• No more War
    We just got done fighting in Iraq and we are still in Afghanistan. We don't need to get into a war with Iran. We are in a huge debt. Let's focus on America and no one else.
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    Created by Hassan
  • Women against War
    Every war ever fought has been instigated by men. Women have stood passively by and permitted this throughout all of history. We have stood by and let our sons and daughters fight and die for issues that could have been resolved peaceably through diplomacy. Now, men in Israel and Iran are provoking a war that may end all wars. Women of the world, take control and petition your leaders to prevent this. Stop the senseless and stupid violence and petition your leaders for diplomatic solutions to differences. The custom of sending our children to kill other children to prove the points of the older men who run countries has to stop. We must advance beyond this barbaric custom and advance to civilized discussion and diplomatic resolution of differences.
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    Created by Nancy Tomaselli
  • Dont you dare attack Iran!
    Obama can not possibly attack Iran..tho the powers that be fully intend him to. An illegal attack on Iran would trigger WW3 and further destabilize the planet. It is time for Obama to wake up, and take a real stand for the planet and her peoples.
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    Created by Chace Haynes
  • Stop the endless wars
    We have been fighting in these immoral not to say illegal wars for more then a decade now and have nothing to show for it but more innocent lives lost and a greater threat to the American people. If you like me, and the majority of our great soldiers, are sick and tired of these wars please sign this petition.
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    Created by kenneth centeno
  • Arming Black Hawk Helicopters
    Saving lives of Black Hawk Rescue Mission crews by allowing these helicopters to be armed when flying into enemy territory in Afghanstan.
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    Created by Judith Smith
  • Stop the war in Afganistan!
    We ended the war in Iraq, and suddenly our economy is improving. Could it be a result of spending less money on war? The people of Afganistan are becoming more negative towards the U.S. Ending the war before the election could possibly completely turn around our economic position, and keep Obama in office.
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    Created by Vikke Keith
  • End America's Veto of Palestinian Statehood
    The problems in the Middle East have gone on long enough. the rest of the world is united on Palestinian statehood and it's time for America to get on board. We are against democracy? We are against freedom? We are against fair representation?
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    Created by James V. Bronke
  • Cut the Deficit by Bringing Home the "No-Bid Contractors"
    "No-Bid Contracts" are not capitalism; they are "Fixed Capitalism." We need to quit spending money on other countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan, and spend that money on this nation's infrastructure to create badly needed jobs! We need to "Put Country First!"
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    Created by Monica Goodrich
  • Out of Afghanistan
    We want the US to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan within six months. There's no hope of "winning" there. Both the government and the Taliban are corrupt. We've spent too much money, too many lives there.
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    Created by Lois McDougall
  • President Obama: Apologize to Pakistan NOW
    After investigating the nature of the late November NATO/Afghan attack upon an unmarked Pakistani military outpost, the United States must accept culpability for egregious errors that resulted in the death of 24 soldiers among many more who were injured. While Pakistan has not been the partner that America has desired, these soldiers' lives are as valuable as any other. President Obama should apologize to Pakistan and those officers who are culpable for this tragedy should be held to account.
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    Created by C. Christine Fair
    The majority of Americans no longer support war in the Middle East. Time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan--because if we follow the path we are now on, more than 2,000 more Americans will be killed or blown up. Just as the guy in Utah who was pulled out from under the burnig behicle by 12 heroes--anyone who signs can possibly become a hero by saving America's finest.
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    Created by Jeannie Jackson
  • Stop Election Fraud by Kabila in the Congo
    In the December 13, 2011 editorial, The Financial Times ("Kabila’s Charades Cost Congo Dearly" - FT.com), cites the Carter Center calling results of the "election" of incumbent President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo as "lacking credibility". The Catholic Church, which had deployed 30,000 observers, also cried foul. FT.com concludes that Kabila should not be allowed to get away with fraud... The World should beware of complicity.
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    Created by Mupopa Tshibuabua