• Matching empty homes with homeless families
    I live next door to a home that has been abandoned for several years. My church serves meals to homeless people who sleep in their cars or outdoors. There should be a program to cover utilities and food and help them take care of the house till they can get their feet under them again and the house can be sold.
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    Created by Denise Fuller
  • Save In Home Support Services in California
    In Home Supportive Services for California Residents. All California Residents are affected by the mandatory 20% reduction in hours...both the providers, usually family or close relatives and the recipients who need the services that provide necessary help. This program is designed to help individuals with disabilities to stay in their home and out of skilled nursing facilities or assisted living homes by providing minimal payments which make it possible to save thousands of dollars per client...e.g. the maximum program hours are 230 /onth at $9.00/hr X 12 months = $24,220 (gross) vs. $7000/month X 12 months = $84,000. A savings of 59,780 per recipient. The vast majority of individuals only receive 80 hours per month.
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    Created by Itay Seigel
  • save the post offices in your neighborhood
    The post office in many communities is a place of necessity; the place where you get your mail and your local news.
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    Created by marcia
  • Do not cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
    We, the ordinary people of this country have paid in to these programs all our working lives. It is ridiculous to think the Republicans in Congress want to cut these programs without taxing the wealthiest Americans one penny more!
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    Created by Carol Hafen
  • Do Not Approve NYU's Massive Proposed 20 Year Expansion Plan in the Village
    New York University wants to build an additional 2.5 million square feet of space – the equivalent of the Empire State Building! – in the blocks south of Washington Square Park. They need the City to overturn zoning protections, open space requirements, and urban renewal agreements, and give away public land used as parks, in order to do so. There are better alternatives for NYC, like the Financial District, which is accessible to other NYU hubs and where such growth would be contextual and welcome.
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    Created by Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
  • Do you think West Virginia Needs LGBT Community Centers
    Please sign our potition we need your support: Why do we need community centers ? A community center is a central hub for people to meet while receiving various services and programs our community need this for suppport, educational, medical services,economic development,children, lgbt youth and families, lgbt seniors.....
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    Created by LGBT Centers of WV
  • Nursing Home Reform
    Reform of Nursing Home Laws to benefit the residents of Nursing Homes.
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    Created by Barbara Bolam
  • DCF Help Protect Our Children
    The way DCF handles calls on child abuse or sexual abuse. Do our children or Grand children have to become a statistic before they do anything.
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    Created by Pamela Hartley
  • KONA airport need direct flight from JAPAN
    Date is set: We are support direct flight from JAPAN to KONA international airport statrt April 01 2012. We are loss of future travel plan for Japan to Hawaii. Supportnext generation to enjoy Hawaii.
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    Created by Takeo
  • New Years Resolution to Defend Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
    The Republicans’ relentless assault on the American Dream hasn’t stopped in 2011 - every day, Republicans try a new code word or political maneuver to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - the programs that built the middle class in this country. Working families rely on these programs every day. We oppose any attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the 99% of us - seniors and working families who have been struggling in this recession.
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    Created by Ilya Sheyman
  • Congress: Let the Bush tax cuts end in 2012, and don't cut Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. Rai...
    -NO to the Bush tax cuts that are trillions of dollars for millionaires and billionaires in the 1%; a tax cut the G.O.P. killed the deficit supercommittee to protect -NO to cuts to vital services for the 99%, like Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid -DO NOT balance the books on the backs of the poor, elderly and most vulerable
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    Created by Brennan Balestrieri
  • Eldercare
    Many people are finding that they have to take care of an elderly parent or handicapped child and cannot work while doing this. They will lose jobs, homes, status and their ability to also take care of themselves. I have a masters degree, but my mom who is 90 years old has many problems and cannot take care of herself. I don't have any income. She only gets $374 in social security and that's not enough to maintain our home and I know several other people in the same position. Congress should address this by providing some type of assistance to those in theses types of situations.
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    Created by R Dade