• Caring for Our Elders: Social Security Reform!
    All over the United States of America, retired people are finding it impossible to thrive. In short, Social Security is completely inadequate. All funds for Social Security need to be block-funded. Social Security retirements also desperately need to be based on inflation; for example,a person who retires while earning $70K a year can not be expected to survive on $900 per month!
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    Created by Antigone A. Freimann
  • Say NO to the proposed Baton Rouge Loop
    This petition is in support of the City of Central Council's resolution to say "NO" to the proposed Baton Rouge Loop.
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    Created by Lyn Camus
  • Anyone paid by tax dollars pee in the cup!
    My petition is in response to states asking the poor to pee in cups to get aid from tax dollars. So, it would be much smarter to start with those that receive a salary paid by the people of the United States. From the president on down, cops, cps workers those that work in prisons. Any one that is paid by the government must pee.
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    Created by Kathleen Gallagher
  • Fair use for Libraries!
    Current copyright law doesn't allow libraries to distribute electronic copies of the physical books they buy! Petition our government to protect libraries from outdated copyright laws!
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    Created by Elisabeth Goodman
  • 1% Of Defense to Education Petition
    That is the premise of this movement which seeks to take 1% of the budgets of various departments to support projects and initiatives targeting areas of society which are lacking including education, high education, social services, mental health, homelessness, etc. The targeted departments should be those which are highly funded and yet can survive with a minimal cut of no more than 1%. These departments should be so funded that %1 or a penny on the dollar shouldn’t cripple or adversely affect them (i.e. defense, foreign aid, entitlements, drug enforcement, etc).
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    Created by Jonathan Scott Carson
  • Give our returning service women and men jobs
    Our service men and women are coming home to a very tight job market. These are proven workers; they follow direction well; they're young and strong and very capable. We owe them respect and opportunity.They should be offered jobs restoring our country's infrastructure. This could be part of their service or part of a program sponsored and paid for with grants to private companies hiring our veterans.
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    Created by Coleen Stice MD
  • Disabled Veterans Need Our Help
    For the last 4 years disabled veterans have not seen one penny of a raise in an economy where the cost of living had obvious to everyone except the powers that be, gone up. This year, Congress had decided to give a 3% raise to all disabled veterans. However, in an effort to keep money for themselves, the raise was reduced to .96%. That means a 40% disabled veteran only got a 19 dollar raise. Why did the even bother? This is the thanks our government gives us for serving.
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    Created by Thomas Savidge
  • post office
    wanting to save our post office in avant oklahoma
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    Created by jeromy baker
  • Matching empty homes with homeless families
    I live next door to a home that has been abandoned for several years. My church serves meals to homeless people who sleep in their cars or outdoors. There should be a program to cover utilities and food and help them take care of the house till they can get their feet under them again and the house can be sold.
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    Created by Denise Fuller
  • Save In Home Support Services in California
    In Home Supportive Services for California Residents. All California Residents are affected by the mandatory 20% reduction in hours...both the providers, usually family or close relatives and the recipients who need the services that provide necessary help. This program is designed to help individuals with disabilities to stay in their home and out of skilled nursing facilities or assisted living homes by providing minimal payments which make it possible to save thousands of dollars per client...e.g. the maximum program hours are 230 /onth at $9.00/hr X 12 months = $24,220 (gross) vs. $7000/month X 12 months = $84,000. A savings of 59,780 per recipient. The vast majority of individuals only receive 80 hours per month.
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    Created by Itay Seigel
  • save the post offices in your neighborhood
    The post office in many communities is a place of necessity; the place where you get your mail and your local news.
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    Created by marcia
  • Do not cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security
    We, the ordinary people of this country have paid in to these programs all our working lives. It is ridiculous to think the Republicans in Congress want to cut these programs without taxing the wealthiest Americans one penny more!
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    Created by Carol Hafen