• Change Agenda for Sept. 9 Dale School Building Meeting
    The Medfield community needs to have a voice at the Wednesday, Sept. 9 Dale Street School Building Committee (SBC) meeting (7 p.m. start time), yet the meeting notice shows no time set aside on the agenda for public input BEFORE votes are cast on the proposed site and building scenario for a 575-student school. (A public forum specifically on site selection had been previously planned, but never materialized.) Our Board of Selectmen is also scheduled to cast its own vote related to the overall "preferred solution" for the Dale Street project at its Sept. 15 meeting. A public forum is tentatively slated for AFTER that meeting on Sept. 22, so that means two town boards will not have their votes adequately informed by community input. (No public hearing is legally required prior to SBC and Selectmen casting its upcoming votes related to the Dale Street project.) We believe that before any town committee votes on such a significant decision with economic, educational, environmental and historic impacts, community members should have an adequate chance to weigh in. Now is the time to engage Medfield community members in the critically important site selection and schematic design decisions -- not after preliminary votes are cast. Our school building committee risks having the project derailed without sufficient community input early on in the process.
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  • Conway Logging - Create Old Growth
    1) The management plan being considered for the Town Forest (and Fournier) lot specifies the majority (50 acres) of Town Forest land be used to "Crop Tree Release" - a term used to greenwash logging - versus 24 acres of reserve. Our Massachusetts forests are critical in mitigating climate change, preserving native wildlife and habitats, safeguarding soils, providing clean air and water, and offering public recreation. Logging our forests harms these values, while protecting our forests from cutting enhances them. Keeping our forests standing would allow them to absorb and store carbon at an increasing rate for centuries to come. This would complement the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the plan, there is no citizen support for active logging. Let's create old growth forest in Conway in the Town Forest! All the much larger surrounding lands (Northampton Water Supply, Conway State Forest, Cowl's Lumber) are being actively logged. The MA DCR rejected citizen and Conway Consideration recommendation to make the Conway State Forest a reserve. Making the Town Forest as a reserve would make up for the lack of reserve in surrounding lands. Invasive species control and trail creation and maintenance should also be allowed. 2) Residents and users of the beautiful and historic Cricket Hill Road have endured years of logging with accompanying noise, disturbance, frequent oil spills, trucks, and rutted trails. The state is planning 10 years of logging in the Conway State Forest. The disastrous first Town Forest logging project had many serious oil spills at a landing located adjacent to a wetland. Subsequent logging projects are a constant strain and disturbance to the area and have also had oil spills. If private landowners or the state need landings, they should be located off another road. Cricket Hill residents and users need a break! Why was Cricket Hill designated as a sacrifice area by previous Selectboards without citizen input? We ask that the Conway Selectboard to rescind any permissions to locate logging landings on Cricket Hill Road and Cricket Hill Extension.
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    Created by John Heffernan
  • Farm workers are laboring in dangerous wildfire smoke. What is Cal/OSHA doing to protect them?
    UFW is working around the clock to assist farm workers already dealing with repercussions from the pandemic and a dangerous heat wave. Now with the recent wildfires, the danger is escalating. Cal/OSHA is supposed to be protecting the workers, but according to what we are hearing, many workers just aren’t protected. Legislation passed last year mandates the grower provide N95 or equivalent masks if the Air Quality Index is over 150. Sadly, we are hearing again and again of cases where this just isn’t happening. According to a poll of farm workers the UFW conducted three days ago, 84% of farm workers have not been given N95 masks from their employers. A KPIX story from earlier this week said, shared the story of Antonia, a Watsonville strawberry picker, who said her employers “do not provide any of the workers with masks, gloves or other protective equipment, which is a violation of California law, according to Cal/OSHA officials.” The UFW is reaching out to our union growers to ensure they are acting to protect union members—even if it means going above and beyond legal requirements. At contract companies, we are hearing reports of N95 masks being distributed or work being halted. We also regularly communicate with tens of thousands of farm workers, most of them non-union, and enlisting the help of workers and supporters to find and report the locations of violations. We’ve secured 50,000 N95 masks and will be distributing them -- through our organizers and local groups in fire-affected areas -- to the workers who need them most. We should NOT have to be doing this. It’s the employers’ obligation, and it’s OSHA’s job to make sure they do it. Cal/OSHA is publicizing what the law is -- but that’s not enough. They need to be proactively in the fields making sure that the necessary protective gear makes it to the workers. Cal/OSHA’s inaction is putting the workers in grave danger. Sign the petition TODAY. Tell Cal/OSHA they need to be in the fields right now to ensure the people who labor so hard to feed us are kept safe.
