• City of Minneapolis: Fulfill your climate action commitment
    We are concerned that the current City of Minneapolis Homes policy proposal (for affordable 1-3 unit housing) will give away too much money to developers to incrementally improve the current status quo instead of leapfrogging to Climate-neutral buildings to meet the City’s stated climate action goals in time. Passive House is the only standard considered by the City of Minneapolis that has a globally proven track-record of moving buildings to climate-neutrality and net-zero energy performance in our cold climate zone, as well as produce excellent returns on investment, lowest operation cost over time, incredible comfort and resilience in a world with a changing climate.
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    Created by Etienne Gubler Picture
  • Order a Stop to the Cutting and Road Building in Tongass National Forest
    Forested lands are the lungs of the Earth! They also act as carbon sinks, valuable not only to biodiversity, but to help combat global warming. According to Wikkipedia, the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is the largest national forest in the United States at 16.7 million acres. Most of its area is temperate rain forest, and is remote enough to be home to many species of endangered and rare flora and fauna. Save it, Joe!
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    Created by Joey Racano
  • Stop Leopard Trophy Imports!
    Shooting threatened wild animals like leopards, elephants and lions for sport is barbaric, jeopardizes their existence and threatens biodiversity worldwide. We’re in the midst of a heartbreaking mass extinction, with 1 million species at risk. If we don’t act now, Africa’s leopards could be gone from the wild in our lifetimes. That’s why the Center for Biological Diversity is fighting in the courts and the halls of Congress to shut down the sick wildlife trade that’s a major driver of the extinction crisis. We need you with us to win. Join the fight: Sign our emergency petition and share it to stop the United States from driving Africa’s leopards and other rare species extinct.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • Save the Chesterfield Gorge!
    The land around the Westfield River provides the town of Chesterfield with scenic beauty, hiking trails for health and wellness, and irreplaceable contiguous habitat for precious wildlife. Protecting these lands, in perpetuity, is vitally important in our efforts to bolster biodiversity and safeguard ecosystems. The character of the town of Chesterfield and wellbeing of its residents is dependent upon contiguous, wild spaces, as large tracts of wilderness free from human development serve to protect us against, and maintaining our resiliency in the wake of climate change. It is the Select Board’s own goal is to garner more revenue for the town, and the undeveloped land along the Westfield River is the town's key attribute attracting locals and tourists to Chesterfield in the thousands. We believe it would be in the Select Board’s own best interest to place this land under conservation.
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    Created by Cesi Marseglia
  • Giving Land Back to Indigenous People’s in Pierce, Texas
    Our nation was founded on stolen land. It is important in the dismantling of White Supremacy for reparations to be given to the Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous people who’s land we are on, including the returning of said land. The family who owns this land and company are direct descendants of a man who fought for the confederate army, the side that fought to own slaves. This is a textbook example of consequences of generations of White Supremacy and Anti-Black racism that need to be fought against to provide Equity to the BIPOC community
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    Created by Dayne Lathrop
  • Freeform should have 31 nights of Disney
    Freeform has a wide variety of Audience. They show 31 days of Halloween movies, and they have Christmas specials. I am petitioning for this network to add a 31 days of Disney movies. The up and coming generation DESERVES to experience the classics that is Disney. Children are so impressionable and they see such violence and gore on TV that we owe it to them and ourselves to provide a safe time and space for children to spend time and watch TV with there family’s without being subjected to unchildly things. Disney movies not only provide that safe space but they are also a huge part of a child’s development. Disney inspires, animate, and molds the lives of millions, so who are we to deny our children this experience. Simply adding Disney to Freeform will not only make views skyrocket, but bring family’s together in a safe setting and during trying times like these, it might be exactly what we need to bring our community back together!
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    Created by Cadience Dixon
  • Recycle movement
    So that the residents of our community can recycle responsibly. Allowing us not to fill our trash cans as fast. As we are not allowed to put anything outside of the trash can. Example boxes, anything recyclable.
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    Created by Bradley Sloma
    As the years keep going students years at IVAS is only getting worse. Students deserve more than what we are receiving. For example, If you look at A-plus you will see the drastic changes they have made to that building. IVAS has been standing since the early 2000s yet A-plus secondary gets a new building. What about IVAS? Our classroom is so small sometimes students don't have enough desks to sit in a classroom. Our books are all torn up or they haven't been updated. Let's not forget the restrooms, girls athletics, and boys athletics is a hassle everyone is bunched up together trying to change. Students can't even pass through the hallways without getting pushed. Our funds are so low drill team and cheer team doesn't even have a closet to sort their things in. When it rains our whole B building is filled with leaks. Especially in the gym which is very dangerous. Let’s not forget the band room, it has leaks in every corner, or how in one classroom there was mold, or how a piece of the ceiling fell onto a students shoulder. Our teachers are also a very important topic to talk about. Teachers do their best to try to make the students feel so important, but when something is wrong with teachers, students reflect on what the teachers are feeling. When the administration is not giving teachers fair treatment our teachers are tired but still stay for us students. Teachers have been quitting so many times and also during the year, meaning administration will put in a sub who knows nothing about the subject making students not learn a thing. Students have yet to find a stable teacher who will stay all throughout till graduation. This reflects on students' education. We are not learning a thing if teachers are quitting and getting mistreated. Let's talk about the Covid-19 situation. During this situation is a hard time for not only for students but for teachers as well. Teachers don't have PPE which is something that should be provided to teachers and classrooms in the middle of a pandemic. Teachers don't even get lunch break because it has been taken away from them. These things reflect on us, students. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond for us but at a certain point, they get tired of this treatment and have to start thinking about themselves. This is our time to stand together. We have to use our voices to get a better environment for our education, we need to use our voice for better education, we need to use our voice so that finally they can see the mistreatment that is going on at IVAS, we need to use our voices so they can finally acknowledge IVAS and not just A-plus. We need staff who will take the time to try and figure out how to make IVAS a better school. It's sad that staff from A-plus come to IVAS and them, themselves complain and see how bad IVSS is compared to A-plus. When is our time to shine? When are we going to get teachers that stay, when are we going to get new restrooms, when are we going to get new books, or how about some more space in our school. When is it our time to finally better our education? When will they acknowledge us? The administration doesn't even know our names, they just see us as money bags. This is our time students! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, WE WILL GET EVERYTHING WE NEED TOGETHER! PLEASE USE YOUR VOICE AND HELP US SIGN THIS PETITION.
