• President Obama: Just Say NO to Indefinite Detention
    There is something seriously wrong with legislation that tosses out our basic Freedoms in order to protect them. Make no mistake, handing over such power to our Military is not a wise move. History has shown that this course of action always ends in disaster and human suffering on a massive scale.
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    Created by Carolyn R. Cox
  • Update our voting system
    Tuesday voting should be obsolete. It was chosen in 1845 to make it easier for people to get to the polls by horse and buggy since it took 2 days to make the round trip and no one wanted to travel on the Sabbath. 167 years later we are still voting on a day when most of the population has to work.
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    Created by Sarah LeCroy
    We want the truth about the governments knowledge of extraterrestrials and their involvement with ETs. Disclosure will expose the massive 60 + year cover up by the government. This will in turn create a snow ball effect that will eventually expose just how corrupt our government has been, and all the things that have been kept secret from the public, such as mis appropriation of tax dollars for black-ops programs and free energy devices that would help the environment and feed the hungry worldwide!
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    Created by Steve D Bradley
  • The immediate repeal of H.R.1540
    This legislation endangers the core freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America. We must petition our representatives to work to repeal this bill, the President has said that his administration will not act upon any clause that relates to the detainment of U.S. Citizens, however it still leaves room for others to act.
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    Created by John D. Dubiel
  • Save Ogden Dunes Deer
    The town of Ogden Dunes is conducting a deer cull against the wishes of the vast majority of residents. They have also short-circuited the legal process by implementing the cull prior to the DNR hearing to evaluate the validity of the permit. Residents feel that the town's actions breach our democratic rights. In addition, the laws in Indiana are written to support the hunting industry rather than the people.
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    Created by Dona Young
  • Conspiracy against the Black Man
    The Cobb County Police Department has a conspiracy against the black man and all other non white races.
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    Created by L. D.1
  • Repudiate the National Defense Authorization Act
    The National Defense Authorization Act contains language which allows the United States Government to detain prisoners without trial.
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    Created by Rene Calvo
  • Civic Union Proposal
    One of the chief arguments used as an argument against legalizing same sex marriage is that there exists a certain "sanctity" that will be lessened by recognizing same sex marriages as legally binding. I propose that all language used in the public forum regarding the union of two people in the eyes of the state should be called civil unions. This would mean that the term marriage is reserved solely for use by individuals and churches. This would mean that marriage licenses in all states would be civil union licenses and would make no reference to the gender of either member of the union.
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    Created by Mike Eddy
  • Kill the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
    Do you want to give up your freedoms of speech, assembly and more? If not, sign this petition requesting President Obama and Congress review and amend the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, signed by the President Dec. 31, 2011.
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    Created by Mike Foldes
  • Voter surpression
    Many states are now requiring people to have addional I.D. before they can vote. This is a old tactic to stop certain groups of people the right to vote.
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    Created by Daryl E. Haskins
    Stop reducing Medicare, State Medicaid assistance, and Social Security retirement benefits. We've worked 40+ years, paid into the system for these benefits, gave birth to you who now are trying to replace us in the workforce and even paid for your education THINKING IT WOULD HELP THE COUNTRY AND YOU. It won't be long before you'll be trying to sign up for these same benefits, but they'll be gone because of your GREED!
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    Created by Sharon Phelan
  • NDAA
    We must defeat this new bill which allows Americans to be detained indefinitely. We have a bill of rights which makes this unconstitutional.
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    Created by CA Christianson