• Senate Republicans: Protect the Universities
    The Michigan House Republicans recently approved an amendment to the House bill on education funding written by Rep. David Agema: the amendment proposes that the state subtract 5% from the state funding of any university that offers health insurance coverage for employees who live with another adult outside of marriage. At a time where the state allocation is already set to be cut by a fifth or more, the amendment violates the universities' budgetary autonomy, interferes with their academic freedom, and penalizes all unmarried couples, particularly those who are not allowed to marry in the first place. The bill still needs to be reconciled with the Senate version. Please petition the Michigan Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, to oppose this nasty piece of legislation.
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    Created by Stella Sunstein
  • Support the California Dream Act (AB 130 & AB 131)
    Each year, an estimated 24,000 undocumented students graduate from high school in California. Many of these students, defying the odds that predicted their failure, achieved academic excellence and gained admission to the best public universities and colleges of our nation. However, their ineligibility for financial aid and inability to seek employment precludes them from affording the one opportunity to earn a college degree and fulfill a dream. Most of these students were brought to this country at a very young age by their parents and have been raised in the United States just as their U.S. citizen classmates. The CA Dream Act would reduce the financial burden that “AB 540” students face by allowing them the ability to apply and receive financial aid in California. These are the state’s most vulnerable students who have worked hard to exceed expectations, achieve higher than average grade point averages, and overcome many obstacles. These students are valedictorians, class presidents, and star athletes. Through their hard work and perseverance, these students have earned the opportunity to attend an institution of higher education, and their accomplishments should not be disregarded or their futures jeopardized because of their legal status. The legislature and governor should pass and sign the California Dream Act (AB 130 and AB 131).
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    Created by Assembly Member Gilbert Cedillo
  • Reinstate Adjunct Professor Don Giljum
    Despite denouncing a doctored and discredited video aired by Andrew Breitbart, the University of Missouri St Louis pressured Adjunct Professor Don Giljum to resign, refusing him both due process and support defending his rights automatically accorded tenured faculty. Professor Giljum's treatment is representative of the contingent academic labor system. Reintstating him with an apology is not only right and fair but would send a message to higher education about unfair and inherently immoral labor practices.
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    Created by Vanessa Vaile
  • Save Quality Child Care in California!
    Help save quality child care programs in California from being cut in the California State Budget. All child care programs in California have received a 15% across the board cut. But now, quality preschool and infant toddler centers that meet the highest quality standards are at risk of being cut by AN ADDITIONAL 10% CUT OVER the 15%. These centers will not be able to stay open if they are cut. We are calling upon the Legislature and Governor to stop high standard centers being singled out for an unfair ADDITIONAL CUT.
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    Created by CCDAA
  • Save the Radio, 90.3 WXLV
    I hereby oppose the sale and/or shut down of 90.3 WXLV and hereby donate my name to the cause of keeping this force alive.
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  • California: Make Education Funding Happen!
    California is considering more drastic cuts to education. This state is already one of the lowest when it comes funding. We can not afford to lose any more and take even deeper cuts.
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    Created by Dave Henderson
  • Please Support a DMS Soccer Program
    We're calling on Dunmore Residents to show support of a Middle School Soccer Program
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    Created by Kym Fetsko
  • Please help to end Supt. Barbara Thompson & MPS Board Members Deceptive Practices to RESEGREGATE ...
    In the wake of the most recent 6-1 decision in favor of Supt. Barbara Thompson's ridiculous recommendation to close neighborhood schools in low income predominantly Black communities we stand in solidarity to have this decision rescinded. Haunted by history in the most recent decision by Board members;Charlotte Meadows,Eleanor Dawkins, Mary Briers, Melissa Snowden, Heather Sellers, and Beverly Ross, is a troubling sign of genocide of the Black Community.
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    Created by Karen Jones
  • Governor Corbett: if you care about PA, fully fund education
    The future of a state, country, etc is based on the strong education of its citizens. Mr. Corbett is proposing to cut education funding by 50 %, so cutting the future of the state of Pennsylvania by 50 % or more (as educational deficits have exponential damaging consequences: higher poverty, crime, health risks, etc). Mr. Corbett must fund education 100% or more, if necessary, by taxing gas and other industries in PA.
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    Created by Pablo
  • To protest the recommendation to close Bowling Green State University's doctoral program in the S...
    The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowling Green State University has recommended the closure of the doctoral program in the School of Media and Communication at BGSU. The school was told that that the overall quality of the program led to this decision, but no specific details or justifications were offered. Find the graduate dean's letter here: http://savesmcphd.wikispaces.com/
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    Created by Victoria Smith Ekstrand
  • Stop Pennsylvania's billion-dollar cut to education
    Sign our petition to stop massive cuts to funding for elementary, secondary, and higher education in Pennsylvania. This petition is sponsored by Penn ACTION (http://pennaction.org) and Education Voters PA (http://educationvoterspa.org).
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    Created by Marc Stier