• Support Palestinian Statehood in U.N
    This is a petition from Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Later this month, the Palestinian Authority will ask the United Nations for recognition of the State of Palestine on the 1967 border and admittance as the 194th member of the UN. For over 60 years the Palestinians have lived as exiles or under a brutal occupation, with their land in the West Bank increasingly settled by Jews from Israel and other countries and their homes and olive trees often bulldozed. Israel’s callous blockade has created inhumane conditions for the people of Gaza. Virtually all nations other than Israel regard the Israeli settlements and these behaviors as illegal under international law. As PA president Mahmoud Abbas has made clear, the Palestinians are seeking UN admission to help them “secure the right to live free in the remaining 22 percent of our historic homeland because we have been negotiating with the State of Israel for 20 years without coming any closer to realizing a state of our own.” This Palestinian UN effort in no way threatens the existence or welfare of the State of Israel. The PLO and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have long accepted the state of Israel, and Hamas has on a number of occasions openly declared its willingness to abide by any agreement between the PA and Israel that is approved by the Palestinian people in an open and free referendum. I am urging you to support this Palestinian request for statehood recognition. Israel itself in 1948 unilaterally declared its statehood and received UN membership. What they could do then, the Palestinians should be entitled to do today. It is fair. It is time.
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    Created by Gregory Dorr
  • Brittany Smart: Fix The Noise Pollution In Eden Roc
    Eden Roc Subdivision of Mountain View, Hawaii is zoned agricultural land. It has become a highly residential zone with minimal agriculture going on due to heavy rain and lack of soil. Due to the zoning, there is a 70 decibel maximum level for noise, day and night. For day time this may be acceptable but the acceptable night time decibel levels need to be lowered. Everybody has a right to peace and quiet and a good nights sleep. When generators are ran all night long next door to you, not only can you not sleep but it is not an environmentally sound idea when there are other options available and more affordable. Why is this important to you? Because excessive noise is a serious hazard to human health and welfare and if you live on Agricultural Zoned land, you could be the next victim. Let's change this law before YOU have to lose sleep over it.
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    Created by Christina Rasmussen
  • Grayson County: Permit the Peace Pentagon!
    The Peace Pentagon is a proposed interfaith and social justice center to be built by The Oracle Institute (a 501(c)(3) educational charity) in Independence, Virginia. The Grayson County Board of Supervisors denied Oracle’s permit due to intense opposition from local Evangelical churches. If built, the Peace Pentagon will be first and only interfaith center in this rural Appalachian community, which currently supports only Christian churches. Oracle filed a First Amendment lawsuit against Grayson County with the aid of The Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville (trial is set for November 16, 2011).
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    Created by Laura M. George
  • Landlord Accountability ACT
    *Introduce Federal Law which will protect the rights of renters and give them more power over their living situation. *Will mandate that landlords throughout the U.S. be legally accountable for enforcing the rules of their properties. Will also allow them to be fined by the Federal government, when the do not evict a tenant they know is causing trouble and disturbance to other people. Will allow legal prosecution if they slander their tenants in any manner. * Will provide equal rental opportunity for all law abiding persons, who legally reside in the U.S. *Will reduce 12 month rental lease agreements to 6 month lease agreements under Federal mandate. Help give tenants more control over their living situation. *Will require the that all landlords conduct verifiable background checks, and provide proofs to local housing authority agencies. * Will allow section 8 housing residence to terminate their lease, without landlord consent, if landlord breeches their part of the lease agreement. *Under this law landlords cannot harass tenants who pay their rent. Tenants can report such actions as discrimination, and require local housing authority agencies to follow up. *Will subject landlords to jail time that allow illegal activity to occur on their respective rental properties.
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    Created by Airomee Wind
  • Let's Have Honesty In Our Equality, America!
