• Restore County Funding for Non-Profits
    This petition calls on the Frederick County Commissioners to restore funding to all non-profits at the levels (or higher) prior to the 2010 election cycle.
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    Created by Philip Curran
  • Government Home Telephone Service Access
    Century Tel Enterprise, Inc and it's Principal Subsidiaries: Century Cellunet; Century Business Communications, Inc.; Century Telecommunications, Inc.; Century Service Group, Inc.; Century Supply Group, Inc.; Interactive Communications, Inc. monoply on home telephone service access lines.
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    Created by margiep
  • Call to Action on Vacant & Abandon Homes
    There are 2,300 vacant and abandon homes in the Akron, Ohio. There has been several cases of rape, sex trafficking, drug labs and drug trafficking in these homes. We need to address this issues and demand something be done immediately. What actions can we take as a community to find solutions for these properties and these vacant lots.
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    Created by Stop the Violence Akron Movement
  • Do Not Cut Social Services
    The safety net to the neediest among us been subject to draconian cuts in the most recent budget as stated in the recent State of the State address by Gov. Quinn. Do not ask the most in need try to right the wrongs of bureaucratic waste and mismanagement. The budget of the State of Illinois can be balanced by more equitable and humane means at our disposal.
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    Created by Paul Ansell
  • Paid Maternity Leave
    All mothers and infants need to be together to bond and to breastfeed. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a full year of breastfeeding for both baby's and mother's health. This doesn't happen when moms have to return to work after six weeks (if they have paid sick leave). Most families can't afford to take unpaid family leave.
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    Created by Marie Fitzpatrick
  • Keep Private Business from Taking Over Medicaid
    There is a state proposal to hand Medicaid over to private insurance companies. Do we really want one of our social safety net programs so vital to many of the state's poor in the hands of a "for profit" organizations whose only motive is to make a profit?
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    Created by Ralph Harrison
    Put a low cost toll on the Sellwood Bridge, so the people who use it the pay for it. The people of Clakmas Or. Will Pay Nothing for this Bridge. Yet they will use it the most. It makes no since for the people of Portland to pay for it all. Who ever use's the Bridge Pays for it. Low toll each way. Fee Based on income.
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    Created by Linda D. Younger
    Remove Twenty dollar fee Portland citizens have to pay for the Sellwood Bridge. It's not fair to ask Portland'ers to pay for this Bridge. The people who use this bridge should pay for it!
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    Created by Linda D. Younger
  • Fix Infrastructure
    It is imperative the state of New York design ways to create/revitalize local communities across the state. We have a great rich nature as our back drop and yet our communities continue to suffer leading people to apathy.
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    Created by Christopher Hanna
  • WV State Route 2 Citizens Group
    The Oil & Gas Industry has brought a renewed interest in our Natural Resources but has also caused an unwanted traffic problem. Wetzel and Tyler Counties need input from the voters to ask our State Leaders to bring Route 2 into the 21st Century.
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    Created by Lemoine Klug
  • Brainwriting 2.0!
    Brainwriting is so useful. But when we go to rate everyone's ideas, there are so many that are the same, and so it would be so great to be able to combine them!
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    Created by lenore
  • Expediting Social Security Disability Income for people affected by Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
    Individuals such as myself can spend several months to several years going through the Social Security system in order to get benefits. This affects financial stability of those affected and unable to work because of the condition. While Social Security denies and delays claims, homes are lost, and people are forced to become dependent on welfare and other sources even though they have paid in to the system all their lives.
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    Created by Rebecca El-Kher