• Are You Hungry?
    Then stand with "We Feed The Homeless Philly" and Craig Stroman and fight the proposed ban on feeding the homeless people of Philly who live on the streets!!
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    Created by Linda J. Beard
  • Clean up the Radio Airwaves in Omaha
    Take Rush Limbaugh off KFAB in Omaha
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    Created by Rich Koeppen
  • Assign new child support judge in Hidalgo, County Master Court #2
    The hidalgo county Judge in Master Court #2 is not a just at all. She assigns "classes" that cost money, sends people to places where they charge to see your own kids. She is very unfair, and unjust, please petition to get Judge Ma. Socorro Leos out!
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    Created by Jose Menchaca
  • Save 130 Acres for Future Park Land in Gwinnett County, Georgia
    In one of Gwinnett's most populous, yet recreationally under-served census tracts, 130 acres of green space, known as "The Range" is up for sale by Cisco Corporation. Cisco is known for its past community-minded green initiatives. We need to push our county commissioners into successfully negotiating a land acquisition deal, using available 2009 SPLOST funds, that will preserve all this undeveloped land for much needed soccer fields, a dog walking park, and even an aquatic center in future years. Cisco plans to close on any shareholders-appealing deal by the end of April 2012. Although there is nothing yet under contract, the 130-acres property was "shown" twice in the last few weeks. Due to a gag rule imposed upon all parties to this pending sale, we just don't know if Gwinnett County was either or both those prospective buyers. Once the land falls under contract with a developer, it's too late to do anything about it. So, time is fast running out!
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    Created by D Marlin Knapp
  • Restore benefits to help disabled
    Gov. Scott has cut assistance to those least able to care for themselves. Budgets to Associations for Retarded Citizens (ex. Pinellas Association for Retarded Citizens (PARC); had their budgets frozen and cut so that families struggling to continue caring for their disabled children and adults may have to allow them to become full time wards of the state, a much greater expense to the taxpayer.
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    Created by Brenda Buckley
  • Extend Louisiana Child Support Laws for Children with Severe and Profound Disabilities Past the A...
    Current Louisiana child support law terminates at age 22 for children with disabilities. As a result too many custodial parents of adult children with severe and profound disabilities are faced with the daily challenges of raising their child on their own, i.e., 100% of their financial, physical, and emotional care frequently becomes the sole responsibility of the custodial parents for the rest of their lives, while the noncustodial parent refuses to provide support even though they are very capable of doing so. This is not fair to either the adult child with severe and profound disabilities or their custodial parent! Governor Jindal and the Louisiana legislature has the chance to change this. We're calling on them to standup for and protect the well-being of adult children with severe and profound disabilities and stop the unfair responsibility put on their custodial parents.
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    Created by Kathy Dwyer
  • Downtown Batavia Illinois 2012
    Help ensure that the City of Batavia works to improve the downtown area as set forth in the Batavia Comprensive Plan.
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    Created by Batavians for Progress
  • Telluride needs an affordable fitness center
    There is no fitness center in Telluride that is affordable or comprehensive. If communities like Ouray, Delta and Silverton can provide their citizens with a gym, Telluride should also. We are asking Parks and Recreation to provide a fitness center for everyone to enjoy.
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    Created by Mark Izard
  • Save DCS Training Consortium
    The new Commissioner of the Department of Children's Services has proposed to cut training costs for her staff and foster parents. This means the end of a contract with state universities that has resulted in improved training, reduces access to federal funds, and creates the probability that the state will be found in contempt of the Brian A. lawsuit settlement agreement.
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    Created by John Sanborn
    Many Seniors want to live in community housing that have income over $35K a year. If you make less than $35K a yr you still have to wait years to get a place. There is no Senior housing for middle class income. In Maui we have tried to get the city council to pass 2 such projects. They refuse and pass on huge developer projects.There are hundreds of middle class seniors coming to live in the islands. Some who live here are having to move to other states that have Senior Community Housing that serve and honor there elders. Even if I had millions I would want to live in community and have support and companionship. As an aging person I will need on support on the premises and nurse on call. CommunityHousing is best because the seniors help and support each other both physically and socially.
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    Created by Darrienne Heller
    For 10 years National CASA received $12 million in funding for the CASA program through the Victims of Child Abuse Act. Last year Congress reduced the funding for CASA programs to $4.5 million. And now, the administration has proposed eliminating all funding for this vital program in FY 2013.
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    Created by Ginny McQueen
  • Fight against social service cuts to state funding.
    My petition concerns the cuts Pat Quinn is making to the populace who have no voice. It is a coward's way of bullying the helpless and indigent. Cutting mental health facilities and prisons must be his way of attempting to hang on to his wealthier constituents. However, all people in the helping professions protest this move and will never vote for him again.
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    Created by Sally Martell