• Sanction Israel for Illegal Settlement Building
    US taxpayers subsidize the Israeli military machine to the tune of $3+ billion per year and yet the Netanyahu government feels no compulsion to refrain from it's fast and furious annexation of land and expropriation of resources in the illegally occupied West Bank and inhumane treatment and expropriation of resources (gas) off the coast of Gaza. Israel should be held accountable. No more money while these illegal activities continue. The "security" wall is an annexation wall and should be moved to Israel's side of the border instead of snaking through the occupied territories to steal more land for the settlers.
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    Created by Noreen T
  • Urge Washington to support human rights in Bahrain
    Bahrain's Sunni-led monarchy has cracked down severly on the mostly peaceful protests in that country. The protests have been led by the country's Shiite majority. Saudi tanks have assisted the monarchy in its brutal attacks on Bahraini citizens. President Obama has deplored precisely this kind of brutality in other countries, but he has turned a deaf ear regarding Bahrain. The US Navy's Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain. The security of Bahrain rests on this Fifth Fleet, creating a situation in which the opinion of the United States matters in Bahrain. Yet President Obama and the American Congress continue to ignore or soft-pedal the gross human rights abuses in Bahrain. It is time for America to stand strong on our ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the rights of a people to be heard. The United States speaks up officially in support of democratic goals in Egypt and Libya, while ignoring the police-state tactics of the monarchy in Bahrain. Please sign this petition to urge President Obama to speak out about these abuses, and to put pressure on the Bahraini monarchy to cease its persecution of those who speak for democratic ideals in Bahrain. Urge the President to use his huge influence to stop the torture, detention and other abuses in Bahrain.
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    Created by William House
  • Out of Afghanistan Now
    Stop the phased withdrawals and bring the troops home from Afghanistan now.
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    Created by Loring Wirbel
  • Bring our troops home now!
    The US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq aren't making us any safer. Instead they destroy lives and incite anti-American rage. And they cost trillions of dollars that we need to educate and employ our citizens and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.
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    Created by L. Michael Hager
  • Cease US pro-aggressive actions such as the war on terror, in favor of diplomacy and grant all na...
    The attacks with military drones and long distanced, technologically advanced weapons has made it an unfair playing field in the favor of us, the United States of America, and our reaction without thinking to 9/11 that led to other preemptive actions, made our future a war without any definable end, a War On Terror, that only we as citizens and politicians can end by our act of withdrawing our pro-aggressive forces abroad and better use our troops to defend our country at home and assist families in need.
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    Created by Donald R. Anderson
  • Support the United Nations
    Funding for the United Nations is threatened by the Republican led Congress. Legislation was introduced by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen that would erode America’s leadership at the United Nations, eliminate funding, and return the U.S. to a period when it failed to meet its global commitments
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    Created by Patricia Arnold
  • Save our troops: Bring them Home Now!
    We have 650,000 cases of PTSD & traumatic brain injury, 50,000 wounded, 6000 dead, 2000 active duty suicides, 18 veterans committ suicide every day, and our recent vets exceed civilian rates for homelessness, unemployment, suicide, and incarceration. Bring them home now, before we destroy a generation of the only Americans willing to fight for our country.
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    Created by Roland Van Deusen
  • Congressman Towns: Continue to Vote to End These Wars and Bring the Troops Home Now!
    Let Congressman Towns know you want him to continue to vote for peace and to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. • More than $421 billion wasted on the war on Afghanistan—over $12 billion/month! • The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost US taxpayers over a trillion dollars since 2001. We need to cut the military budget and use the money to put people back to work! We need to stop spending money on war and start spending it jobs, schools, daycare, libraries, mass transit, housing healthcare, seniors.
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    Created by Fort Greene Peace
    The Democratic Republic of CONGO and the Great Lakes region suffer more pain and atrocities added to the human massacres and economic looting endured until now! The president Barack Obama, the Senate, the House have a chance to prevent the BALKANIZATION OF THE CONGO for happening in the Great Lakes region. We are calling on the President, the Senate and the House to stand for the territorial integrity of the Congo and to stop the terrible balkanization to the Congo.
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    Created by Pascal Basidi Bamba
  • End the 30 Billion in US Aid to Israel
    "No Taxation for Israeli Occupation." American taxpayers call for an end to the 30 billion in aid to Israel allotted for 2009-2018. We oppose the use of our tax dollars to fund an apartheid state that denies Palestinians their human and civil rights.
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    Created by Sarah
  • We Publicly Oppose Rick Perry
    Reasons to Oppose Rick Perry
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    Created by Expose Rick Perry Record
  • Paul Biya: Don't let what's happening in Libya happen in Cameroon
    My petition is about dictators leaving office and saving African Countries from military Interventions which comes with heavy casualties and property damages. The cost of leaving office shouldn't be this expensive.
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    Created by Eugene Ateh