• Pass This Jobs Bill Now!
    Pass the Jobs Bill Now CALL TO ACTION! American's can not wait another fourteen months. We can not wait another month or week for action to be taken to help create jobs. PASS THE JOBS BILL NOW! We must all call our Congressional Representatives in both Houses today.
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    Created by wilbert pritchett
    AMERICAN JOBS ACT -Typical working family will get a $1500 tax cut next year -Rebuilds Americas Infrastructure (including bridges & roads) -To receive funds ALL the goods used in the project must be produced in the United States. (Made in the USA) -Repairs & modernizes at least 35,000 schools & community colleges -Provides funds to prevent teacher layoffs & support the creation of additional jobs -Provides funds for law enforcement officers and other first responders. -Grants for public transportation & high-speed rail projects -Provides small businesses a tax cut for hiring new workers or raising wages -Provides tax credits for hiring America’s veterans -Eliminates tax loopholes for corporations & oil companies -Provides mortgage refinance assistance for homeowners -Reforms the tax code to provide tax breaks for companies that provide jobs in AMERICA *The American Jobs Act is funded by eliminating tax loopholes, restructuring the tax code, tax revenues created from new jobs, and cutting unneeded government spending.
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    Created by Joseph Rizzo
  • Bury the Utilities
    There is one problem that causes untold problems in so many parts of our country. Hurricanes, and many other storms cause our utility lines to fail because of trees falling, telephone poles falling. It is outdated that in 2011, we still have not buried our utility lines.
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    Created by Steve Salvesen
  • New Tax Payers
    As it stands, all churches across the United States unfairly avoid paying federal/state income and property taxes. This is a violation of the 1st Amendment and prevents much needed revenue from reaching federal and state/local governments, especially during these difficult economic times. As a response to the Republicans refusal to normalize taxes on the wealthy, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio stated "we need new tax payers" rather than increase taxes, so taxing the clergy is the logical choice. These churches, particularly mega-churches, make an enormous amount of money that rival the most profitable corporations and they own large swaths of land typically in high value areas without paying a cent in property taxes. We are calling on the federal and state/local governments to tax the clergy as a viable and legal source of revenue.
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    Created by Casey
  • Congress: Country vs. Political Party
    Members of Congress simply have to put the well-being of the country ahead of the political interests of the party. They need to actually listen to the will of the people rather than their big donors and special interests.
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    Created by Tom Little
  • Stop republicans from trying to eliminate the payroll tax cut.
    Help stop republicans from trying to eliminate Pres. Obama's payroll tax cut. The tax cut puts $934 back in all our pockets. The GOP wants to stop that tax cut. Let's show them that we need that money.
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    Created by George Cook
  • TAX SUPERSTITION: No more faith based money!
    Providing money to religion is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
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    Created by Robert A. Senatore
  • JOBS
    One does not have to be an economic genius to know job creation will cure the country's ills. Not just 2.2 million, but 30 million, fair living wage jobs for all. The more money we as the working class have, the more we will spend... Prosperity for all, not just a select few. Fund it by Income Tax, everyone at the bottom pays it every week..... This is a challenge to Congress to stop their treasonous war against the middle and lower classes. If Pro is the opposite of Con, is Progress the opposite of Congress? This is a challenge to Congress to perform their duties.
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    Created by Joe Snodgrass
  • Declaration of Monetary Justice
    Control over money is control over the democratic political process. This explains why access to the political ballot is not enough to unleash sustainable growth in ways that not only create more green jobs but in ways that also democratize future ownership opportunities for the poor and middle class to share economic power and income from profits.
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    Created by Norm Kurland
  • Middle Class Taxpayers Fed-Up
    My petition is to gather support for a nationwide federal income tax payment stoppage if no reform of the tax code results from the current negotiations and the code is not reformed to tax the wealthy and corporations equitably as compared to those in the middle class. This petition is needed to bring needed counter pressure on legislators that bears on them from the wealthy and corporations. If middle income people and workers continue to decrease in number from taxation inequity and loss of jobs, the economy, infrastructure, and the country in general will continue to suffer and the balance of power in favor of those with lots of money will continue to widen, further eroding the rights, benefits, and influence of the middle class.
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    Created by Dr. Meridean Maas & Dr. Richard Maas
  • Tell Congress we don't want another debt ceiling debacle.
    Years ago, Americans pulled together during hard times, whether or not they liked the current President. It was what made our country strong. Today's atmosphere is destroying our country. We need to create jobs for the unemployed now.
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    Created by Colleen Assman
    To impeach and or vote out all elected officials connected with passing and supporting a Marxist and socialist agenda for those legal citizens living in this free republic called America,
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    Created by RAYMOND DE MEO