• End secondary citizenship of gay, lesbian, transgendered community.
    Religious biasses are the main reasons against gay marriage. Americans are supposed to be protected against such biasses by the Constitution. The truth is non-citizens have more rights than gay citizens because a foreigner, non-citizen can move to the United States marry a citizen and become a citizen. Those who have been here there entire lives are not able to get married because of their sexual orientation. This is a direct violation of the Bill of Rights, our unalienable rights!
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    Created by Michael Peter Barnett
  • The American Caste System = Why We are Occupying Wall Street
    Help put an end to a common form of discrimination in America ... Class discrimination. All the lower caste, regardless of color, national origin or faith must rise up and join together to stop this insane abuse of our inalienable rights to equal wealth, health, happiness and true freedom. Yes that means rednecks must put down their rebel flag and join hands with their black brothers and sister. And blacks must put their awful past where it belongs, in the past. For, the civil rights battles of the future must be by a united, multi-race force against the caste system that discriminates against us, divides us, abuses our rights, and herds us around like ignorant sheep. Just as our country's forefathers (mainly of lower caste) left Europe to start a new caste-free country … we MUST take back control of OUR country, get rid of all these bought politicization and make it caste-free again as it was intended!
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    Created by Stephen Johnson
  • Constitutional Amendment to protect Workers
    The decline in union membership in America is not because Americans don’t want to join a Union it’s because the Republicans have made it impossible to start a Union while they systematically take apart viable American Companies to bust their Unions. And, when you understand that the decline in union membership has mirrored the decline in middle class wages, you understand the need for a Constitutional Amendment that protects the rights of workers.
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    Created by Eugene Rodriguez
  • Assert Your Right to Legal Access!
    Legal Document Preparers (LDPs) are here to help citizens have access to the courts, affordably. Unfortunately many LDPs face harrassment by their States' Bar Associations who may investigate the LDP, and possibly manufacture a complaint suing her for Unauthorized Practice of Law. Often such investigations and/or lawsuits against the LDP are initiated with no consumer complaint, nor any consumer being adversly affected by her services. Such harrassment may intimidate a LDP out of doing business which, in turn, affects your right to have affordable access to your court. For preparing the forms on one's own can be a daunting task; and many citizens today cannot afford attorneys' fees. Obviously, these indicators support the vital need for the LDP, making LDPs the most viable alternative in ensuring and protecting citizens' court access.
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    Created by Julie M. Jefferson
    Voting in 2012 will be a challenge to avoid VOTER FRAUD & give the GOP/TP a win with e-VOTING machines that can be HACKED & with the GOP's continued efforts to disenfranchise the electorate! Pres. Obama can be re-elected with honest VOTING & with no more DIEBOLD VOTING like in OHIO 2004!
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    Created by pr kenney
  • Stop The Disrespect of President Obama
    Since the Election of President Obama, he has experienced nothing but bigotry and total disrespect. It is time for it to end. We cannot let another moment go by without dealing with this issue
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    Created by Norma Jean
  • Stop Abuse of Children in America
    American children are citizens of the United States, and yet they often do not have their rights protected. No child should be abused, and every child has the right to a good education, a loving family, and good health care. Please stand up for what is right, and campaign for the United States to pass the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.
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    Created by Alexandra Gardiner
  • Imprisonment for terrorism
    Political prisoners rotting in prisons since 9/11 without being proven guilty, or with no substantial charges, or fabricated charges
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    Created by Mrs Eberle
  • Please help eliminate agesism and sexism in the workplace!
    I had to put up with "we don't hire women" after graduation from college, and then put up with rape in the workplace after I became a pioneering Art Director in an ad agency. My skills are of great value; please don't force me into homelessness by deliberately depriving me of my Civil Rights!
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    Created by Nancy L Hoffmann
  • Voter ID cards
    The Justice Dept. should recognize that this is another form of poll tax it's target is to disenfranchise minorities, the elderly and students.
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    Created by Patricia Goodman
  • Farm workers are marching to Sacramento. Join them virtually.
    Farm workers started a 13 day, 200 mile march to Sacramento on August 23. Their goal? To press for enactment of the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act and the right to be paid overtime after 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week just like any other worker. The "Fair Treatment For Farm Workers Now" will end on Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend, at the State Capitol. If you're in California, please consider joining workers for one of the days of the march. If you can't join the march in person, please join virtually by signing their petition by clicking the grey "submit form" button to the right. Two months ago, Gov Brown vetoed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, a bill that would have made it easier for farm workers to join a union and speak up for their rights. More than 1,000 farm workers visited the Capitol during the 12 days Governor Brown deliberated on the bill. Risking their jobs to attend, they held vigils, fasted and rallied for change. They told the Governor how the laws in the books are not the laws in the fields. They talked about having no bathroom breaks, no overtime pay, no respect and the lack of enforcement of heat regulations. And they were right-- two more workers may have died of heat related illness this year alone. Farm workers can't afford to wait any more, not when their lives are at risk. So they are using their marching feet to try and convince Gov. Jerry Brown to sign their new bills when they reach his desk. In Governor Brown's veto of the "Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act," he says he is "not yet convinced." For farm workers, "not yet" means farm workers don't get water and shade. "Not yet" means farm workers continue to die of heat illness. "Not yet" means farm workers do not have basic justice implemented by the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. “Not yet” means hundreds of farm workers who last year voted for union representation have waited more than a year for the Agricultural Labor Relations Board to take the simple act of certifying the elections. Enough with "not yet." The time is now. Join the virtual march by signing the petition to get farm workers the fair treatment they deserve.
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    Created by Jocelyn Sherman
  • Imani Drew For Judge
    We support diversity at the 21st Circuit Court, your signature shows support for the appointment of Imani Drew as the first African American Judge in its history to be appointed to the 21st Circuit Court. African Americans gave great support to Chief Justice Tom Kilbride, we the undersigned would like his support in recommending to the 21st Circuit Court Imani Drew. Justice is not just if Blacks are qualified but excluded!
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    Created by Robert S. Ellington-Snipes