• Road Construction
    We see it every summer. Gentleman from the road construction companies just standing around doing nothing. Lanes are closed for three months with no one working on the area. I am unsure why we as taxpayers pay them to stand around.
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    Created by Jamie Vesperman
  • End Homelessness in America
    Every night there are around 650,000 people, some 75 percent are families with children, without a roof over their heads. But for 80 percent, these crushing weeks will be the only stint of homelessness in their lives. Most have some money a strong work ethic, but are just unable to find work and secure low-cost housing. Providing short-term housing and support services to help the homeless back on their feet is not only the right thing to do morally, it also saves money in the long run by cutting down on other costs to the community.
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    Created by Kellie Lloyd
  • Passenger Rail Service - OKC to Tulsa
    The State of Olahoma has an opportunity to provide passenger rail service between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, but no sucessful or sustainable proposal has been put forward in over ten years. The Oklahoma Eastern Flyer Passenger Service Development Task Force can make meaningful recommendations to the Governor this year and cost-responsible alternatives are available. Please support the Eastern Flyer Passenger Rail Service.Development Task Force (HB 1696).
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    Created by Tom Verdel
  • Molly's Law
    The City of Elk Point currently has no law that requires an in- home day care provider to be registered. Registration or licensing would give Child Protective Services the authority to take action should a care provider be criminally charged. Currently, there is no agency that has that authority unless the day care is registered.
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    Created by Cheryl Campbell
  • Stop H.B. 139: Keep Housing Separate from DWS
    H.B. 139 is a bill that would place Utah's division of housing & community development into the Department of Workforce Services. Advocates and professionals who work in the housing field agree that DWS is not an appropriate administrator for housing & community development programs because their missions and business cultures are vastly different.
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    Created by Afton January
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    Created by Sandy Craig
  • Unemployment Department, Don't Punish Others for YOUR Mistakes
    Brent Bennett, a young veteran who served for the US Navy, is under attack from the Oregon Unemployment Department. They are trying to get him to pay back a disgustingly huge sum of money, for a mistake that THEY had made. The mistake? Refusing to take information from him when he'd originally applied for benefits, and then using that information to retroactively deny him benefits after having been on them for over three years, and occumulated over $50,000 via $400+ weekly unemployment insurance benefits. They had known about the information he had tried to supply, we can assume, from the beginning, but did not deny him then, and waited until his benefits had been completely run through before then demanding him to pay it back. Brent Bennett is still unemployed, and they have signed a warrant for garnishment on him already. He has no means to repay the huge sum of money and the interest keeps growing every month. Brent is going to find a lawyer and take this issue to court and battle it to the end, but we need more than just a good lawyer to get this issue seriously looked at. Without the backing of society, the government and the unemployment department could just swipe this issue under the table and ignore it indefinitely. We need a public outrage to get our cries heard! We cannot let this sort of atrocity happen to other innocent US citizens, we should not allow this atrocity happen to Brent. Help us fight this and make life fair for the people in our country. Please do not allow the Government to effectively RUIN a young man's entire life by forcing him into a debt of this measure, that cannot be removed by bankruptcy, with an interest rate that will keep him from ever paying it off.
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    Created by Kari F.
  • Governor Patrick: Ask MassDOT to Create a Cogent Transportation Routing Plan for Massachusetts
    As some of you are aware, Visual Risk Technology and Dr. Lepofsky, MMTA’s hired consultant, has crafted a response to Battelle's response to MassDOT on issues raised in our analysis. After presenting Dr. Lepofsky's materials to MassDOT they have required Battelle to respond to points made in his report. Both of these reports are posted on our website for your review. In addition, we are hearing reports that MassDOT is poised to make a ruling this month. As some of you are aware, we are trying to come up with our own risk analysis that may refute the risk established in the Battelle report. We are asking now for all of our members to take action and sign on to this letter to the Governors office to ensure MassDOT creates a cogent transportation routing plan for Massachusetts.
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    Created by Jillian Zywien
  • Don't use public resources to build a Downtown arena
    The proposed leveraging of publicly-held resources for up to 50 years to pay for an arena is the wrong choice to make at this time in Sacramento's history. Those funds would be better used to put more police officers on the street, keep firefighters on the job, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and restore the services that have been slashed for our city parks and other amenities.
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    Created by Sacramento Citizen
  • Build a bridge they will come
    Building a connecting bridge from Cumberland Head NY to Grandisle Vermont.
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    Created by Kristia Morrow
  • Governor Bob McDonnell: Honor Your Pledge Not To Raise Taxes
    Governor McDonnell has proposed $10 million in fee increases for the Department of Motor Vehicles and now he proposes a tax on Virginia residents in the form of tolls. This toll tax will increase economical profits for Government and Corporate gain, while the citizens of the Southeastern Region of Virginia pay the cost of expense.
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    Created by Cassandra Cobb
  • Let's Get Moving!
    West Virginia is one of the least fit states in the Union. We lead in diabetes, heart disese, stroke, and other health conditions caused by or exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. And there are infrastructural barriers to an active lifestyle here--lack of footpaths, bicycle paths/lanes, sidewalks, etc.
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    Created by Bruce Alan Wilson