• Stop the unConstitutional Wars; we are broke
    Our Constitution requires wars to be voted on by Congress but this requirement stopped being obeyed after WW3. The Presidents since then inappropriately have declared war on their own authority. Congress goes along with the usurpation of its powers by funding these illegal wars. Our past history shows that until recently, we engaged in wars only for our own defensive reasons, not for colonial aggression to take away from people of foreign lands their rights to their own natural resources and choice of government. Our past history also did not support wars by us to fight against our own interests for some foreign nation's own interests. The Constitution did not name us as policeman of the world, and we have failed at being one.
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    Created by Pamela Gill
  • Facilitating Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestine
    A peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians is essential for any wider peace in the Middle East, including reducing conflict between Israel/U.S. and Iran.
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    Created by Bill Cunningham
  • End the half a century old U.S. embargo on Cuba
    The world has changed much since the Cuban Embargo's inception in 1960 over 50 years ago. As far back as 1975, U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy urged the U.S. government to lift the embargo and normalize relations with Cuba. "I believe the idea of isolating Cuba was a mistake," says Kennedy. "It has been ineffective. Whatever the reasons and justifications may have been at the time, now they are invalid." Now 37 years after Kennedy proclaimed it a dead policy, I, a Cuban-American, son of Cuban immigrants, call for this completely failed policy to end. Please sign this petition to help bring about a new policy that fosters dialogue and productive interaction between our two countries.
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    Created by Eric A. Vasallo
    The drumbeat has begun with the press and the industrial military complex to consider a war with Iran. We do not want another war; not with Iran, not with any country.
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    Created by B. Manderscheid
  • No Israeli attack on Iran! No WW 3 !
    Everyday you can get on Haaretz News (israeli news), information telling that a War with Iran is very possibily coming up. (http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/u-s-concerned-that-barak-is-pushing-for-israeli-attack-on-iran-1.413537) Have a look at IAEA (http://www.iaea.org/index.html) to see that there is no proof Nuclear weapon is being developped. To be in favour or against Nucelar is one thing, but leading to a war because a country is MAYBE developping nuclear weapon (without proof) is a dangerous action ! Even if Iran was developping Nuclear Waepon, it would be to a deterrence weapon, because it is surrounded by countries that have nuclear weapons (Israel, Pakistan, India). And even some high US responsibles says that Iran would be crazy not to develop nuclear weapon. But it does not ! No more than Saudi Arabia, for which there is no embargo that is taken !! For which we do not care and we allow possible creation of nuclear weapon. Because that country is a partner of the UE, and gives its wealth to the West. Sign the petition and spread the word to avoid a very dangerous action, that may lead to the end of a huge part of humanity, with the aggreement of the public opinion that would have been lured with argument such as "against nuclear weapons" , and in favour of ONLY the West and the rich.
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    Created by Fapoke
  • Stop the aid to Israeli Apertheid
    We are sending another $3.2 Billion dollars carte Blanche, and 20 MORE very expensive Fighter Jets to Israel soon. while the Israeli's are annihalating the Palestinians one by one, expanding settlements, starting war with Iran, and literally controlling our government with contributions from our Taxpayer money, AIPAC, and Sheldon Adelson's Billions. We are led by the nose by Netanyahou and the Israeli lobby's to such extremes, that it's becoming a real outrage.They are starting a World War
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    Created by Basil S. Salah
  • Changing foreign policy to reduce the Debt
    Reduce the Debt by not bailing out US companies bad investments in other countries with our military. We have a history of this since installing of the Shah of Iran in the 1950's Our military is our single largest debt problem.
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    Created by Thomas Horan
  • peace,after a decade of wars
    Ending the wars and preventing future conflicts/ thinking about new ways of solving problems Written and endorsed by the Peace Committee of First Unitarian Denver
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    Created by Peace Group First Unitarian Denver
  • Al-Aqsa Mosque
    Please sign this petition to save Al-Aqsa Mosque from being destroy by Israel!
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    Created by Johnny
  • No War In Iran!
    Once again, under the guise of "nuclear threat", we the American people are being manipulated to accept our military involvement in Iran as a stand for freedom! No - it's yet another attempt to: 1. Create or capitalize on a problem. 2. Incite a fearful reaction. 3. Implement an already prepared 'solution' that further centralizes control, but which would have been previously unacceptable.
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    Created by Steven
  • Arm the Syrian Opposition
    The protests against this dictatorship have grown for almost a year, as has the brutal military response. Members of the regular Syrian Army have defected to the Free Syrian Army. Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas support Syria. The Russians and Chinese vetoed a UN resolution for a non-violent solution to the conflict, and Russia, like Iran, is arming the government. All nonviolent solutions are exhausted. The Free Army is outgunned. The overthrow of Assad is in America's national interest; it will deprive Iran of a critical ally and break its link with Hezbollah and Hamas.
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    Created by David Boesel
  • Spread Peace
    Stop making war around the globe. Use funds from guns and ammo to build schools and feed the people. Peace is not created with guns and hate. We are more powerful without war.
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    Created by Mary Luketich