• Pay back Social Security
    Government has borrowed from Social Security for over 40 years. Money they've never paid back. If they paid back the Billions they've "borrowed", then it would be solvent. Millions of people depend on Social Security to survive. Don't let government destroy it but make them accountable for the past administrations for borrowing from it.
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    Created by Sheryl Livingston
  • Save St. Joe's Brick Streets
    St. Joseph, Michigan's red brick streets are one of the signature features of this charming town. Over the years, many of these streets have been dismantled and paved, and the bricks sold off. Those that remain need maintenance. In order to preserve our historic streets, the grass growing between the bricks needs to be removed, and the joints need to be filled and compacted. If nothing is done, we will soon lose these beautiful, historic brick streets that add so much to the ambience of our city.
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    Created by Elisa Broihier
  • Lamoine Beach Road Safety
    It has been brought to my immediate attention that the public boat landing on Lamoine Beach is not properly marked to identify that the road comes to a very abrupt end and with little warning before transitioning into the ocean. In the past several years there have been more than 3 deaths at this location as well as several nonfatal accidents; simple changes such as adding a stop sign or a sign stating that the road ends may prevent any more such accidents from occurring.
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    Created by Amanda McNeil
  • Cut The Cap Save Social Security Now
    Remove the social security tax upper limit, the people fortunate enough to make that amount of money are blessed and they should not complain about a burden they can afford rather than place the burden on the seniors who cannot afford it.
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    Created by Bill Anderson
  • Michigan Needs More and Better Public Transit!
    Michigan cities need more and better public transit to create jobs, connect people to jobs, and help revitalize our economy. Right now, Governor Synder is developing his agenda on infrastructure and transportation. We want to make sure public transit is his top priority, especially giving local communities the tools they need to develop high quality public transit.
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    Created by Megan (TRU)
  • Save People with Mental Illness!
    For over 30 years, mental health consumer-run organizations (CROs) have proven to be an extremely effective (and cost-effective) way for people with severe mental illness to achieve recovery and lead full, productive lives as taxpayers, not tax burdens. Unfortunately, in less than 30 days, all Kansas CROs will begin permanently shutting down as their contracts with Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Services (SRS) run out and the promised new funding proposal fails to be made available. We call on Governor Sam Brownback to direct SRS to immediately release the long-promised contract renewal application so that people with severe mental illness can continue on the path to recovery. One day at a CRO = $13. One day at a state hospital = $418. Which would *you* rather have your tax dollars pay for?
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    Created by Kendall Simmons
  • Save Social Security
    The truth about Social Security and for people to support raising its ceiling which will bring in sufficient revenue to pay full benefits until 2075.
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    Created by Mary Ellen Dias
  • Save Our Infrastructure
    The infrastructure in the U.S. is decaying, this includes roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and, in particular, our electrical grids. Repairs are many years overdue. By repairing infrastructure, we not only kick start the economy, we avoid disasters waiting to happen.
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    Created by Steve Catlin
  • Save Social Security from Eric Cantor, et al
    The House Republicans seem hell bent on dismantling any government programs which originated during the New Deal in the 1930s. Social Security which is a self funded program is NOT an entitlement program and though there are some potential short falls possible, by tweaking it a bit now those short falls can be prevented. Ronald Reagan's administration even did this, it is an American thing to do. But if we don't stand strong against the lies, half truths and bullying by Eric Cantor and his mob this program could go away. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Jane Nordli Jessep
  • Saving Social Security
    Reductions or outright elimination of Social Security is, in essence, a breach of contract perpetrated on middle and lower income workers who have paid into the system for years or decades. To change the benefits on working people who have been paying into it for years and counting on those benefits when they retire is grossly unfair. For example, if one began working at age 16 and is now 54 years old, he/she has paid into the fund for 38 years. Ryan's plan would change the rules for this individual simply because they are not one year older. If one is in their late 40s or early 50s, and they are not counting on Social Security, they either don't need it or they aren't planning on retiring.
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    Created by A. F. Knox
  • Pay your Child Support Joe
    Encourage Joe Walsh Tea Party /R to pay the arrears he owes of $147,000 for child support ,or resign ,many are jailed for less, Illinois Tea bagger......
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    Created by maurice montague
    This is particularly important for people already receiving Social Seurity benefits, or those nearing the benefits age, or those concerned about elderly relatives. For the last two years, the Government has not given cost-of-living increases (COLA) to recipients, even though living costs have risen dramaticaly. In effect, this has amounted to CUTS, and many people are really suffering from it. They are threatening to withhold COLA in 2012, as well. We must protest this disastrous attack on our seniors -- it will create a situation in which people will have to choose between eating or paying rent -- medical prescriptions or winter clothes. At a time when tax cuts are being extended for the rich, it is scandalous to cut benefits for elderly frail people of low income.
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    Created by Joan Wile