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  • Stop fueling forest fires with fracking, @GavinNewsom!
    Every year, California’s forest fires get worse as a result of climate change and our burning of fossil fuels. As the planet gets hotter, California’s forests get drier. And when lightning strikes or humans make mistakes, the state is devastated. Tens of thousands have to flee their homes, with many becoming climate refugees. The pollution sends hundreds of thousands more indoors for weeks on end. Unfortunately, while Governor Newsom talks a good game on climate, his administration continues to approve new drilling and fracking. We can’t fix climate change if we don’t stop increasing fossil fuel production and use. Under Newsom, California’s oil and gas regulatory agency recently approved a dozen new permits for Chevron to conduct even more fracking in the state. Newsom has also approved drilling permits for more than 1,400 new oil and gas wells so far this year. This is a reversal of Newsom’s previous decision to put a pause on fracking in the state. California needs to move off fossil fuels. But Newsom is continuing our addiction. Meanwhile, California burns. Sources: Center for Biological Diversity, “With New Permits, Newsom Ramps Up Fracking in California, 360 New Fracking Events Approved So Far This Year,” July 6, 2020. https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/new-permits-newsom-ramps-fracking-california-2020-07-06/ Food & Water Watch, “Promises, Promises: Gavin Newsom Has Broken His When It Comes To Fracking,” April 16, 2020, Alexandra Nagy. https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/news/promises-promises-gavin-newsom-has-broken-his-when-it-comes-fracking “Newsom blocks new California fracking pending scientific review,” Los Angeles Times, Phil Wilson, November 19, 2019. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-11-19/california-fracking-permits-scientific-review-gavin-newsom (Original photo by JD Lasica. Used and modified under license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)
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  • Say No to Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!
    Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling will worsen both the climate and wildlife extinction crises. Burning the recoverable oil estimated in the refuge could result in more than 4.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution — that’s roughly equivalent to the emissions from nearly 1,100 coal plants operating for a year. While the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate — losing 13% of Arctic sea ice per decade — the climate crisis continues to ravage communities and wildlife habitats across the globe. At the current rate, the Arctic could be without ice in the summer by 2040. As sea ice is lost, so are the animals that depend on it for their survival. If Big Oil is allowed to drill into the Arctic Refuge, this wild landscape will be forever scarred. And, once drilling rights are sold, it will be much harder for elected officials to reverse course. Though the threat is high, the fight is not over. That’s why it’s up to all of us to oppose every effort to industrialize this pristine refuge. It’s time to demand the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be protected from oil drilling.
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  • Reclaiming Our Time - Let Progressives Speak
    Progressives have been sidelined by the DNC for far too long. The people have spoken and they favor progressive politics. We will not allow our party to be taken over by never Trumpers. We believe in healthcare as a human right, a wealth tax, criminal justice reform, and so does America. We refuse to be pushed aside.
