programs, education.
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    Created by Susan Brown
  • Demanding Republican action
    There has been no bills put forth by the Republican party as of yet and we must demand action by the Repulican dominated house.
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    Created by Dale Saunders
  • Postal Employee's we need you to sign our petition to help save the postal service
    The USPS is asking Congress to enact legislation to remove postal workers and retirees from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and federal retirement plans; allow management to layoff 120,000 employees, and effectively eliminate our right to collective bargaining. Darrell Issa's bill 2309 has made it out of committee awaiting a house vote we need your support to stop the republican's and tea party people from destroying our jobs
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    Created by Dyrike Shaw
  • Wealthy Americans Must Pay Their Fair Share!
    If taxes upon the wealthy are not included in the Super Committee's final work that is due by mid-November 2011, $1.4 trillion dollars worth of federal program cuts will automatically occur. A recent economic study found that the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts have stolen $1.3 TRILLION from our US Treasury due to lost income taxes! Super Committee members, we know that the wealthy have not paid their fair share, and it is past time for you do so. In America, the wealthy do not live off the middle-class and poor communities by not paying your fair share!
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    Created by d e
  • Social Security and Medicare are NOT welfare!
    I'm tired of our government and the press using the word "entitlement" when referring to Social Security and Medicare and/or even talking about reducing or eliminating payments. These programs are paid by workers and employers and not funded by the Wefare Program, which is commonly referred to as an entitlement.
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    Created by Fernando
  • Help the Long-Term Unemployed (the 99ers)
    There are now more than 2 million people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. There are millions more set to join them over the next year. These are people who are unemployed through no fault of their own. And we know - based on the numbers - that there are not enough jobs for these people. Without extension of unemployment benefits to help those who have exhausted their benefits, these people will undoubtedly lose everything. Their entire life savings, their homes, their medical insurance - everything. Not only is helping the long-term unemployed the decent and moral thing to do, it makes economic sense. Mark Zandi of Moody's estimated that each dollar spent on extending unemployment benefits generates $1.61 in economic growth. Extending unemployment benefits is among the most stimulative measures available. We urge Congress to immediately pass legislation that will extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed.
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    Created by Taryn Hart
    Petitions the president to force infrastructure rebuilding through the National Infrastructure Protection Plan
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    Created by Douglas Mitchell