• Ask the State Department to help free Pat Alloco and his son
    American concert promoter, Patrick Allocco, and his son were kidnapped at gunpoint in Angola after their client, rapper Nas, failed to show up at a New Year’s Eve performance there. Nas was paid $300,000 in advance for the conference. The Angolan promoter allegedly kidnapped the Allocos, demanding repayment of the advance. The men were later released but their passports were being held and they are unable to leave the country. Nas has paid back some of the money but refuses to pay the remaining $100,000. January 11th, Alloco alerted his Facebook friends that he was being arrested, the State Department has not been able to confirm this report.
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    Created by Sarah Mello
  • Repeal the Patriot Act
    The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic in its nature and intent. The privacy and civil liberties of American citizens are disregarded in this law, created in the wake of September 11, 2001.
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    Created by Deborah L. Jones
  • Reinstate Assult Weapons Ban
    In 2004, the Clinton Assault weapons ban was allowed to expire . Senate Bill 6396 banning the sale of assault weapons was introduced shortly after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was wounded and others were killed at the "Congress on Your Corner" event in Tucson Arizona. The House allowed the bill to die. This country needs to reinstate the Ban of Assault Weapons so that tragedies of this magniitude are prevented. We urge congress to pass this very important "Homeland Security" bill.
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    Created by Joanna Learner
  • Stop discrimination against elderly coop homeowners!
    Homeowners over 65 years old are supposed to be able to get reverse mortgages guaranteed by HUD, called HECM's for short which stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. In 2008 Congress included eligibility for seniors who are homeowners in cooperative housing. But so far HUD has failed to issue regulations which are needed to tell mortgage lenders how to handle HECM's for coops. Thus coop seniors like me cannot get the reverse mortgages for which we qualify in theory. This petition asks the White House to force HUD to do its job.
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    Created by Vicki Strang
  • Voter disenfranchisement
    I am calling on all members of the US Congress to describe & implement a simple voter ID card for use in elections & to set up a means for obtaining one that passes all re- quirements throughout the USA.
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    Created by Joan Nugent
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative License Plate in Georgia
    Several states across the U.S. currently have Dr. MLK Commemorative license plates to honor one of our country's greatest heros of all time. The state of Georgia is the birthplace of Dr. King and where he and Mrs. King are buried. The State of Georgia DMV requires a minimum of 1000 applicants for the commemorative license plate and a representative design or logo prior to offering the item to vehicle owners. Commemorative license plates could preserve Dr. King's dream forever and proceeds could support the MLK historic site.
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    Created by Edward D. Sanders
  • Protest NDAA 2012
    President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 into law on 31 Dec. 2011 . This law codifies the practice that begun under Pres. Bush that allows the military to detain an American citizen indefinitely, without charge or trial, if they are a "suspected" terrorist. This takes away the constitutional right of due process. Although Obama issued a signing statement when he signed the act into law, the statement that he will not misuse this authority is not persuasive and is not binding on future presidents. This is an outrage that needs to be vigorously protested!
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    Created by Gene Ragland
  • Samburu indigeneous people losing Millions
    Stop cultural and economic exploitation of the Samburu people. Injustices and corruption as to stop. Tourism as to respect the local indigeneous cultures
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    Created by Mavan Lesanjir
  • Protect college students' right to vote
    State governments passed many laws in 2011 designed to suppress the voting rights of college students, African Americans and Hispanic Americans.
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    Created by Ann West
  • Stop CPS from legally stealing children
    Child protective services has over stepped their bounds and are padding their numbers to make it look like they are needed, by lying about the amount of abuse cases. Child protective services break so many constitutional laws and laws written to back the constitution just to steal our children and break up families. Children are being ripped away from loving families because people claim their abuse, without proof, and Child protective services without due process take children from their homes. When A crime has supposedly been committed it should be left up to the police department to investigate, and give parents their due process. There is no need for child protective services to existence, especially when our founding fathers were against such governments in the first place. They make laws which somehow has ignored what the constitution says, we reserve our rights of not being harassed and be accused of a crime in which they fabricate. They court system they use is a kangaroo court with no real justice, and they use threats and intimidation to kidnap children from loving homes, merely because they can, it has to stop. They aren't suppose to exist, they do not protect children once they get them they put them in hellish foster homes, with people who only care about the money they get for each child taken. When a parent stands up for their rights they fight back with fabricated evidence to take their children away. There so much corruption that it is in our power to abolish a government when has become corrupted. Now here is your chance to tell congress to abolish a government that is corrupted. Better laws need to be in place so that the small percentage of children being abused is protected. But a branch of government call child protective services needs to go, they don’t look out for the best interest of the children, they look out for their best interest of themselves. they put people in their pockets by paying them off in order to get what they want. us the people NEED to make a stand against CPS and the courts stealing our children to better THERE financial status, and by there I mean the people who work of CPS/DHS and the probate court. When CPS was originally formed, it was supposed to PROTECT the children who were being abused, that they could prove abuse in the home, and to HELP families stay together. But now the CPS and probate court are looking at dollar signs, And in the process there are hundreds of thousands of families who have to suffer the emotional and mental distraction of CPS tearing apart their family. CPS and the courts (in emmet co. that i know of for sure) in their pockets right along with a lot of the lawyers. The lawyers up here in Northern Michigan told us we have a case to get our children back. BUT Yet NOT 1 of them will go after the county, BECAUSE they will tell u straight out, because they have to work and live in Emmet county, and they know that the county will intimidate them until they moved just because they went up against them. How are you supposed to get ANY justice and help with protecting and fighting for the rights for your 4th amendment when no one will even help, because they are too scared to go up against the county. The news media won’t either because they are afraid of our county. Where is the justice???? Freedom of the press and freedom and speech?. All that Emmet County is showing is that they can do what they want because they pay everyone off or scare them. How long are we going to allow them to do this?
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    Created by Heather Rose
  • Pass A conceal & carry law in illinois
    Crimes are getting worst, more people getting robbed & killed. We should be able to protect ourselfs from the criminals out there.
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    Created by Josh Salser
  • Indefinite Detention of Citizens without due process.
    President Obama signed a defense spending bill that provides for indefinite military detention of anyone suspected of terrorism, including American citizens.
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    Created by Dozier Hunter