• Health care for Afghans, but not Americans
    How ridiculous is it that we have BILLIONS to spend on wars, and nothing but severe budget cuts for Americans.
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    Created by Joe Coppoletta
  • Save Human Lives and $$$$$
    Close three of the four military bases in Japan
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    Created by Deborah Hinton
  • Lift Cuban Embargo
    We need to put pressure on the President, and congress, to lift the Embargo on Cuba, and begin to treat Cuba as a normal nation-state. The 'Cold War' is over, there is no threat to the United States from Cuba, nor are they a part of any anti-american movement. Yet, we continue to force their citizens to live in abject poverty, without any mandate from the United Nations, or any other international force, giving us the authority to do so. I have learned much about the Cuban society, through friends who have traveled there, and they have made many valueable contributions to art, music and literature, not to mention american professional athletics, despite the horrible state of affairs there, for which our embargo is chiefly to blame. The embargo expires in September of this year. We must act NOW, to ensure that the President hears our voice on this matter at the right time!
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    Created by Carl Cafagna
  • Call To United States' Defunding Of Israel & Palestine
    It is noted that the vast majority of the hatred for America where found tends to be due to and related to the support America gives to the existence and expansion of the Israeli state -- not to the reality of any American "freedoms." The foreign aid and national expenditures towards those ends, including conducting wars of proxy for Israel at American cost and lives, need to draw to a dramatic halt in the absence of a proper existence of both states. Israel needs to withdraw to its 1949 borders and make peace with the Palestinian peoples in return for a pledge to democracy by both states, receive secure guaranteed borders, and guarantees of access to fresh water. The United States must forewarn Israel, and to an appropriate extent the Palestinians, that it intends to decrease real support where counterproductive to America's true interests, although not necessarily denying moral support, at the rate of 10% per year for the region to the extent it does not find a way to legitimate, lasting peace -- with the possibility the end could result in zero financial and military support both directly and by proxy. This approach also is a partial way to stop otherwise unrelated regional entities from using the Palestinian-Israeli problem as a means of pursuing a dream of imposing an otherwise inappropriate intellectual, regional caliphate, except that it be arrived at by legitimate democracy thru those affected, and aside from Israel. In this view, Israel would be treated by the United States as an equal foreign partner and ally, for example, as Great Britain and France.
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    Created by Xavier Pattonson
  • Command Peace
    Close the base in Saudi Arabia that is so close to Mecca that some Muslims feel the need to defend. Create an international Gaza Strip that belongs to everyone perhaps it could be a United Nations duty free zone and the US could help with the military policing so we are still in the region. Small steps World Peace...
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    Created by Stephen Dufresne