    The 14th Amendment doesn't actually grant Equal Protection to all Americans, the way that most of us have been raised to believe. There is a gradient of justice. In fact, Justice Anton Scalia went so far as to remind us in an interview with California Lawyer that issues of gender discrimination that are brought before the Supreme Court are given intermediate scrutiny while issues of race are given strict scrutiny, even though they're both immutable traits. (http://www.callawyer.com/story.cfm?eid=913358&evid=1) EQUAL PROTECTION SHOULD MEAN EQUAL WHEN IT COMES TO PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. Right now, the Supreme Court is also more willing to promote the rights of corporations above its citizens, when it is their job to interpret the Constitution and adjudicate cases based upon it - not to create new law; that is the legislature's job. In one amendment, we can remind our Supreme Court that corporations are not equal to people, but are made of people, and are not deserving of natural rights, and welcome traditionalist justices into the 21st century with a the meaning of equality that every American understands as true.
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    Created by Rachael Majka
    Ending the war on our citizens and restoring freedom and personal responsibility... The war created by prohibition is much more harmful to people than drugs..
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    Created by Mark Gassiot
  • Equal Civil Rights Bill
    This petition is meant to end the charade behind the anti-gay rights movement and to build off the stepping stone in New York
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    Created by Ashkan Khayami
  • Remove Corrupt Judges from the Courts
    Judges do not care about you or I, Judges protect their own first, even if it relates to covering up murder, Judges defend the County, state and Federal Government, Leaving you and I at the mercy of Fines Jail or losing our children, Some cases are senile from age or dementia from sickness or age, all who do not have a right to rule over anyone. Some have asked the senate Judicial Commission to step in like Senator Schumer and all refuse to clean up the system
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    Created by Mr. Joseph A.F. Sadowski
  • End secondary citizenship of gay, lesbian, transgendered community.
    Religious biasses are the main reasons against gay marriage. Americans are supposed to be protected against such biasses by the Constitution. The truth is non-citizens have more rights than gay citizens because a foreigner, non-citizen can move to the United States marry a citizen and become a citizen. Those who have been here there entire lives are not able to get married because of their sexual orientation. This is a direct violation of the Bill of Rights, our unalienable rights!
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    Created by Michael Peter Barnett
  • The American Caste System = Why We are Occupying Wall Street
    Help put an end to a common form of discrimination in America ... Class discrimination. All the lower caste, regardless of color, national origin or faith must rise up and join together to stop this insane abuse of our inalienable rights to equal wealth, health, happiness and true freedom. Yes that means rednecks must put down their rebel flag and join hands with their black brothers and sister. And blacks must put their awful past where it belongs, in the past. For, the civil rights battles of the future must be by a united, multi-race force against the caste system that discriminates against us, divides us, abuses our rights, and herds us around like ignorant sheep. Just as our country's forefathers (mainly of lower caste) left Europe to start a new caste-free country … we MUST take back control of OUR country, get rid of all these bought politicization and make it caste-free again as it was intended!
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    Created by Stephen Johnson
  • Constitutional Amendment to protect Workers
    The decline in union membership in America is not because Americans don’t want to join a Union it’s because the Republicans have made it impossible to start a Union while they systematically take apart viable American Companies to bust their Unions. And, when you understand that the decline in union membership has mirrored the decline in middle class wages, you understand the need for a Constitutional Amendment that protects the rights of workers.
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    Created by Eugene Rodriguez
  • Assert Your Right to Legal Access!
    Legal Document Preparers (LDPs) are here to help citizens have access to the courts, affordably. Unfortunately many LDPs face harrassment by their States' Bar Associations who may investigate the LDP, and possibly manufacture a complaint suing her for Unauthorized Practice of Law. Often such investigations and/or lawsuits against the LDP are initiated with no consumer complaint, nor any consumer being adversly affected by her services. Such harrassment may intimidate a LDP out of doing business which, in turn, affects your right to have affordable access to your court. For preparing the forms on one's own can be a daunting task; and many citizens today cannot afford attorneys' fees. Obviously, these indicators support the vital need for the LDP, making LDPs the most viable alternative in ensuring and protecting citizens' court access.
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    Created by Julie M. Jefferson