• Governor Patrick: Ask MassDOT to Create a Cogent Transportation Routing Plan for Massachusetts
    As some of you are aware, Visual Risk Technology and Dr. Lepofsky, MMTA’s hired consultant, has crafted a response to Battelle's response to MassDOT on issues raised in our analysis. After presenting Dr. Lepofsky's materials to MassDOT they have required Battelle to respond to points made in his report. Both of these reports are posted on our website for your review. In addition, we are hearing reports that MassDOT is poised to make a ruling this month. As some of you are aware, we are trying to come up with our own risk analysis that may refute the risk established in the Battelle report. We are asking now for all of our members to take action and sign on to this letter to the Governors office to ensure MassDOT creates a cogent transportation routing plan for Massachusetts.
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    Created by Jillian Zywien
  • Don't use public resources to build a Downtown arena
    The proposed leveraging of publicly-held resources for up to 50 years to pay for an arena is the wrong choice to make at this time in Sacramento's history. Those funds would be better used to put more police officers on the street, keep firefighters on the job, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and restore the services that have been slashed for our city parks and other amenities.
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    Created by Sacramento Citizen
  • Build a bridge they will come
    Building a connecting bridge from Cumberland Head NY to Grandisle Vermont.
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    Created by Kristia Morrow
  • Governor Bob McDonnell: Honor Your Pledge Not To Raise Taxes
    Governor McDonnell has proposed $10 million in fee increases for the Department of Motor Vehicles and now he proposes a tax on Virginia residents in the form of tolls. This toll tax will increase economical profits for Government and Corporate gain, while the citizens of the Southeastern Region of Virginia pay the cost of expense.
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    Created by Cassandra Cobb
  • Let's Get Moving!
    West Virginia is one of the least fit states in the Union. We lead in diabetes, heart disese, stroke, and other health conditions caused by or exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. And there are infrastructural barriers to an active lifestyle here--lack of footpaths, bicycle paths/lanes, sidewalks, etc.
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    Created by Bruce Alan Wilson
  • Please support Kansans with mental health issues!
    One Mental Health Consumer-Run initiative in Kansas saves the State thousands of dollars each day. Support these initiatives with taxpayer dollars and help individuals with mental illness stay in their communities.
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    Created by Lesa A. Weller
    Governor Chris Christie continues to claim that he has made major economic improvements in the State of New Jersey. If this is true, where are the new jobs? Why is he laying off teachers? Why is there still a freeze in hiring for state positions? Social Services clearly needs more, not less, employees, and funding. The delays in assisting the unemployed with vital social services is inexcusable, as is the amount of funds available.
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    Created by Karen Walden
  • Protect local districts access to funding
    Senate Bill (SB) 2073, would now reduce the revenues available to local taxing districts in tax-capped counties. Where property assessments are declining, the bills would prevent any increase in the aggregate tax levy extension, even though the costs to provide services continue to rise with inflation. This bill will directly affect libraries in property tax-capped counties by not allowing for any increase in the property tax extension, ignoring escalating budget factors that are beyond the control of the library such as insurance programs (property, liability, unemployment, workers' compensation), employee benefits, fuel supplies, etc.
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    Created by Janet Forde
  • Drug testing
    To receive any form of State Assistance and/or Unemployment Benefit, All persons 10 to 65 must have drug testing every other month to continue receiving benefits. And the state, or hospital where testing is conducted, must have the test results to the Department of Social and Health Services within 24 hours. Within the 2nd 24 hours, the results must be reviewed by an authority who will either approve the next check or send assistance receiver a form notifying them no check will be provided by tax payer money until the period following the next drug test scheduled for two months out. Everyone should benefit from this change....druggies? Maybe they will consider giving up drugs, seek help or a job. Taxpayers? Save thousands and thousands. If benefits are relied on to provide income then recepients should be treated like an employee who would need to provide clean drug tests before being hired. Testing results need to include everything from marijuana to the worst possible drug. No doctor prescription for marijuana use eliminates the discontinuance of benefits unless a physician verifies the recepient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This petition should be submitted to City, County, State and Federal governments. And I would appreciate acknowledgement this is petition request is accepted or denied.
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    Created by Jan
  • Restart the building of the tunnel from NJ to NYC
    NJ desperately needs a second tunnel into NYC. The one tunnel we have gets backed up when a train breaks down, and backs up all the trains behind it for hours. This gets people who live in NJ hours late for work in NYC. Or hours late in getting home. Sometimes it is shut down for an entire day. Also, if we had a second tunnel, more trains can run between NJ and NYC which would decrease the significant overcrowding on the peak trains people take to get to work. Sometimes the trains get so overcrowded, people cannot even get on the train. We're calling on President Obama, the Senators, and the House of Representatives to use federal funds to make this infrastructure project of building a second tunnel between NJ and NYC happen! We also call upon Governor Christie, the NJ House, and the NJ Senate to help fund this extremely needed project of a second tunnel into NYC. As a bonus, jobs would get created and put a lot of people to work.
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    Created by Melanie White
  • End Child Hunger
    Senate Bill 3 would provide money for school meals to hungry children. The School Meals Bill has been stalled in the House Finance Committee for four years. "The Seward Phonenix Log columnist named Elstun Lauesen discovered the source of this moral irrationality, i.e. $8.2 billion in tax breaks for oil companies. It is called House Bill 110 and it is currently being fought by Senate Bill Wielechowski. Wielechowski is the sponsor for the School Meals Bill. Since he will not allow oil companies to receive billions in tax breaks without accountability, the House Finance Committee is “resolved” not to schedule any Bills, especially those sponsored by Wielechowski." http://kokayi137.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/the-juneau-hunger-strike/ Please ask Alaska legislators to get this bill to a vote.
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    Created by Mukhya Khalsa
  • Director Cox: Work with the Public to Increase Hours in Cleveland Rec Centers
    Current hours in Cleveland Rec Centers are abysmal. None are open later than 7:30 pm, and this is only for scheduled programming. Studies (from the United Nations and Columbia University) have shown that the best way to reduce juvenile crime (which has shown a rise in Cleveland neighborhoods this year) is to allow public recreation centers to stay open later, preferably between 12 and 2 am on the weekends. Functional recreation facilities increase property values, decrease obesity rates, and contribute to making an entire area more desirable. A more public-friendly and crime free Cleveland is the Cleveland of the future. Michael E. Cox is the Director of Public Works in Cleveland. He has some authority in working to change this. Sign on to encourage his action.
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    Created by Samuel Buck