Regardless of whether obama has a signing statement stating that he will not use this new law that allows citizens and non-citizens to be disappeared in the U.S. that is no guarantee that future presidents will not use this provision. This bill is anti-american, anti-bill of rights, anti-constitutional and should not be signed by the president.
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    Created by raquel brac
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    Created by James sellers
  • Stop Facebook Hate Groups
    Have you been attacked online by a hate group on facebook. Have you been banned for defending President Obama. Are you Jewish, African American or Hispanic and have suffered discrimination on facebook. We need to hear from you. We will stop the haters from ruining Facebook for everyone. Sign this petition please if you have been harassed on Facebook
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    Created by Vincent Cannady
  • Tell President Obama NOT to sign the NDAA Act!!
    The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 aims at once again, curbing terrorism, but has very disturbing provisions which would enable everyday American citizens who protest, for example, Greenpeace, or the Occupy movements, to be arrested and held INDEFINITELY and WITHOUT TRIAL in a domestic prison OR a prison outside the U.S. Tell Congress and our President NOT to allow this bill to become law.
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    Created by Sarah Fernald Loft
  • Kayak: Stand Up to Hatred
    Kayak, rather than standing up to hatred, promoted it when it heeded the call of an activist group to stop advertising on the show All-American Muslim because "the show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks." It's not too late for Kayak to reverse its actions and take a stand against hatred. Please support our effort to encourage Kayak to take these steps and play its role in fostering a society that treats all groups equally and with respect.
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    Created by Farooq Javed
  • Official Petition For Breastfeeding Lawsuit Against Facebook
    Facebook is currently in the practice of violating the state laws of 45 states that allow woman to Breastfeed in public, this includes businesses. Facebook is a business and should also have to conform to these laws.
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    Created by Respect The Breast
  • MNR Restore Equal Public Access to Crown Land
    Introduce legislation requiring the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to immediately restore equal public access to all Crown Land and Lakes in Ontario.
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    Created by Tym Barker
  • Alabama Constitutional Reform
    Alabama's outdated and hurtful constitution, written in 1901 to disenfranchise African Americans and poor white people, is one of the major roadblocks to equal justice and true reform in Alabama. It is the longest constitution in the world with over 800 amendments and still holds racist language and gives tremendous power to a small handful of people in Montgomery. Alabama voters deserve the right to vote for real reform through a constitutional convention. Until that happens, the most serious issues in our constitution remain off limits to reform.
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    Created by Callie Greer
  • Rewrite the National Defense Authorization Act to PROTECT American Citizens!
    The United States government has gone way too far this time. It has passed legislation, which Obama failed to veto, that allows American citizens, both domestic and abroad, to be detained indefinitely, without trial, if they are accused (only accused) of being involved in terrorist activity. The words "terrorist" and "terrorism" have been thrown around far too easily in the past ten years. Regardless of the crime a person is accused of, they have the constitutional right to due process. This is a cornerstone of the freedom our government claims to value. The NDAA is worded in a manner just vague enough to promote confusion. It gives the government far too much power over the very citizens that define the country as a whole, and it fails to serve or protect the American people. Indefinite detention without trial of ANYONE, let alone United States Citizens, is obviously unconstitutional and un-American. This activity directly goes against the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America. What could be more unpatriotic than a government stripping basic civil rights from its own citizens? Has due process become too inconvenient for the United States Government? Please see this link for more information about the indefinite detention of American citizens allowed by the newly passed National Defense Authorization Act: http://www.salon.com/2011/12/16/three_myths_about_the_detention_bill/
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    Created by Andrea Jones
  • Support the Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011
    There seems to be hope still … Although the President failed to show some backbone in vetoing the NDAA legislation!! Mark Udall, a member of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence committees has joined Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein and a bipartisan group of his colleagues in introducing the Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011, to clarify that American citizens apprehended inside the United States cannot be indefinitely detained by the military. http://www.berthoudrecorder.com/2011/12/16/udall-co-sponsors-bipartisan-bill-to-prohibit-indefinite-detention-of-americans-without-trial-or-charge/ To read more on this issue go to this blog: http://cyclicantidotes.blogspot.com/ Contact your Senator: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
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  • Lowe's vs Florida Fundamentalists
    bigotry, fear, racism, hate, stupidity
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  • Stop The Curruption In NC
    I Purchased This Home Brand New But because Of The Buiders Political And powerfull Friend And family I Got No Where Just Waisted Time And Money Please See Video on YouTube.com RnFKBGYHHjY This Is A Disgrace And Every One In Office Just Turns There Head This Home Could sink It Happens All the Time In NC You Can See The Weathered Materials Used To Build This home That It happend befor The Home Was Built 30 Days To Appeal is not Enough Time When You Your Self The Consumer Can Not File Anything With Out A Lawer And None Will Take The Case So Its Just Dimissed From Court This Was A Dilberate Willfull Act No One Should have To Live In This Condition But Because I Am The Only One They Turn There Back I Flood Every Time It Rains But This Is Not A FLOOD ZONE I Hope My Story Gets Out Thank You For You Time Magda
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    Created by Magda Flanagan