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  • 658 N Edinburgh Ave / Party House and Neighborhood Nuisance
    Since 2017 we have had to endure a never ending turnover of inconsiderate renters and an owner that is unreachable. Many of us have lived in and called this neighborhood home for over twenty years. As a result of this ‘party house’ we have had to endure years of sleepless nights, littering, rat infestations, loud music day and night, noise pollution, and masses of people coming and going at all hours. For example my neighbor has had his two children woken at two AM on a weeknight due to the noise. When we approach the renters it is futile because a new renter appears the next day. Since November of 2019 when the "Short Term Rental Law" was passed, this Airbnb listing has continued to have new guests checking in regularly and on a frequency that does NOT comply with the law. In response the neighbors have tried talking with the renters, calling the police, emailing LADBS, reaching out to Mayor Garcetti, and contacting AirBnB. Yet nothing has been done. We are fed up that these owners run a strictly for profit event space in clear violation of the law and have yet to face any consequences. We are a neighborhood of hard working families who just want the owner held accountable for the laws they are violating. In previous years our complaints were based on quality of life but with Covid it is now a health crisis. The listing continues to promote a space suitable for 16+ people to stay at even though it is a 3 bedroom home and is breaking the law according to LA Department of Building and Safety. We want you to help us remedy this situation as quickly and decisively as possible. The home has an owner who lives abroad (NOT ON PREMISES) and it is NOT lived in by anyone other than short term renters and party goers. The home/listing is run by a Real Estate/Contractor and Concierge event company owner by the name of Shay Shalom Gozlan ( livingthedream.com and New Horizon Development) . Who apparently owns and runs several other properties in and around this neighbor that do the exact same thing. During this global pandemic crisis there has been a constant stream of new tenants each week. This home is not only a nuisance but is now a health risk. They and others like them need to be dealt with immediately and for good! We have the right to enjoy our homes in peace and quiet and walk our neighborhoods and feel safe.
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  • Give AOC more time to speak at the DNC
    It’s important that one of the most influential people in modern day politics, especially a Democrat, to speak at the Democratic National Convention. We all need to hear what she has to say. And giving just 60 seconds is not enough. At the very least give her 2 minutes. Obviously we would love for her to have even more time than that since she is such a champion for fair wages, corporate accountability, environmental justice, and so many other important issues. Please sign and share!
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  • Switch single use plastics to biodegradable plastics
    Biodegradable plastics have existed for years. My time working at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean showed me the amount one single store throws away in a day. My heart breaks for the landfills full of plastic, the animals and environment we destroy and ultimately ourselves. If Starbucks switches cups and straws alone to biodegradable plastics imagine how many lives we save. Banning straws did nothing and is ablist! Don’t be fooled by recycling! All the recycling would go into the same dumpster as the trash, and most places in the US say they recycle but it ends up in a landfill. STOP THE WASTE - CHANGE TO BIO DEGRADABLE PLASTICS NOW. Starbucks claims to be at the forefront of innovation, I believe if they make the switch others will follow suit!
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    Created by Ally McGillicuddy
  • Shut down Raptor Airsoft and deny all permits
    Airsoft is an honor and integrity based sport that brings out all walks of life. We come from all over to gather together to play a game where we use toy guns to shoot each other with 6mm plastic BBs. Airsoft players come from all spectrum of our society and plastic warfare unites them on the field Airsoft has shown to help overcome some biases and grievances and create strong cohesion and friendships on the field. These connections form strong bonds between players and squads from all different ideologies to work together. Due to the nature of our sport, where we dress up like army men and play with guns that look extremely realistic, airsoft players know we have to be careful in our communities. A common saying is "We are one bad accident away from being heavily regulated or banned in a state." Airsoft as an industry tends to tread lightly and do a lot of self policing on safety concerns. It is rare that the airsoft community will step up to say that a field should be shut down. Especially in the time of Covid-19 with fields and companies shutting down, the last thing that airsoft players want to have is another field shut down. Which is why this petition should be taken seriously. Raptor Airsoft has a long history of being combative with customers and players. It is well documented that the owners have little interest in customer service, instead only look to make a profit. There are a lot of complaints about getting a defective guns from Raptor, and they refused to refund or replace the item. Raptor has fired a female admin for simply being female. Then Raptor banned anyone who knew that admin, including one of their sponsored players. Raptor banned an entire team just for wearing a rainbow flag patch, and