• Trinity Church: Don't Arrest Occupiers, Offer Sanctuary!
    Occupy Wall Street, having been violently evicted from Zuccotti Park, is desperately searching for a new home in Lower Manhattan. And Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church has a vacant lot just a mile away that could be an ideal location. As a group of occupiers put it in an open letter, "We have asked the Church time and time again to grant us political sanctuary on their unused lands. It is time for Trinity to decide whether it is a Church or a real estate company. " The group began a hunger strike on the site over the weekend, and Trinity responded by calling the New York Police Department and having the protesters arrested. We've launched this petition to send a message to Trinity: It's time to offer sanctuary to Occupy Wall Street!
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    Created by Nick Sementelli, Faithful America
  • President Obama: Veto the Defense Authorization Act
    The National Defense Authorization Act would allow the military to indefinitely detain SUSPECTS of terrorism without trial or legal representation. The military would be authorized to operate domestically within US borders to potentially detain US citizens without trial.
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    Created by Alexis
  • There must not be Über-Americans
    Our constitution grants all Americans equal opportunities to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As a member of Congress, your exceptional rights to medical care and your ability to support tax loopholes crafted primarily to benefit the very wealthy are at odds with the fundamental premises of our democracy. Congressional representatives who vote against making those benefits equally available to all Americans should disqualify them as true representatives of their constituencies.
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    Created by Allen Kelson
  • A Collaboration Between UDC-DCSL and Occupy DC
    Students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law (UDC-DCSL): if you support Occupy DC and see the value in collaborating to bring about substantial changes to the status quo, please sign your name and affiliation, if you wish.
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    Created by Therese Beaudreault
  • Stop Defense Authorization Bill from stepping on the Sixth Amendment
    The 2012 Defense Authorization Act contains a clause allowing the military to detain indefinitely, WITHOUT TRIAL or the burden of having to provide proof to a judge, anyone the government might think is a terrorist. This includes U.S. Citizens. The director of the CIA doesn't even want this kind of power so why should you let your government have it. Since voting against a Defense funding act is political suicide this little clause, that stomps all over the Sixth Amendments right to a trial, will pass and your civil liberties go with it. You need to put pressure on Congress and the White House to stop this from happening. Signing this petition will also encourage President Obama keep his commitment to veto this Bill. Wired.com has a great article here: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/12/senate-military-detention
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    Created by Patrick Smith
  • Voter Identification
    A requirement for photo identification will make it difficult for many citizens to vote. Registered voters who do not have government issued photo identification are facing the possibility of being turned away at the polls for the first time. A registration card or another piece of mail addressed to the voter should be sufficient.
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    Created by Alicia Suenaga
  • Remand Federal Judge John Darrah into Custody for Fraud & Perjury
    A multimillion dollar Federal Complaint lawsuit along with a Petition for Rule to Show Cause et al., was filed against the Political Machine in Illinois. Judge Darrah used his position and authority to protect the related conspirators, by dismissing the complaint saying their was no complaint filed (11 CV 6887).
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    Created by Joe Louis
  • Reduce The Bail For Arrested Occupiers in LA!
    On November 30, 2011 approximately 200 Occupiers were in arrested in Los Angeles. Their bail is set at a whopping $5,000! This is outrageously high and unjust. Why is it set so high? Please sign the petition and demand that the bail be lowered ASAP.
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    Created by Cryn Johannsen
  • U.S. Citizens Face Indefinite Military Detention WITHOUT TRIAL
    A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act just passed in the Senate would authorize the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect — anywhere in the world — without charge or trial. The measure would effectively extend the definition of what is considered the military’s "battlefield" to anywhere in the world, even within the United States. From Freedom to Fascism indeed. Who's to say what "terrorism" is? Is it Occupying government institutions? Is it surrounding the White House in protest of a pipeline? Is it sending money to a cousin in a foreign country whose neighbor is a member of a group our government doesn't agree with? Everyone deserves the right to the due process of the justice system. Locking people up indefinitely without them being convicted of any crime is already happening to foreign citizens, and now they bring it to us.
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    Created by Ben
  • Marijuana Legalization
    It will stop all the illegal drugs problems coming from south of the border. Also will provide many needed jobs and income.
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    Created by Tony Seagle
  • Get AAA To Stop Homophobic Contractors
    Recently, a California State University at Channel Islands student called AAA to tow his car after it crashed. Immediately, AAA responded by sending Eddie’s Towing truck driver, Bobbie, to the scene. Bobbie’s behavior towards the student was hostile. Bobbie verbally bashed him stating, “the world f****** hates you” and took pictures of the student with his cellular phone while continuing to yell homophobic comments. The AAA dispatcher could hear all of the abuse because the student was on his cell phone. The dispatcher said he would contact the supervisor and asked Bobbie to stop. Soon after this request, a furious Bobbie left the student at an IHOP parking lot in Newbury Park, roughly fifty miles short of his destination in Los Angeles. Before agreeing to unload his vehicle, Bobbie verbally threatened the student and refused to give him his car if the student did not give him any money. Furthermore, Bobbie’s behavior towards the student’s vehicle was violent as he was unloading it from the tow truck, until he realized the student was trying to record this on his now dead cell phone.
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    Created by Shawn Terris
  • Fix Our NMLS Laws
    I want to have the SAFE ACT amended so that even loan originators who have had felonies past 7 years can get approved by their respective states. Make it a case by case situation so that each entity can determine on their own without the federal government mandating the individual is bad without understanding his rehabilitating efforts.
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    Created by Jeff Sprankle