• Return Funding To UNESCO
    Due to an unnecessary and antequated law enacted in 1990, the US Government CANNOT give funding to any organization that supports Palestine as a state. While that was a well intentioned law, over 100 countries and organizations now recognize them as a state. One of those organizations is UNESCO. UNESCO enacts programs to bring clean drinking water to nearly 1,000,000 people in Africa who are dying of thirst. It funds schools and colleges in third world countries. It was even planning to teach the largely illiterate Afghan police force how to read. Some of these programs benefit the U.S., all of them benefit the world. The answer is simple. Ask congress to overturn the law that says we cannot provide funding to any organization that supports Palestine statehood. That is a political question that is being answered with severe humanitarian consequences. For more information please watch the following video from "The Daily Show's" John Oliver who sheds a comedic light on just how bad this is, and how easily we can put a stop to it.
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    Created by Richard
  • Withdraw from Afghanistan NOW!
    The number of direct and indirect civilian casualties in Afghanistan resulting from U. S.-led military actions is estimated to be anywhere from 9,415 to 29,007. The latest is the murder of 16 civilians, among them 9 children, by a U. S. Army Staff Sgt. in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 11, a soldier who had already served 3 tours of duty in Iraq. Our massive deployment of over 109,000 soldiers in Afghanistan is a strategically flawed and misdirected effort which has bankrupted our country and killed and maimed our young soldiers under ill-defined "national security" sloganeering.
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    Created by R. J. Fields, Jr.
  • Young People in Opposition to Joseph Kony
    We, the young people of the United States, wish to show our opposition to the detestable actions of the central African despot named Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. Kony has committed atrocious crimes against humanity in central Africa. Kony and his forces have stolen children from their homes and families, militarized them, and forced them to wage war against their own parents and kinsman. We are calling for support against the kidnapping and murder of children in central Africa on behalf of children everywhere. This issue is of paramount importance to the young voting age and soon-to-be-voting-age population of the Untied States, and we wish to show our opposition in hopes that the government of the United States will take pertinent action to ensure Joseph Kony is brought to justice through the proper international channels.
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    Created by Connor William Richards
  • Stop the genocide in Syria
    Civilians are being shot and bombed by their own government, which won't let service groups like the red cross and red crescent in with medical supplies and food and water. It must be stopped!
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    Created by Marlene Sarnat
  • Freedom For Syria
    People in Syria want democracy. The regime has so far killed over 10,000, detained over 100,000 and injured over 50,000, including women and children. Atrocities against humanity are taking place there every minute by the regime and no one is there to help. The regime is bombing homes with heavy artilleries over civilians and denying people the basic needs for life (water, food, medical supplies, etc.). President Obama has helped save lives in Libya and got rid off the Qadafi. We are calling on the U.S. to intervene and save the lives of innocent civilians by getting rid of the most deceptive and barbaric regime in the world. More than 100 people are being killed every day.
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    Created by Yassin Chickha
  • Abolish nuclear arsenals!
    Nuclear weapons do not provide security, they increase international insecurity. When one nation has a nuke, it encourages nuclear proliferation in neighboring countries. They are morally, economically and environmentally destructive!
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    Created by George McShea
  • And Iran, Iran so far away...
    Look, the title was a joke used to get you here. Seriously though, first there was Afghanistan, then Iraq now America seems poised to war with IRAN. Peace is never given. It is not a RIGHT. We must fight for it. I realize the Irony of that statement but we must fight those who would start another bloody WAR. I’m tired of war. People, no different from you and I, die on both sides while the rich turn a profit from misery. I hear the drums of war, this time they sound for Iran. Please, I’m begging, no war.
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    Created by Jason Lucero
  • President Obama: Please Save the Syrian People
    Thousands of peaceful Syrians who demanded political freedom in Syria have been killed by Bashar Al Assad Security Forces. Thousands more are detained or killed under torture. The peaceful city of Homs has been under warlike attack by Assad for two weeks. Please call on President Barack Obama to use his influence to stop the genocide in Syria. The United States is the only country that could stop Russia and Iran from providing Assad with weapons, money, and fighters. Time is not on our side as Assad brutal attack on Homs and other Syrian cities is on the rise.
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    Created by Reem Haikal
  • Stop the unConstitutional Wars; we are broke
    Our Constitution requires wars to be voted on by Congress but this requirement stopped being obeyed after WW3. The Presidents since then inappropriately have declared war on their own authority. Congress goes along with the usurpation of its powers by funding these illegal wars. Our past history shows that until recently, we engaged in wars only for our own defensive reasons, not for colonial aggression to take away from people of foreign lands their rights to their own natural resources and choice of government. Our past history also did not support wars by us to fight against our own interests for some foreign nation's own interests. The Constitution did not name us as policeman of the world, and we have failed at being one.
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    Created by Pamela Gill
  • Facilitating Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestine
    A peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians is essential for any wider peace in the Middle East, including reducing conflict between Israel/U.S. and Iran.
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    Created by Bill Cunningham
  • End the half a century old U.S. embargo on Cuba
    The world has changed much since the Cuban Embargo's inception in 1960 over 50 years ago. As far back as 1975, U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy urged the U.S. government to lift the embargo and normalize relations with Cuba. "I believe the idea of isolating Cuba was a mistake," says Kennedy. "It has been ineffective. Whatever the reasons and justifications may have been at the time, now they are invalid." Now 37 years after Kennedy proclaimed it a dead policy, I, a Cuban-American, son of Cuban immigrants, call for this completely failed policy to end. Please sign this petition to help bring about a new policy that fosters dialogue and productive interaction between our two countries.
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    Created by Eric A. Vasallo
    The drumbeat has begun with the press and the industrial military complex to consider a war with Iran. We do not want another war; not with Iran, not with any country.
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    Created by B. Manderscheid