• New Years Resolution to Defend Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    The Republicans’ relentless assault on the American Dream hasn’t stopped in 2011 - every day, Republicans try a new code word or political maneuver to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - the programs that built the middle class in this country. Working families rely on these programs every day. We oppose any attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the 99% of us - seniors and working families who have been struggling in this recession.
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    Created by Ilya Sheyman
  • Congress: Let the Bush tax cuts end in 2012, and don't cut Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. Rai...
    -NO to the Bush tax cuts that are trillions of dollars for millionaires and billionaires in the 1%; a tax cut the G.O.P. killed the deficit supercommittee to protect -NO to cuts to vital services for the 99%, like Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid -DO NOT balance the books on the backs of the poor, elderly and most vulerable
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    Created by Brennan Balestrieri
  • Eldercare
    Many people are finding that they have to take care of an elderly parent or handicapped child and cannot work while doing this. They will lose jobs, homes, status and their ability to also take care of themselves. I have a masters degree, but my mom who is 90 years old has many problems and cannot take care of herself. I don't have any income. She only gets $374 in social security and that's not enough to maintain our home and I know several other people in the same position. Congress should address this by providing some type of assistance to those in theses types of situations.
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    Created by R Dade
  • WI state legislators should no longer be allowed to determine their own pay and benefits.
    Legislators in WI should no longer be provided with premium healthcare coverage, premium retirement benefits and premium salaries at WI taxpayers' expense until ALL citizens in WI have decent paying jobs with decent benefits.
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    Created by Kraig Brownell
  • Save our Water System From the City of Salisbury
    The Town of East Spencer is considering allowing the City of Salisbury to take over the water and sewer system, without doing a feasibility study on how maintaining the system and using new technology could result possibly result in better service and reduced water/sewer prices to the citizens. The City of Salisbury WILL NOT reduce the already outrageous prices of water and sewer services. As citizens of the Town of East Spencer, we DEMAND that all consideration to turn over the system to Salisbury cease until a feasibility study can be completed by professionals who could offer alternative solutions.
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    Created by Kenneth Fox-Muhammad
  • Imperial Avenue Begins Anew: “Goddesses” Offer Healing to Families and Neighbors
    It's time to restore the community of Imperial Avenue, If ownership of the house where eleven women were murdered has not been established, it needs to be removed. Let the healing process begin with a memorial garden in its place.
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    Created by Rev. LaDonna Blaylock
  • End the cap on Social Security contribution.
    Start taxing all wages including those above $106k. It's unfair to exempt wages over the cap. The cap has been raised every year since the early '70s. Removing it permanently will save the system.
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    Created by wayne graves
  • Prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    There are ongoing efforts in our government to make cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Some of us have paid into these programs all of our working life, on the promise that these funds would be made available to us in the future. The future is here and our representatives are poised to renege on that promise, while keeping the special retirement and medical benefits they voted for themselves. This will affect most Americans, their aging parents and special needs children. Please keep your promise to America and work with the Super Committee, Senators and Representatives to ensure these cuts are not made.
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    Created by Sue Choppers-Wife
  • Allow Injured workers to Reopen workers Compensation Claims
    Injuries received on the job may cause health problems later on in life. Workers who find that previous injuries prevent them from obtaining employment, or giving rise to new health damages should be able to re-open their claims to receive their proper compensation. This will encourage insurance companies to insist on discovering/ disclosing all health outcomes to workers.
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    Created by Mark Bales
    Jacksonville! Stand in unity that our voice be heard! Join The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition in the campaign for safer streets for the citizens and children of this city. Jacksonville, Florida is the third most dangerous city in the nation regarding pedestrians and cyclists. With regards to Florida in general, Jacksonville’s low ranking in safety is indicative of the rest of the state. According to Transportation for America’s “Dangerous By Design” 2011 study, the top four most dangerous cities in America are all located in Florida - 1) the areas of Orlando / Kissimmee, 2) the areas of Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater, 3) Jacksonville, and 4) the areas of Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach. As a citizen of the City of Jacksonville - the city we all adore for its aesthetics, its culture, its undeniable potential - I ask of you, please consider supporting this cause by signing this petition. This petition will be given to our Mayor and State Representative. With enough signatures, we hope to have this issue placed as a higher priority for city and state improvements. If every other respectable metropolitan area of this country can have proper road infrastructure for various means of transportation, then certainly Jacksonville should be no exception!
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    Created by Jennifer Kubicki
  • Tell Governor Snyder to Move Michigan Forward!
    Governor Snyder will be rolling out his plan for infrastructure later this month. But, most of the dialogue has been about roads. While fixing our current system is important, we also need to acknowledge that strategic investments in rail, bus transit, and complete streets can help revitalize our cities and towns, reconnect people to jobs and opportunity, reduce transportation expenses, and reduce wear and tear our streets.
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    Created by Info
  • An American Investment
    This is to petition congress the Federal implementation of a solar- powered, bullet-rail system that connects all capitol cities together. As public transportation ridership is poised to peak during these economic times and with our skies becoming increasingly congested, this project can support our growing needs for travel in order to keep up with the rest of the world and remain competitive and proud to do so; much like how and why Eisenhower's highways were built. The technology exists and people are eager to start building something they can be proud of for decades to come. With the added luxury to the hard working American people to travel freely within their country for a reasonable fare ($25 coach, $1000 1st class and free transfers within the network until your destination) and the vastly innumerable benefits to our ever decaying environment this is the next step towards advancing American success. Furthermore this project will easily pay for itself becoming pure revenue (beyond reasonable overhead costs), which could go towards things like the national debt and healthcare. We don't need more money in this country, we need something big that can pay for itself quickly that can generate revenue. Lots and lots and lots of revenue. An extremely large, solar-powered public train network and its fares can do that. Talk about "get-rich-quick" and fulfilling the American Dream, eh? :)
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    Created by Lisa Paquette