• Support Nationwide Disability Pride Day
    I want to start a Nationwide Disability Pride Day to celebrate all people with disabilities and their accomplishments. To celebrate to diversity and help promote positive self-image of people with disabilities
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    Created by Shameka Andrews
  • Bring back Valencia Community College Basketball
    To start a movement of interest for bringing back basketball to Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL
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    Created by Ken Shapiro
  • DOE should give back parents association money
    The New York City Department of Education froze the parents association's funds at Public School 184M, the Shuang Wen School, in Lower Manhattan, without clear explanation when and how the funds would be un-frozen. It's the DOE tyranny at play again at one of the best schools in the city. It's anti-community, anti-parents and anti-Chinese. Please tell DOE to give us back the money!!
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    Created by Jeanie Tung
  • Opt Out Tennessee
    To support students, parents, and teachers alike, we need to let our state representatives know that the use of high stakes testing is damaging children, teachers, schools and communities. Standardized tests have failed to produce real reform; too much time is taken away from our students' learning in lieu of test preparation and practice, which narrows the curriculum and dissuades any intrinsic desire to learn.
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    Created by Kari Hancock
  • Save the St. Mark's Bookshop
    The St. Mark's Bookshop has a long tradition in the Lower East Side and serves an admirable and increasingly rare function. St. Mark's is struggling to pay the market rent that Cooper Union is charging them at 31 3rd Ave. A significant rent concession by Cooper Union could save this irreplaceable neighborhood institution.
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    Created by Joyce Ravitz
  • Opt Out Texas
    Because standardized tests have failed to produce real reform over the last fifty years in the state of Texas, because too much time is taken away from our students' daily learning in order to do test practice and because the state test does not provide meaningful and useful data regarding a student's progress, we will keep our kids home on test day as a protest.
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    Created by William Walther
  • NC Opting Out of Standardized Testing
    “We, the undersigned parents/guardians, exercise our 1st and 14th Amendment rights of the federal Constitution to opt our children out of standardized testing that is misused as an inaccurate and inappropriate tool to judge student achievement, school quality, and teacher effectiveness. We, the undersigned citizens, support parents/guardians in their effort to opt their public school-aged children out of standardized testing that is misused as an inaccurate and inappropriate tool to judge student achievement, school quality, and teacher effectiveness. Additionally, we collectively agree that our tax paid money should no longer be used to pay for the mass production of these tests, the grading of these tests, and the forensic examination of the legitimacy of the completed tests.”
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    Created by Karen Vaughn
  • Opting out of High Stakes Testing in Colorado
    To be delivered to: The Colorado State House, The Colorado State Senate and Governor John Hickenlooper
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    Created by Peggy Robertson
  • Opting Out of High Stakes Testing
    Overemphasis on Florida state sanctioned standardized testing has resulted in the documented retardation of the intellectual, creative, and social growth of a significant portion of Florida’s K-12 public school student population, has resulted in the discriminatory disenfranchisement of Florida’s minority students, second language students, and its special needs students; and has unfairly maligned Florida’s K-12 public school educators by attaching test scores to pay and job security.
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    Created by Ceresta Smith
  • Sen. Toomey Save Student Loans
    In the August debt deal, we are proud that Democrats found a way to help save the Pell Grant program, which helps many low-income students afford a college education. However, we are ashamed that Republicans forced cuts to graduate education loans in order to pay for the Pell Grant program. We ask that you stop the attacks on education by Republicans, and help restore the funding for the graduate education loans, while preserving the Pell Grant program. Students know that deficit spending is a problem. But how can a political party oppose ending tax subsides for corporations and the wealthy, and then have no problem ending subsidies for student loans? At a time when corporations are seeing record profits and students are seeing record debt, we ask that the government places the burden on those with record profits, not record debt. Your position on the super committee gives you the chance to fix this clear injustice, and we ask you to do so.
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    Created by Zach Gordon
  • Gov. Corbett Restore Funding for Higher Education
    Pennsylvania faced a tough budget situation, and college students understand that everyone needs to do their part. However, students are all too aware of debt. Student debt in this country is at a record high. There are many opportunities to make up Pennsylvania's debt without forcing more debt on students. While gas drillers risk our environment, you refuse to consider a severance tax or impact fee that could help pay for the environmental costs of drilling as well as funding other vital programs like higher education. Despite the dire predictions and calls for fiscal responsibility, Pennsylvania ended the fiscal year with a surplus of around $700 million. The total cuts to the entire higher education system were around $250 million. By using less than half of the surplus Pennsylvania could have preserved it’s higher education funding. Furthermore, you passed a tax cut for businesses that would cost at least $200 million and could cost up to $800 million. In addition, your budget increases funding for prisons by over $150 million. These ideas are just a few of the many options you can take to restore funding to the higher education system in Pennsylvania.
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    Created by Zach Gordon
  • Gov. Scott, Reinstate Art and Music Instruction in Florida Public Schools
    Many schools in the region of North Florida and the public school systems in rural counties like Jefferson and Taylor do not have any art instruction and have almost completely canceled all music instruction from choir to band practice. During the upcoming legislative session, let's send this petition to the legislature and the governor to let them know how we feel and to insist on funding for art and music instruction in our schools.
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    Created by Jeanne Annette Phoenix