• support our troops send them home alive now
    its time for the afghanistan war to be over. enough is enough. now because the main export of afghanistan is heroin, our soldiers are overdosing and getting addicted and coming home addicted. And its time to for the people of america to know that this is also putting our troops at risk, not only to be killed and to kill but drug addiction is a really bad problem for our troops to be exposed to take it from one who knows. peace now.
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    Created by Candace Conti
  • Please co-sponsor the Global Marshall Plan
    Poverty affects not only those living abroad, but those living in the United States as well. The elimination of poverty and hunger needs to be a focus of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. With support from the House of Representatives, a Global Marshall Plan would demonstrate the United States’ commitment and dedication towards poverty reduction in the United States and abroad. This bill holds the potential of transforming development assistance in a way that would significantly reduce poverty worldwide.
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    Created by The Borgen Project
  • Please co-sponsor the Microenterprise Empowerment and Job Creation Act
    The Microenterprise Empowerment and Job Creation Act would provide assistance for the purpose of expanding the availability of credit, savings, and other financial services to microfinance and microenterprise clients. These individuals are those living in poverty that otherwise are unable to access such services through the private sector. Through such assistance, these individuals will be able to increase access to such services through education, training, and mentoring.
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    Created by The Borgen Project
  • Please co-sponsor the Child Protection Compact Act
    Help put a stop to worldwide child trafficking. The Child Protection Compact Act is a bill that provides the United States with assistance for the purpose of eradicating severe forms of trafficking of children in eligible countries. This Act authorizes the Secretary of State to provide assistance through grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts to countries with a significant prevalence of trafficking in children. In order to receive these resources, eligible countries must enter into a Child Protection Compact with the United States to support policies and programs to eradicate the trafficking of children.
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    Created by The Borgen Project
  • Help co-sponsor the Water for the World Act
    The Water for the World Act calls for the United States to help in a global effort to bring sustainable access to clean water and sanitation to the world’s poor through direct funding, development activities, and partnerships within six years of this Act’s enactment. The actions of the Act places emphasis on providing safe, affordable, and sustainable drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene, while supporting the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal on access to safe drinking water.
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    Created by The Borgen Project
  • Bring all our troops home from Afghanistan
    We have been wasting lives and money in Afghanistan for so long that now even our "friends" are shooting at us. It is time to bring everyone home without delay.
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    Created by Timothy Strong
  • Legal Israeli Borders
    International law and common decency
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    Created by Leslie Hammond
    The U.S. Trade Embargo with Cuba which was created in 1961 has run its course and now is the time to normalize relations with our southern neighbor nation. We should not be influenced by those Cubans who now live in South Florida and hold grudges against the Castro regime. The American government needs to act to encourage a period of healing which will follow the eventual death of Fidel and Raul Castro and free this island nation to create a self-determined form of government.
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    Created by Lewis
  • President Obama: reject "Signature" drone strikes
    The U.S. government has been increasingly carrying out drone strikes in countries with which America is not at war. The Washington Post reported that the CIA had asked for authority to expand its drone strike campaign in Yemen by launching strikes even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed. Such "signature strikes" allow the CIA to hit targets based solely on intelligence indicating patterns of "suspicious behavior." These "signature strikes" have allegedly gone on in Pakistan for years now.
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    Created by Peter and Ellen Bush
  • Give peace a chance.
    Give peace a chance.
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    Created by James Boanerges
  • International Human Rights Oversight
    The United States has systematically avoided falling under the jurisdiction of international courts, including the International Criminal Court and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights within the Organization of American States. In essence, the United States has avoided international oversight with respect to human rights, yet claims to be an international defender of these same rights. Isn't it about time for the United States to become a citizen of the world?
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    Created by Robin Webster
  • Beirut Marine Families Petition
    In 1983 the Iranian government directed terrorists to do something "spectacular" against the Marines on a peacekeeping mission in Beirut. It resulted in the Marine Barracks bombing—killing 241 American Marines. In 2002, the survivors and families of the fallen Marines won a judgment against Iran for $2.6 billion. Recently, investigators found $1.8 billion of Iran's money in a frozen bank account in the United States. We have two choices: 1) Pass HR 4070 and S 2101 allowing these funds to settle the judgment in favor of our Marines OR 2) Send the $1.8 billion back to the Iranian government to use for more terrorism YOUR CHOICE— Sign this petition, and call your Congressman (1-202-224-3121) to pass HR 4070 and S 2101. Thank you.
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    Created by Kathryn Beirut