• Bring our Soldiers home!
    I have not heard one comment in the news, from the White House or Congresss, about the Soldiers killed as retribution for the mistaken burning of the Koran. They were killed while training Afghani soldiers. I
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    Created by Betty Rodrigues
  • We say NO to US war against Iran
    Many U.S. Congress people and others are calling for American firepower - rather than diplomacy and sanctions - to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. We support diplomacy with this country rather than war and we call on our elected officials to support our aim of peace with the Iranian people rather than war against Iran's leaders .
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    Created by Patricia Axelrod, The Desrt STorm Think Tank and All Veterans' Advocate
  • recognize Palestine as a State
    the Palestinian People deserve an independent sovereign state like all other nations. they had suffered under the Israeli occupation for more than 60 years. the U.N. partition plan allocated more than 50% of Palestine to be a Palestinian state. now less than 20% is left for Palestine.
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    Created by M. Emad Salem
  • Israel's colonies on the West Bank
    Let's de-fund Israel's colonies on the West Bank. They provoke terrorism against our homeland. We're funding them with 1. direct appropriations, 2. tax deductibility for gifts to them, and 3. home-loan guarantees.
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    Created by Bob Morris
  • Sign if you agree Russia should assist Syria!
    Syria is going through a major conflict. The violence is starting to cross into Turkey and Lebanon. President Vladimir Putin, the recent recipient of the Chinese Confucius Peace Prize, has the power to help Syria and the region obtain peace. Russia is one of the largest powers in the world with many resources at its disposal. As people who care about people, we urge President Putin, along with Russia, to intervene and stop the Syrian conflict from escalating into a major regional problem.
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    Created by Sean Colopy
  • Good Guys Don't Torture
    Ban extraordinary rendition and torture by our covert forces. Torture doesn't produce reliable information. It has a negative impact on how others view the US.
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    Created by Christopher Precht
  • No more war!!!
    It's way overdo that we end all wars or aggression against other countries soon. This country has enough to do here at home, and it's time we stopped interfering in other country's internal issues. Security for us, yes, but occupation, no. We've already made too many enemies already.
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    Created by Karen Oliver
  • End the embargo on the people of Iran
    The people of Iran are suffering from run away inflationdue to the embargo that the U.S. and Israel have been persuading countries throughout the world to adopt. This is no way to win the hearts of the Iranian people over. We are calling on national leaders to disarm the nuclear capabilities of Israel, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Kazakhstan as a true path to peace in the Middle East.
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    Created by Andrea Iravani
    Staying there is senseless. We are only enforcing the resolve of the Taliban and we should be working with them to create some kind of compromise on disallowing terrorist training camps.
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    Created by BILL PHILBIN
  • Reject War, Fight for Peace
    For too long, our politicians have ignored the question of what is the role of war in a humane and democratic society. There is a distinct lack of a rational and moral consciousness among our political leaders regarding this question. I believe this is the time for such a national dialogue, while our nation, it seems, is being prepared for yet another war.
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    Created by Stan Altan
  • Why do we support injustice? Fund UNESCO!
    Due to Unesco admitting Palestine into its Organization, the U.S. has cut off funding. Our government is willing to look the other way to injustice in order to stay in good relationship with Isreal. Justice for all is the right thing to do.
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    Created by Rod Kaufman
  • Obama and Holder: Apologize to Mexico
    Fast and Furious, President Obama and Attorney General Holder's operation to send guns secretly into Mexico, resulted in the death of American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as well as hundreds of Mexican nationals. It is time that President Obama and Attorney General Holder recognize the multi-national wave of death and destruction for which they are responsible. Mexican citizens, as well as Americans, died from bullets fired from guns that our government illegally authorized to be moved into Mexico. It's time that Obama and Holder accept their responsibility in this matter.
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    Created by Thomas Mitchell