• Stop cutting into Medicaid for the Handicap
    It is about saving the services for thousands of mentally and physically challenged individuals. Most cannot speak for themselves and need our voices to speak for them. If the cuts continue these people will end up out on the streets homeless. Speak out and helps us bring attention to a more and more desparate situation here in Indiana and other states!!
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    Created by Jackie Maschino
    Northeast Greensboro, NC residents face the imminent re-opening of a nearby landfill that is within a one-mile radius of almost 8,000 residents. Despite the persistent pleas of residents, and despite not having done the due diligence of the health, environmental and long-term economic impact assessments, the City Council by a narrow 4-3 vote on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, set in motion the process to re-open the landfill (closed since 2006/7) to stinky municipal solid waste (household trash). See www.theceej.org under "Legal Action" --> "Letter to City Manager" for more details.
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    Created by John Bart-Plange
  • No! to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security cuts.
    We pledge not to VOTE for or support Democrats who move to cut our benefits. Please pass this petition on to friends and acquaintances.
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    Created by Andy Liberman
  • No Benefit Cuts to Social Security or Medicare
    There is no legitimate reason for the "Greatest Country in the World" to cut or reduce the cost of living increase rate of benefits or services in the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid programs, either for the current generation or the ones to follow. These programs are essential to the strength of the country and the price we'll pay as a nation for diminishing them would exceed the short term savings by several orders of magnitude. Greatness can't be done "on the cheap"!
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    Created by Stephen Jones
  • Representatives:Repeal unfair GPO & WEP
    KY educators & state employees are penalized & targeted by the unfair Government Pension Offset (GPO) & Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). We will not receive our spouses' Social Security or Survivor benefits while x-spouses of at least 10 years will. We are losing our homes & the life we built with our spouses. We are calling for the repeal of these unfair laws.
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    Created by Kathy Goss Bryant
  • Save Social Security Disability
    While everyone from our legislators to the president have discussed saving Social Security retirement, the issue of Social Security disability (SSDI/SSI) has abruptly disappeared from the public discussion, and this bodes ill for the disabled. Social Security disability recipients have already "shared the pain," being hit with a series of benefit cuts, "adjustments" and freezes in recent years. Please call on our govt to protect the disabled.
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    Created by Diane H. Fabian
  • A Challange to the Early Learn RFP
    The ACS Early Learn RFP creates a serious and complex issue for the New York City publicly funded child care system at this time. As stated by the Day Care Council of New York," nonprofit providers from small community based child care centers, family child care providers, as well as, large multi-service organizations servicing 100 or more children in various community neighborhoods are grappling with a disturbing situation with very little recourse." We are calling on ACS to withdraw the Early Learn RFP until the many areas of concern are addressed.
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    Created by PADCDNYC
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    Created by ROBERT H. GRAHAM
  • Stop The Inhumane Removal Of Public Assistance
    Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan has passed a law that will cut off public assistance to 12,000 people on October 2011 and tens of thousands more next year. Please sign this petition and pass it on to friends and families as soon as possible. This petition needs to be delivered by September 2011. We are calling on all politicians and the president to intervene. Michigan's unemployment is 12.6% (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and Detroit's unemployment rate with all statistics combined is 44.8%.
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    Created by Tahira Ahmad
  • Gov. Scott: Proclaim September Campus Fire Safety Month
    This academic year, at least 6 college students affiliated with American universities, including Jasmine Jahanshahi, have lost their lives in fires. Join JUSTICE and Campus Firewatch in requesting that Rick Scott proclaim September as Campus Fire Safety Month, in order to "raise awareness and encourage schools to provide fire prevention and safety education". Additionally, we hope with this proclamation to encourage schools to publish annual fire safety reports, in accordance with the Higher Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act of 2008.
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    Created by Sarah Blanc
  • Oppose the Piccola Bill - SB 1151
    SB 1151 would establish a three member board to carry out the mandates of the Act 47 plan in Harrisburg, if City Council did not approve the plan. The board would have the ability to sell the city's assets, overrule arbitrator rulings and not allow the city the option of Chapter9 bankruptcy. This would usurp the ability of Harrisburg City Officials to govern their city and the voters wishes when they elected them.
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    Created by Brad Koplinski
  • Foreclosures as temporary housing following a natural disaster
    This storm season has seen an unusual amount of damage to families, property and family stability. This is especially true given the current recession, with many folks living on the edge of sustainability. We're asking that those Americans most affected by natural disasters be allowed to live in vacant and foreclosed properties, rent free, for up to 6 months. Those banks who were given TARP funds would be asked to donate a small portion of their inventory of vacant and foreclosed properties, and assume the nominal property management fees during this 6 month period. We're asking banks who have received TARP funds in the past to now contribute, in a very particular way, to rebuilding America.
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    Created by Anthony Newby