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  • Rewrite the American Constitution
    Slaves were not freed until 1863. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. Black people were not allowed to vote until 1965. Gay marriage was not legalized until 2015. Our constitution was written ONLY by white men in the 1700s. We are not including the thoughts and perspectives of any woman, any person of color, any of our LGBTQ communities. We cannot expect change and we cannot expect equal justice for all when we are living under the supreme laws of a document crafted in the 1700s. As women, we deserve a say As people of color, we deserve a say As people of different sexualities or nonconforming genders, we deserve a say. As people with differentiating cultures in our country, we deserve a say. Sometimes we need to deroot and replant to grow a vital and luscious garden. America, land of the free, home of the BRAVE. WE, the people, must put meaning to those words. It only takes 100,000 signatures in 30 days or less to send a petition to the white house. Please, let’s come together and fix this before it’s too late. Please, set aside our differences and let’s fix this, before it’s too late. Estados Unidos necesita tu ayuda. Por favor. Nosotras necesitamos vivir mejor. No más odio. No más tristeza. Más valentía, más libertad, más vida!! ahora! Vámonos! Salud y gracias.
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    Created by Isabelle Grace
  • An Introduction To Three Critical Solutions
    On January 1, 2021, I will be 77 years old. For most of my early life, I had but a passing interest in politics. That dramatically changed with the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963! A few weeks later, after I saw Life Magazine’s detailed color pictures of the Zapruder film showing the President’s head and brains being blown BACKWARD after being shot in the face, and NOT being shot from behind – as declared fact by the Warren Commission Report – I began my personal search to find out who, why, and how my government was intentionally lying to all of us then, and forward to this very day. Initially, since there was no Internet for the first three decades, my search was slow and labor intensive. However, with the advent of the Internet, my searches became much more productive. I attempted to find answers relating to politicians, other governments, the CIA, the Mafia, bankers, etc., and was about to give up on finding a satisfying answer until, about a dozen years ago, I found and read an article titled, Beware The Psychopath, My Son. After reading that article, I came to the forehead slapping realization that for all of those years I was expecting to find my answers among groups of people and all the while it was the commonality of the mental composition – of specific powerful men WITHIN those groups! It was the key which almost instantly answered so many more questions than I had ever even begun to consider. It answered political questions, economic questions, legal questions, historical questions, sociological questions, racial questions, religion questions, media questions, sexism, rationalizations for wars and so much more! I have spent the last decade confirming and expanding on my “discoveries” and last year I began what has become a three webpage explanation for all to read, absorb and then hopefully help usher through Congress a very specific bill into Federal law. So now, I would sincerely appreciate any feedback, criticism, questions, support and/or – at least pass this short introduction along to someone who may find it of interest. -- Note: The above mentioned article, upon which all of my studies are based, is the first link on the first webpage listed below. That link begins with, “Research studies have shown …”. www.rushtopower.net www.rushtopower.net/action.html BONUS: www.rushtopower.net/reset.html Respectfully, Terry Sneller aka, Tarry Faster terry@rushtopower.net
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  • Saving the Sea Turtles
    This is important because the Sea Turtle species is quickly becoming extinct. Six out of the seven species are dying out because of human impacts. It is estimated that more than 100 million marine animals die each year as a result of getting tangled in plastic.
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    Created by Hailey Ririe
  • Sunset Park Dog Run
    Many of these dog owners take advantage of the designated areas in Sunset Park during off-leash hours. Off-leash areas offer the opportunity for dogs to exercise and interact with other dogs. This produces well­-behaved, non­-aggressive dogs that add a positive aspect to the community. Many owners are not able to go to the park areas for a variety of reasons. Some work during off-leash hours, some are concerned with going to the park when it is dark, and some are unable to walk far from home. The community needs a fenced-in area for unleashed dogs that is able to stay open during the day. We are not asking for a brand new area to be built just for us. Just the allowance of using one of the gated areas that no one uses.
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    Created by Jacinda Quinones