• American Universities: Stop broadcasting athletics on Rush Limbaugh radio stations.
    Most talk radio stations in the US are dedicated to partisan politics and pro corporate propaganda. On most, only a small percentage of their prime time broadcasting includes non-partisan programing including state and local sports, weather, and traffic. 
By broadcasting athletics on these stations our universities endorse and give community credibility and acceptability to talk stars like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage, and significantly increase their local ad revenues. Most national talkers are protected by call screeners from challenge and correction. There is evidence of regular participation by paid callers. 
Long term attacks by these and other national and local talkers directed at teachers, unions, global warming science, as well as coordinated political disinformation and direct and inferred racism, sexism, and hate mongering, make radio stations that broadcast them unacceptable partners for American institutions of higher learning, as well as their students and faculty. Please feel free to adapt this petition to your university or college.
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    Created by Ron Crabstone
  • Arne Duncan Must Resign
    We are tired of Arne Duncan selling out American Students! In its final “Gainful Employment” rule, Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, has made many major concessions to the for-profit higher education industry. Now, Duncan has significantly delayed the point at which the worst for-profit school programs would lose federal financial aid. By doing so, they have made it many times easier for career college lobbyists to kill the regulation before the Department of Education can shut down even the most irredeemable programs.
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    Created by Dorothy White
  • The Childrens Cry
    A Private school that supports girls who are troubled and missed placed; supports Girls with low to no income who live in a high poverty level neighborhoods who depend on QUALITY EDUCATION...A school who has a high graduation rate is being shut down!
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    Created by Tyese Donaldson
  • Restore Central Time To Indiana
    Children are being hit & killed by vehicles while waiting for buses and walking to school in the pitch-black mornings of our geographically incorrect Eastern Time Zone. These incidents (along with rapes & abductions) have increased dramatically since 2006, when our legislature finally put Indiana on Daylight Saving Time without taking the logical accompanying step of returning us to our historically (and geographically) correct time zone. The Central Time Coalition hopes to request the DOT finally hold the series of statewide time zone hearings promised us in 2005, but which were never held due to a "technicality."
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    Created by Andy Ray
    Most of the tests students routinely take to test their progress are hardly a valid indicator of what we should be measuring: the capacity to think critically in order to be prepared to solve the many complex issues we are facing. Our populace confuses beliefs with facts, scientific knowledge with superstition, etc. Teaching to success on tests narrows the curriculum and that will be even worse once teachers' jobs are keyed to their students' ability to take tests.
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    Created by Shirley Ariker
  • Tell Mayor Bloomberg & the NYC Council: No Excuses for School Cuts
    Mayor Bloomberg proposes to cut $350 million directly from the classroom by removing 6,000 teachers from our schools through attrition and layoffs. In addition, the Mayor is proposing $79 million in cuts to early childhood education and $34 million in cuts to community-based after school programs. This would mean cuts to all schools and would lead to the sharpest rises in class size in over thirty years. There are clear alternatives Arts, music, performing arts, physical education, career and technical education, libraries and intervention services would also be hard hit. The Mayor's budget represents a major step backwards in New York's commitment to quality education and is morally unconscionable. We are calling on Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council to invest in school improvement, not cut programs, increase class sizes or take teachers out of the classroom.
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    Created by Harrison Watkins
  • Students of VCU Support LGBTQ Rights
    Governor Bob McDonnell will be giving the spring commencement address at VCU's graduation ceremony on May 21. This news comes less than three months after over 1,000 students rallied to protest the Governor and Attorney General's attempt to negate anti-discrimination policies that protect gays.
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    Created by Corrina Beall
  • Reinstate Bankruptcy Protection on Private Student Loans
    Student loans are well known by Americans as an excellent way to provide for those who would otherwise not be able to afford college. In 2008, the banking industry petitioned to remove all basic consumer protections for these private loans, and won. Student loans have since surpassed the National Credit Card Debt, and this occurred due to of the lack of basic consumer protections. The ability to apply for bankruptcy if there is a need is a basic right all other forms of loans currently possess. We are calling our Senate and House representatives to reinstate the basic protections on Private Student Loans that have been overlooked for much too long.
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    Created by Elizabeth Hamilton
  • Modernize America's Public Education System
    Our nation's public school funding, structure, and methods are stuck in 19th Century economics. If we are to compete economically as a nation, we must convert to a science-focused system and curriculum NOW. This is eloquently elaborated by Dr. Michio Kaku in a 4 minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xke_ddc2C8s
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    Created by Dr. William M. Smith, Jr.
  • Stop the assault on public education
    Despite a $600 million surplus in the state's School Aid Fund, Republicans have voted to decrease funding to K-12 by a total of over $700 per pupil to pay for an 86% tax break to businesses. It is an indirect assault on the Teachers' Union and other public employee unions done in the most cynical way -- by making children pay.
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    Created by Tina Murua
  • Fund Education Now
    Washington State's proposed budget will slash 1.6 to 1.8 billion dollars from education. Schools will close, classes will get larger, programs will be cut, teachers will lose their jobs, recruiting high quality teachers will be even more difficult, and students will not receive the education they need to compete in today's market place. As schools and education deteriorates, our communities will as well. There are no plans to restore these cuts once they are in place. Washington students will suffer for years. We are denying our children their future, and our communities will suffer even more.
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    Created by Rex Thornton
  • Protect Michigan's Universities and Families
    The Michigan House Republicans recently approved an amendment to the House bill on education funding written by Rep. David Agema. The amendment proposes that the state subtract 5% from the state funding of any university that offers health insurance coverage for employees who live with another adult outside of marriage.  During a time where public education operates under increasingly difficult financial constraints, ideologically driven legislations have even less of a place in educational policy than ever. The amendment violates the autonomy of public universities and is thus a direct attack on academic freedom.  Moreover, the amendment’s clear intent to divide the academic community is deeply immoral. Targeting unmarried couples, and by intent particularly gay and lesbian families, at a time where every public poll shows significant majority support for civil unions flies in the face of the country’s commitment to equality. Americans, as a rule, do not want the government to tell them how to conduct their private lives.  Middle class families already suffer from the rising cost of college tuition. If the amendment passes, the loss of funds may well contribute to an even steeper rise, thus penalizing all Michigan families in the interest of an obsolete sexual morality Americans have rejected resoundingly.  The bill still needs to be reconciled with the Senate version. Please petition the Michigan Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, to oppose this nasty piece of legislation.
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    Created by Stella Sunstein