• Food should be eaten, not thrown away.
    I propose that all large or very busy foodservice establishments give their surplus food to the local missions instead of rendering it inedible and throwing it away. All food given to local charities can be written off at full menu price with arrangements made for these charities to pick up the food on a daily or at least weekly basis. Special conditions should also be in place so there would be no liability against the foodservice establishments that the food came from if someone claims to have been made sick from it. Perhaps all who get some of this food will sign a waiver. Tons of perfectly edible food is ruined and thrown away every day and it is only to prevent lawsuits regarding the people who might eat this food and sue the establishment from whence it came. A proper waiver would eliminate this issue and hungry people would get fed as well as foodservice establishments getting tax write-offs. Logic suggests this is a win/win proposal with the right preparation.
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    Created by Prentice Outlaw
  • Tax the 1%
    Bring needed money back to our infrastructure: schools, hospitals, roads, transportation, eldercare, and other needed services by taxing the 1% that pays less than their fair share of the taxes needed to run these programs.
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    Created by Deborah Tannenbaum
  • Serve America
    Creation of National Service in America. All men and women at 18 are responsible to this great nation in which we live, to give a 2 year service to America. Everyone opts for the type of service they will give: military, environmental, child services, infrastructure support, etc. educational support. This introduces millions to a work ethic as well creating a dedication to the country.
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    Created by jacqueline Saint Anne
  • child support
    to change the way it works it is unfair. an sbsent parent goes to court and is ordered to pay child support but if he wants visitation rights he has to pay $150 and file a petition. Why cant he pay child support and see the child also.
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    Created by lisa johnson
  • Wilsonville-French Prairie Bridge
    Petition to support the proposed French Prairie Bicycle/Pedestrian/Emergency bridge crossing the Willamette River in Wilsonville.
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    Created by Laurent Rochette
  • Reduce the Deficit, Abolish the Hyde Amendment, Fund Abortion
    Reduce the deficit, abolish the Hyde Amendment, fund abortion. Unintended pregnancies costs the American tax payer far more. Our current policies pays for the care of unintended pregnancies up to age 18 thru our Social Welfare programs.
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    Created by Judith P. Soyster
  • Removing the CAP on social security and medicare contributions
    Currently there is a limit on the income level which requires contributions to medicare and social security. If we are interested in preserving these critical programs needed for the maintenance of even a modest life style for our elderly we must find sources of additional funding. Currently contributions to these programs ceases at about $106 thousand. Earnings beyond that level are not subject to these deductions either on the part of the employee or employer. Support for these programs should be made by both the employer and employee up to the entire amount of wages paid coupled with a cap on the amount that can be collected.
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    Created by Richard Kleinbaum
  • Save the U S Postal Service
    We need to repeal the Issa legislation that puts an undo and unnecessary burden on the Postal Service to fund their pension and medical obligation in 7 years. The last thing we want to do is put the postal service in bankruptcy and privatize our postal service.
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    Created by Richard Cowan
  • Save social security
    At this time, workers contribute to Social Security on their earned income up to $100,100.00. Once that income level is reached, nothing more goes into the fund. If the cap were eliminated, Social Security would be healthy infinitely. Someone pointed out this week that a star baseball player would play only one inning of one game to meet his obligation.
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    Created by Jan Rhodes
  • Greening building codes
    Our weather and natural disasters make us vulnerable to loss of life, simply because we did not require green technology in in building codes. The cost of not having power is well documented and loss of life due to lack of electricity is immeasurable. How many seniors die during the coldest and hottest months because they could not run a fan or a safe radient heater? I propose Greening building codes to require all new construction include enough green technology, such that the benefit/savings account for 25% of the estimated standard requirement for the building, to include both commercial and residential. The requirement for Hospitals, in-patient facilities, assisted living facilities, and the like, should require that 50% minimum of energy requirements be met with off the grid technology.
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    Created by Faith Morgan
  • Allowing Our Children From Single Parents In Low Income Families To Stay In School
    The nations low income families who have children in single parent homes are forced to consider having their children go to work to contribute to the household expenses instead of finishing school so that they can become self sufficient and move out on their own to take care of themselves and becoming productive citizens. We need to petition the Government to allow for college students passing their classess to have a stable home that is not going under to take care of their children housing, meals and transporation costs.
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    Created by LaChelle L. Wong
  • Fix Social Security with CBO option 2 or 3
    "Fixing" Social Security. This would fix Social Security essentially forever. It would cost the worker an extra forty cents per week each year. But avoid benefit cuts, increases in retirement age, turning SS into welfare by "taxing the rich." And shut up the Liars about Social Security creating "huge deficits." For more details write coberly@peak.org
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    Created by Dale Coberly