• Public Funding of Elected Officials
    Enact public funding of legislator's campaigns by a 28th amendment to the Constitution. Citizens best interests will not be honestly represented until private funding is eliminated from public official's campaigns and non persons are permanently 'de-personated'. This must be done by enacting a 28th amendment to our Constitution otherwise, the issue will be fought repeatedly in Congress. Publicly funding all election campaigns during a presidential election cycle will cost less than $45 per registered voter, and less for off cycle elections - cheap for real representation. Sign the petition and tell our representatives we demand the end of the biggest conflict of interest on this planet - the flagrant purchase of our elected officials by those who stand to profit by that purchase.
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    Created by Norm Norton
  • Congressional Reform Act
    Limit the total term for all Congressional Representatives to serve to 12 years maximum for both House and Senate reps. Similar to how Presidents have a max of 8 years to serve. Also Congress can no longer vote to give themselves pay raises. Serving in Congress is an honor not a career.
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    Created by Anonymous
  • Governor Nixon: Veto the Sexual Predator in the Workplace Protection Act
    Missouri's legislature is continuing its wholesale assault on working people by attempting to gut Missouri's civil rights statute, the Missouri Human Rights Act. Under SB 188, corporate reactionaries have: 1. Removed harassers and discriminators from any personal responsibility for their acts. 2. Placed outdated and unfair caps on damages, including economic damages. 3. Lessened protection for private and governmental employees who blow the whistle on illegal conduct. 4.Made it more difficult for employees to prevail or even reach a jury of their peers in employment discrimination cases.
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    Created by Mark Allen Jess