• Social Worker working with the disenfranchised
    As an individual working with her community it should be considered that all Social Workers working with the working poor and disenfranchised should qualify for school loan forgiveness. Our jobs are thankless and we work mostly with low income families and don't make enough to cover or expenses plus pay for an education tha cost more than we make in a year. Please help, I'm struggling while the wealthy who make up 1% of the population aren't even paying taxes. Where is the justice. I sacrifice everyday to make sure kids aren't abused, where is the validation?
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    Created by Karen Genas
  • Preserve Social Security for Post-Baby-Boomers
    Social Security insurance provides an essential safety net for the elderly, for disabled workers, and for surviving children. The American people can easily afford to preserve Social Security, even though many have been convinced it can't be there for them. Americans should be told the truth about Social Security, and Social Security funding should be adjusted to provide benefits for future generations.
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    Created by Jerry Lehnus
  • Education for the Disabled
    Did you know that those who are living with disabilities are given an opportunity to receive additional income by working part time? The catch is that you cannot make more than $2000 a year. Wow; that's a month's worth a bills so; how can the disabled attempt to do better? Bottom Line.... 1.The disabled should have an option of receiving adequate continuing education/training prior to attempting to gain additional income. 2. The disabled should be allotted $25,000.00 the max gross amount for 4 to 6 years before support termination 3. Adequate Legal Aid should be appointed counsel for the disabled who are seeking independence. What to add something to the list?
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    Created by Center for Children Watch
  • Reauthorize SSA's Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program
    People with disabilities are often afraid to work because they fear loss of SSI and SSDI benefits. Therefore, they become dependent on those benefits instead of transitioning off of them to gain self sufficiency. For just over a decade, WIPA programs have shown beneficiaries how to transition from benefit checks to paychecks and from public healthcare benefits to private healthcare benefits, allowing them to achieve greater levels of financial independence.
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    Created by Gregory Makely
  • Bike Lanes and Sidewalks in San Angelo
    San Angelo, TX has very few sidewalks that last longer than a couple of blocks. It has even fewer bike lanes. This petition is to ask the City of San Angelo to start adding these accommodations while they are fixing the roads. We voted to keep the Sales Tax as high as it is to better our roads and our community. Sign this petition so that we can use those tax dollars to make the roads more bike-friendly and to put in sidewalks in places other than downtown.
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    Created by Ryan Purdom
  • Obama, retire the $68,000 Debt!!
    Petition is about Fairness ,Transparency, & Hope & Change!!! President Barack Obama promised on the steps of The Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois.. Twice, Obama was on that hallowed ground, where Abe Lincoln stood! Obama racked up $68,000 worth of Security Detail expenses from Springfield Security. Obama & the Secret service are pointing fingers as to who owes Springfield, Illinois??? Obama flatly refuses to solve this issue after 100's of texts, e-mails, letters & phone calls!! Senator Dick Durbin, a Springfield, resident, has intervened--Not a dime! So, I want a petition to see if President Obama will pay off my, and Abes' Hometown.. Nothing else works..
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    Created by Don Hudson
  • Oversite of Nations ISPs
    Its time to stop the bullying by the Nattions ISPs,both data cap and price wise.
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    Created by John White
  • Save the MBTA
    My name is Doug. I will soon become a grandfather. My grand-daughter will be growing up in Springfield. I want her to be proud she lives in a state that values public transportation. I commute by bicycle year round in Boston and Cambridge and use the T to get to the airport and around Boston when the conditions are bad for cycling. My wife and I drive about 12,000 miles yearly, including visiting our daughter in Springfield, parents in Needham and Lexington, to Vermont and the Adirondacks. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is crucial to my family's quality of life. My son and daughter-in-law live in Cambridge, and because of the MBTA do not own a car. Boston is a vibrant place to live because of the T. The MBTA passed moderate fare increases and some service cuts for 2012, and expects dramatic fare increases and service cuts in future years without additional sources of funding. Thousands of public comments at MBTA meetings showed how cuts in service and fare increases would be a great hardship for many, including for my patients who rely on THE RIDE. Cuts in service and fare increases harm the economy, lower property values, clog the roads, and worsen greenhouse gas emissions. It has been 21 years since Massachusetts changed the gasoline tax, resulting in multi-billion dollar deficits in funding highway and public transportation infrastructure, and putting a strain on state funding for education and health care. A 25 cent increase would adequately fund the MBTA, address infrastructure needs, and begin to pay down the deficit The Massachusetts constitution allows gas tax revenue to fund mass transportation in addition to highways. There is no better way to maintain and improve highway and public transportation across the state than to raise the gas tax, not the fares. It is the right thing to do.
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    Created by Douglas Johnson
  • Build Better Houses
    The United States, moreover, the midwest has been subject to countless injuries and deaths to to volatile storms and tornadoes. It is time to take action against homebuilders and code-setters to build better, stronger houses. The aim of this is to show that the home builders such as Toll Brothers get away with making weak, cheap houses to increase profit, rather than use re-enforced concrete to build sturdy homes that can withstand powerful storms. By bringing this issue to light, the home builders and government must raise the standards of building homes so that the insurance companies don't make out on each and every disastrous incident.
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    Created by Tony Savo
    The petition asks the Federal Government (Social Security Administration) why are "Investors" of this system are losing their homes, dignity, and even their lives waiting to prove to this system that they are disabled and entitled to receive the insurance promised to them when they paid into this program?
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    Created by Sandra J. Boddie
  • Congress:Pass the Senate bill on Transportation with no more extension time limits
    Let's lobby for thousands of construction workers ! Opportunity for jobs is being stalled in the USHouse.
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    Created by cathleen trainor
  • Stop members of congress from representing coporations instead of people who voted them into office
    Many members of congress collect money from coporations and interest groups and represent them against the good of the American people.Infact they are in the pay role of coporations and interest groups and can't support any legislation such groups are against eg ALEC, NRA, and numerous coporations who don't like clean environment, government's social resposibility for the people.
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    Created by Catherine Jonah