• I want transit options from Lewiston-Auburn to Portland, Maine
    Portland Maine has the jobs. Lewiston-Auburn has the workforce and reasonable real estate prices. How can these 2 economic hubs be connected? A reliable, accessible transit solution is needed, but our lawmakers question the need for it. This is your chance to let them know that the need is real, the need is now.
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    Created by Jane West
  • Save Social Security and Public Education
    Some of our basic needs are on the chopping block in Congress. We can't afford to let Social Security be privatized, and Public Education funding to be diverted and frittered away. This is a petition to ask Congress to pass an "operation fee" onto credit card companies and banks, charging them 1% of their profit which in turn will go into new and protected accounts to pay out Social Security benefits, and to fund public education. This will free up tax money for other needs, and every swipe of a credit card will be benefiting Americans. And it will take back (in a positive way) from the companies who have taken so much from the people.
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    Created by Andrew Gage
  • Forcing hookup long after the inital notification at current costs is unfair
    South Haven Township ( and other municipalities) notified residents that when water and sewer service was made available, hooking up would be mandatory. Since the regulation was not enforced for many years, and home building has stopped, the townships find that revenue to pay for the bonds involved isn't there. Now, the townships want all affected owners to pay current enormous fees to help get them out of the mess they created.
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    Created by Tom Erdmann
  • Mayor Lee: Pave Minnesota Street
    Minnesota Street between 17th and 22nd is awful. I can't even ride my bike on it. I think if we get enough Dog Patch residents to complain we can get the city to resurface the street. After you sign this petition, which I will personally deliver to the mayors office, you should give him a call: (415) 554-6141. Join me so we can have a smooth street! Testing the revetting on this...
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    Created by Adam Quinn
  • Tell MoveOn.org that SignOn.org is awesome.
    MoveOn is the organization behind SignOn. If you like SignOn, why not tell them?
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    Created by Sam Tregar