• Bring Our War Dollars Home!
    Waging wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, the U.S. is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars abroad and killing thousands of civilians, increasing hatred of our country and thereby decreasing our security. At the same time, President Obama and Congress are considering cutting the deficit by cutting needed social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and even Social Security, which has nothing to do with the deficit. Ending our six wars would return the money wasted on them to our country, saving these social programs from being cut.
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    Created by Ed Ciaccio
  • We Pledge to Stand Behind Our President For Jobs
    As our economy still flat-lines at ZERO jobs created, unemployment and underemployment continue to hold our country down and hold our families hostage. Meanwhile, the bickering in Congress has already begun about a plan THAT HAS NOT YET EVEN BEEN RELEASED. We're calling on Congress to support the President for the sake of our nation or understand that they will join the ranks of the unemployed.
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    Created by Shawna Vercher
  • Mass Transit for Everyone
    Mass transit allows everyone access to everything. It can help eliminate most of the problems that are at the core of our cities and the nation. Mass transit can save families thousand of dollars. To prove this, just take a moment to add up the monthly costs of a car note, car insurance, gasoline and weigh those costs against the cost of a monthly bus pass.
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    Created by Marva V. Douglas
  • Jobs, Debt and Empowering the Poor
    HB 235 of the 60's allowed working people with a low income to purchase a house with federal subsidy. The program was cancelled for Section 8 that put the poor back in rental property giving the subsidy to the rich. Sound familiar? If this program were re-instituted it would immediately create jobs in the housing market and increase demand for household products while stabilizing the housing market. There will not be an increase in federal dollars, just a shifting from the rich to the poor. What will it take? To start Congress will have to pass the bill. Second, the banks must come on board to offer the loans backed by government subsidies and allowing those who are working even if they have had a previous foreclosure to apply since the banks and mortgage companies contributed to their losses in the beginning of the crisis. Third, the federal government could offer unions an incentive for apprenticeships with 50% off payroll taxes for the first year for hew hires, 30% the second year, 15% the third year and 5% the fourth and final year. More people being trained, more people working, more money in the economy, increased need for goods and services and more taxes and Social Security being paid into the system sounds like a recovery to me. This is a plan that can work and create jobs now!
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    Created by Freya A Rivers
  • Creating Jobs
    Many people lost power during IRENE because tree limbs fell on power lines. If you live on the east coast most likely you or people you know were without electricity and land line service because of downed lines. I know at least 3 families in different areas of NJ and CT who lost power for at least 3 days, and there are still at least 100,000 in the state who still don't have power.
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    Created by Rita Reisman
  • Go Big
    Tell the President it's time to let the American people know that he's on their side. No more compromising with Republicans or pandering to corporate interests. Instead we want real progressive policy that will put people back to work and get the economy moving. In his speech before Congress tell the President to "GO BIG"
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    Created by Katie Jacob
  • President Obama Fight for the Middle Class Workers
    President Obama is working right now to prepare a speech about a new jobs program. We need to encourage him to think primarily about the Middle Class because we are the ones who are shrinking while the Upper Class becomes larger and larger. He also needs to give up on working with the Congressional Republicans, they WILL NOT support him they just want him out! They do not care about their constituents they are beholden to the corporations who give them the funds to hold their office.
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    Created by Cheryl Thomas Orengo
  • Jobs and American Dream
    creating jobs for the middle class and bring back the American Dream
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    Created by bruce bauer
  • Stop the city's parking meter people from raping the citizens wallets
    Bring parking fines down to a reasonable amount per infraction. 20$ is plenty to detour people from forgetting to pay their meters. Save large fines if need be for fire hydrants and handicap spaces. Everything else is just a way to tax the people without having it approved by the people.
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    Created by Hope
  • Lift the Social Security Income Cap
    Social Security taxes only apply to the first $106,000.00 of income. Lifting this cap would: 1) increase fairness, 2) make social security solvent, 3) help the elderly and disabled, by not cutting their benefits, and 4) stimulate the economy, when recipients are able to pay their bills.
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    Created by Amy Fried, Ph.D.
  • It's Time to Break-up Public Enemy #1 Goldman Sachs
    Goldman Sachs has become the most powerful institution in America wielding overwhelming authority over our political system, our economy and the world's financial markets. It is immoral and untenable that a private entity should ever hold America in its grasp as does Goldman Sachs. This tyranny must end.
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    Created by Chaz Valenza
  • California State Bank
    California should have a State Bank [like North Dakota] to generate money for the State and support economic activity in the State. Large sums of money go through the State Treasury and the State could save money and generate income by having that money managed by a State Bank as well as accepting deposits and providing banking services to Californians at presumably cheaper rates than Commercial banks.
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    Created by D. Zane Smith