• Stop Philadelphia Curfew
    Philadelphia's City Council seems set on passing an outrageous curfew law that violates a number of civil liberties -- this law aims to keep African-American youth out of more affluent white neighborhoods, further expands the mayor's ability to avoid the democratic process and create his own laws, and makes it illegal for all adults to take young relatives such as nieces or nephews out to enjoy the City of Brotherly Love. We believe that no citizen should fear the police harassment or detainment of innocent children. We're calling on the City Council to stop the expansion of the curfew through Bill 110633 and end the attacks on Philadelphia's future.
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    Created by Khadijah White
  • Allow Occupy Tucson to stay in the Parks!
    The members of Occupy Tucson are requesting our help. Tucson Police Department is issuing criminal citations to occupiers in the who stay in the park past 10:30pm. This citation carries a potential sentence of up to a $1000 fine, up to 6 months in jail, and up to 3 years probation. Add your name to the petition to demand that Mayor Walkup, the Tucson City Council, and City Manager Richard Miranda support freedom of speech by dismissing all charges against the occupiers and allowing them stay in Armory, Library & Veinte de Agosto Parks.
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    Created by Julie Jennings Patterson
  • Protect the Right to Peacefully Assemble in San Francisco, Stop ordering Police to crack down on ...
    Tell Mayor Ed Lee to stop the midnight raids on the Occupy SF encampment and the violent police crackdown.
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    Created by Sarah Zimmer
  • Police should obey the Constitution, not unjust laws
    Give people the right to protest wherever and whenever they want rather than going by codes and permits. No police interference unless riots break out. Right to occupy any public space without police interference.
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    Created by Paul Jenkins
  • Help Veto SENATE BILL No.1006 (Act 7 of 2011)
    Pennsylvania is faced with a budget crisis due to poor management. With this single amendment Pennsylvania lost 12 million tax dollars annually. Rendell vetoed this amendment for that very reason. Since then, the legislative branch and governor Corbett have acted shortsightedly with no regard for our budget or our rights as citizens using extreme cases of abuse of synthetic cannabis and use by minors as reason to pass the nations strictest state law in effect. By signing this petition you agree that this amendment should be rescinded. Let's send a clear message in the amount of several hundred thousand voices that we disagree with their recent decision.
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    Created by Jeremy Achey
  • Transsexuality Treatment
    Petition for a federal law to make a policy on the medical treatment of transsexuals. I would want these laws to follow the international Standard of Care version 7 (http://www.thisishow.org/Files/soc7.pdf).
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    Created by Andrea Sarah Grooms
  • legalize & TAX marijuana....go on...we dare you.
    seriously? lets embrace marijuana and its benefits. put our fictious thoughts abouts it to rest and just embrace the positives.
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    Created by Aeio
  • Full Federal Recognition for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
    The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina was given full state recognition in 1885 and in 1956 by the United States Congress, but Congress withheld the full benefits of federal recognition from the tribe. Congress can correct this injustice by bringing the Lumbee Recognition Act which passed out of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee to the floor for a full vote and passage by the Senate and the House of Representatives. We are calling on the United States Congress to correct this injustice and bring closure to the 125 year pursuit of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina for Full Federal Recognition.
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    Created by Tryon Delton Lowry, Jr.
  • Citizens Opposed to U.S. Department of Justice Approval of the Proposed 2012 Redistricting Plan f...
    On Sept. 12, 2011 Beaufort County Council approved a 2012 redistricting plan for the Beaufort County School Board that will require 10 of the 11 current incumbent school board members to run for re-election in 2012, although several of them were just elected in 2010. We believe that the plan was designed primarily to dismantle the majority-Black leadership of the school board, although 3 of the 6 African-Americans members don't represent majority-Black districts. Also, requiring 10 incumbent school board members to run in the same year erases the safeguards created by staggered elections, and will disrupt the stability of the school district's governing body. We ask that the DOJ reject the plan because it threatens to undermine minority voting strength; drastically reduces Black representation on both the school board and county council board with an impact that is both draconian and punitive for Black elected officials who're not Republicans.
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    Created by Theresa White
  • Let the #occupychicago movement stay in Grant Park without arrests
    Don't let the Chicago movement be forced out of Chicago. Let those who occupy the streets have a base where they can stay, regardless that the park arbitrarily closes at 11 p.m.
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    Created by Wyl Villacres
  • Mayor Coleman Allow Occupy Columbus, Ohio
    Mayor Coleman is not allowing Occupy Columbus to happen for more than a day. Ask him to stand for peoples constitutional right to assemble.
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    Created by Chris Crichton
  • Mayor Coleman Allow Occupy Columbus, Ohio
    Mayor Coleman has opposed the Occupy Columbus and will only allow it to go for a day. Let him know we would like the cities cooperation in this effort in order to begin a peaceful protest.
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    Created by Chris Crichton