• Prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    There are ongoing efforts in our government to make cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Some of us have paid into these programs all of our working life, on the promise that these funds would be made available to us in the future. The future is here and our representatives are poised to renege on that promise, while keeping the special retirement and medical benefits they voted for themselves. This will affect most Americans, their aging parents and special needs children. Please keep your promise to America and work with the Super Committee, Senators and Representatives to ensure these cuts are not made.
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    Created by Sue Choppers-Wife
  • Allow Injured workers to Reopen workers Compensation Claims
    Injuries received on the job may cause health problems later on in life. Workers who find that previous injuries prevent them from obtaining employment, or giving rise to new health damages should be able to re-open their claims to receive their proper compensation. This will encourage insurance companies to insist on discovering/ disclosing all health outcomes to workers.
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    Created by Mark Bales
    Jacksonville! Stand in unity that our voice be heard! Join The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition in the campaign for safer streets for the citizens and children of this city. Jacksonville, Florida is the third most dangerous city in the nation regarding pedestrians and cyclists. With regards to Florida in general, Jacksonville’s low ranking in safety is indicative of the rest of the state. According to Transportation for America’s “Dangerous By Design” 2011 study, the top four most dangerous cities in America are all located in Florida - 1) the areas of Orlando / Kissimmee, 2) the areas of Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater, 3) Jacksonville, and 4) the areas of Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach. As a citizen of the City of Jacksonville - the city we all adore for its aesthetics, its culture, its undeniable potential - I ask of you, please consider supporting this cause by signing this petition. This petition will be given to our Mayor and State Representative. With enough signatures, we hope to have this issue placed as a higher priority for city and state improvements. If every other respectable metropolitan area of this country can have proper road infrastructure for various means of transportation, then certainly Jacksonville should be no exception!
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    Created by Jennifer Kubicki
  • Tell Governor Snyder to Move Michigan Forward!
    Governor Snyder will be rolling out his plan for infrastructure later this month. But, most of the dialogue has been about roads. While fixing our current system is important, we also need to acknowledge that strategic investments in rail, bus transit, and complete streets can help revitalize our cities and towns, reconnect people to jobs and opportunity, reduce transportation expenses, and reduce wear and tear our streets.
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    Created by Info
  • An American Investment
    This is to petition congress the Federal implementation of a solar- powered, bullet-rail system that connects all capitol cities together. As public transportation ridership is poised to peak during these economic times and with our skies becoming increasingly congested, this project can support our growing needs for travel in order to keep up with the rest of the world and remain competitive and proud to do so; much like how and why Eisenhower's highways were built. The technology exists and people are eager to start building something they can be proud of for decades to come. With the added luxury to the hard working American people to travel freely within their country for a reasonable fare ($25 coach, $1000 1st class and free transfers within the network until your destination) and the vastly innumerable benefits to our ever decaying environment this is the next step towards advancing American success. Furthermore this project will easily pay for itself becoming pure revenue (beyond reasonable overhead costs), which could go towards things like the national debt and healthcare. We don't need more money in this country, we need something big that can pay for itself quickly that can generate revenue. Lots and lots and lots of revenue. An extremely large, solar-powered public train network and its fares can do that. Talk about "get-rich-quick" and fulfilling the American Dream, eh? :)
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    Created by Lisa Paquette
  • Governor Dan Malloy: It is time to implement the new license for MSW (LMSW)
    Legislation was passed over a year ago for the implementation of the new license for MSW (LMSW). This legislation is still not implemented and has created much hardship for MSW graduates to obtain jobs. The National Association of Social Workers(NASW) was informed by the state Governor/legislature, that there were no funds to implement this license. It is time for the governor and or legislatures to act now and implement this license. Many organizations/agencies are requiring MSWs to have a license in order to get a job. It is very important that this legislation be implemented.
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    Created by Phillipa E Blake
  • Housing for Low Income Single Parents
    Of the 30 million households in the U.S. with housing problems, 14.5 million qualify for government aid, yet only 4.1 million are actually receiving any. Statistically affordable housing is becoming hard to find because for every 100 very low-income renters; only 76 affordable rental units are currently available. The LEAP Organization is striving to bridge the gap by adding 36 affordable rental units in Clarksville, TN and is in dire need for support from the community by pledging to contribute $5 monthly for the supportive housing program and signing this petition to show our government that the community is behind this effort. To contribute visit www.leaporg.net.
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    Created by Richard Garrett
  • East Sussex County Council stop proceedings against an innocent mother.
    A mother had her baby removed 2 years ago and accused of neglect. It was subsequently found that her daughter had the rare and incurable condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Condition). This disorder is caused by a mutation in the genes and the mother has been tested and is not a carrier of the mutated gene. However, despite this the social services are blind to this diagnosis and are pushing to have the baby placed for forced adoption against the mothers wishes. Due to restrictions in the UK family courts, which are held in secret without a jury I am not allowed to mention the mothers name or anything else to do with the case before the court.
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  • Don't cut the payroll tax!
    This is the Social Security tax. It's how Social Security gets its income. Social Security has been a strong program because it has a dedicated income source--the "payroll" tax. We don't want to cut this tax! Social Security needs all the income it can get, because the benefits being paid out are now exceeding the income from taxes.
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    Created by Marian Rhys
  • Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act
    This legislation would lift the Social Security Payroll tax cap on all income over $250,000 a year, would require millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share into the Social Security Trust Fund, and extend the program for the next 75 years.
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    Created by David Gwinn
    A recreational exercise facility - The S.S. Skatepark "bowl" was filled with dirt by the city 1.5 years ago without public comment but with public funds for seemingly no reason. We would like this reversed by excavating the dirt which we have offered to do for free.
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    Created by Charlie Samuels
    Millions of children throughout this country are living below the poverty level creating failure in the present and in their future. Part of their problem is undernourishment due to a lack of nutritional food. There are certain steps that can be instated to help end the hunger of the children. Poverty is unlikely to be solved in our lifetimes, but measures can be put into place to help feed the children in a way they are worthy of.
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    Created by Anthony P. Johnson