threatened to ban a large group of people at the Northern Watch event because they were wearing that patch. Raptor Airsoft ignored the state orders to shut down all non essential businesses. (While Airsoft is life, it is not essential.) Raptor Airsoft was notified on April 18th at 10:31AM that 3 players from the Miami area were coming to their field to play. These three players had tested positive 2 days before for Covid-19. Instead of asking who these players are, the caller was berated for attempting to shut Raptor Airsoft down. The owner said if we did not like it to call the police. The sheriff's deputies were called and went to Raptor Airsoft to find more then 10 people on the field, people were not wearing any form of PPE masks, and were closer then 6 feet apart. In multiple social media photos, players were seen with no face masks and standing right next to each other. Environmental Concerns: There are several environmental concerns that should cause Raptor Airsoft to be shut down. 1: Raptor Airsoft does not sell or enforce bio BBs on the field. Considering that their property is adjacent to the Ocala National Forest, this should be mandatory. While playing along the back side of their property people were shooting at players in front of the forest but a lot of the BBs missed and went into the Ocala National Forest. Since several companies make bio degradable BBs at very close to the same price as regular plastic BBs, this should already have been a policy. Instead, Raptor Airsoft only sells plastic BBs. Since birds can mistake the BBs for food, it is important for the BBs to be biodegradable and not just plastic. 2: The owners of Raptor Airsoft allow illegal dumping on the property. The video can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKa5AegfBNE The owner, Juan, has a long history of not caring about environmental concerns going back to 1990. He continues to dump illegally on his property. This environmental impact could contaminate the ground water and potentially the aquifer that feeds the natural springs all across the area. The owner, Juan, even got severe burns because a can of paint he was burning in a pile exploded on him. 3: Raptor Airsoft hosts milsim (military simulation) events. At these events people use various pyrotechnics, including smoke grenades. Since Raptor Airsoft buries its trash on property, the chemicals in these smoke grenades can leak into the soil and ground water. Impact to infrastructure: Another major reason to deny any permit to operate Raptor Airsoft is the impact to the roadways leading up to Raptor's field and surrounding areas. Since Raptor Airsoft hosts milsim events, it is not uncommon for heavy machinery to be used for events. At Operation Northernwatch, an event that happened in December of 2019, there were 3 Humvees and a functioning decommissioned tank used at the event. The tank was transported in on a semi truck and the weight of just the tank was 15 tons. Considering the road was still wet and soft from rain, it caused some damage to the dirt road leading to Raptor Airsoft. The damage to the road could have been more extreme if the tank had driven down the road and not the semi-truck. Simply put, the road will not last against the constant traffic to the field. We implore the Lake County Commissioners to please deny any permits for Raptor Airsoft. They have shown to be bad actors for decades now, ignoring state and county laws by operating illegally. Since they continue to violate county laws, at this time they should not be allowed to remain in business. We hope you take this petition to heart and deny all permits. Thank you and stay safe.
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  • Fight for life safety of Californians with disabilities and seniors, retain Exec Dir Alice Stebbins
    With frequent large wildfires, many caused by utilities, with huge mandatory evacuations of hundreds of thousands every year, with planned power shut-offs that deprive people with disabilities and seniors of necessary medical and safety equipment, the CPUC and utilities have created or allowed life-threatening conditions in small towns and rural areas all over California. Mitigation programs like SGIP are inadequate and dangerous. Our communities have been able to work with Executive Director Alice Stebbins to make thee programs work better and to demand better services from the utilities. Please tell the Governor and the CPUC to allow this vital work to continue and conclude successfully. Thank you for your action.   HolLynn D’Lil Richard Skaff Walter Park [List of signatories attached]
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  • Stop Fracked Gas Export on the Delaware River
    New Fortress Energy and subsidiary Delaware River Partners are planning to build a port terminal to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids (NGLs) on the Delaware River in Gibbstown, NJ. This is about 15 minutes south of Philadelphia, 2.7 miles from Chester, PA and adjoins the back yards of people in Gibbstown, NJ. Trains and trucks would carry dangerous and potentially explosive LNG over 200 miles from Wyalusing, PA, where New Fortress is building a LNG processing plant from regional fracked gas to Gibbstown through communities who don’t even know about it. LNG would be transferred from trucks and rail cars directly to enormous ships 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The ships would travel down the river, past Wilmington and other Delaware and New Jersey bay communities, overseas to Puerto Rico, Ireland and other foreign ports where New Fortress hopes to make their fortune. We want to send the strongest message we can to the Commissioners! Please strengthen our message with your signature!
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