• Tell San Jose to Reject IBM's Report to Eliminate City Services!
    IBM has prepared a Report which the San Jose City Council will consider on or about February 28th which recommends that hundreds of police officers and firefighters be eliminated. They also recommend that the Senior Lunch Program be ended.
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    Created by Steve Kline
    The Mahoning-Youngstown Community Action Partnership has appealed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to save the local program from bankruptcy and closing.
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    Created by George Hulton
  • Expand MARTA!
    Unlike transit systems such as New York's or Chicago's, Atlanta's MARTA system can be unreliable and mostly limits its service to Fulton and DeKalb counties. In addition, MARTA has to keep raising its fares to stay in business. This could smear Atlanta's reputation as one of the top cities to live.
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    Created by Andrew Grimes
  • Stop Governor Brown From Destroying (Hope For) Our Animals!
    Please save our pets from being euthanized! Help stop Governor Jerry Brown from repealing the California's animal control and shelter legislation known as the Hayden Law in the California 2012-13 Budget. Governor Brown has asked the state legislature to repeal animal protections championed by Senator Tom Hayden in 1998 that include the increase of California's holding period from 72 hours to four days; the requirement that other species, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, be given the same protections as cats and dogs; the posting of lost-and-found lists so that animals can be reunited with their families; and the directive to provide veterinary care for sick and injured animals. Please read this cogent argument to the repeal by the Animal Law Coalition: http://www.animallawcoalition.com/public-shelters/article/1922 Groups opposed to repeal of the Hayden Law urge like-minded state residents to telephone Gov. Brown at 916-445-2841 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; or fax a letter of opposition to 916-558-3177. Opposition may also be voiced via email to Brown at http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php; by post to Brown's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ jerry.brown; or by tweet to his Twitter page at @JerryBrownGov<http://twitter. com/jerrybrowngov>
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    Created by Stephen C. Love
  • Allow Tennessee Limo Services to charge as little as they choose!
    Nashville’s Metropolitan Transportation Licensing Commission (MTLC) conducted a sting operation against Metro Livery, an affordable limousine and town car service that is currently suing Nashville in federal court. Metro Livery’s crime? Charging its customers less than the government-mandated $45 minimum fare.
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    Created by Joseph Reilly
  • Save the MBTA
    The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is proposing changes that would raise ticket prices by up to 43%, eliminate all weekend and late-night train services, cut bus routes, and affect nearly 100 million riders a year. Not only is this a prohibitive raise in prices, especially for elderly and young riders, but local tourism will be devastated by the loss of service and many cities who built affordable housing near train stations will be severely impacted. On top of this, thousands of citizens will be unable to get to work via public transportation, leading to increased traffic and pollutants in numerous communities. The MBTA and State Government need to work harder to investigate alternative methods of funding and find new revenue projects, as well as exploring other restructuring options in order to save commuters and their communities the financial and environmental impact of these crippling measures.
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    Created by Bridget Keown
  • Build a Crosswalk NOW!
    The Seminole trail has no crosswalks . Dozens of people cross this road at their own peril. This is a big problem with a simple solution. Build some crosswalks!
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    Created by Jonathan Rene Hernandez
  • Fund the Port Authority of Allegheny County
    From the Port Authority of Allegheny County website: "2012 Proposed Service Reduction Information Port Authority is facing a $64 million deficit in its operating budget for the coming fiscal year, starting July 1. This deficit stems from a lack of dedicated funding for transportation at the state level." "Left without adequate state funding, Port Authority will have no choice but to slash service, increase fares and lay off employees in order to balance its budget, which it is legally obligated to do." Even though Governor Corbett has stated that he will release a funding plan in February, he has not committed to the funding necessary to maintain the level of service we have today. Please sign this petition to let Governor Corbett and PA state legislators know that you believe the Port Authority of Allegheny County provides a critical service to our community. More information: http://www.portauthority.org/paac/CompanyInfoProjects/BudgetFinances/ServiceReductions.aspx
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    Created by Andrew Twigg
  • Stop Late Night Drilling!
    Loud drilling on the 2nd Ave subway is waking Upper East Side residents at all hours, including children and infants. This is happening around the 72nd and 96th street construction now, but will come to other areas soon. As long as the MTA is working "underground" it can drill 24 hours a day, no matter how loud or disruptive it is to residents. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. We have a right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes--a right to sleep. To PUT A STOP TO LATE NIGHT DRILLING we need to deliver a public outcry to the MTA, as well as our elected representatives, who have the power to make a difference. Action like this helped put a stop to late evening blasting and contain dust from blasting, so this can work. Even 50 signatures can have a big impact. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also contact one or more of your elected representatives directly: Council Members Jessica Lappin - District 5, Upper East Side lappin@council.nyc.gov / (212) 980-1808 Dan Garodnick - District 4, Upper East Side garodnick@council.nyc.ny.us / (212) 818-0580 Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (212) 860-0606 / Use this link to email: http://1.usa.gov/zv3EeB NYS Assembly Members Dan Quart quartd@assembly.state.ny.us / (212) 605-0937 Micah Kellner kellerm@assembly.state.ny.us / (212) 830-4906 State Senators Liz Krueger liz@lizkrueger.com / (212) 490-9535 Jose Serrano serrano@senate.state.ny.us / (212) 828-5829
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    Created by Mark Connelly
  • Golf Green fees
    The Palm Coast owned golf courses, Palm Harbor, increases it green fee during the winter's months for local golfers. Why.? local golfers support the course year around includes the dog days of summer. It is the same course. I personal know at least 50 golfers that play golf at least twice a week who refused to play the course during the winter.Can the city afford to miss this revenue.? Your concerns and support will stop this nonsense.
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    Created by Columbus (Tom)Thomas
  • Eliminate FICA earnings cap
    90% of American wage earners pay 6.2 % of their income into Social Security each year. The top 10% of American wage earners pay less than than 1% of their income into social security because they earn over $100,000 each year. Have every American pay the 6.2% rate of all income earned, to insure Social Security for the future.
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    Created by Charlotte Carmody
  • Funding for Public Transportation of Homeless to Cold Night Shelters
    Many areas of the Nation provide Cold Night Shelters for the estimated 100,000 plus homless. Many homelesss are veterans (@70,00 plus). The number grows every day. Being homless they have no money to pay for fares on public transit/para-transit systems to get to the Cold Night Shelters.
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    Created by Richard Rian