• Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in The State of Florida
    As a peninsular state surrounded by water, and filled with miles of Everglades wetlands, we, of all states, should be making the greatest effort to reduce our waste. Florida’s coasts, wetlands, springs and marine life support tourism and have helped the state amass great wealth year-round. We need to protect the greatest natural treasures of this state. Ban single-use plastic bags for good. Let’s be the 9th state to do so, alongside California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont.
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    Created by J C
  • Sidewalks for Rock Creek Manor
    How Sidewalks Would Improve our Community: • Would provide sidewalk access to two entrances of Rock Creek Park Paths (Parkvale Rd and Manorvale Rd) • Provides sidewalk access for students walking to Earle B Wood Middle School and Rock Creek Valley Elementary School and the Earle B Wood Park on the school’s grounds • Provides sidewalk access to Bauer Driver Community Recreation Center • Would allow sidewalk access (via Rock Creek Park Path) to Tikvat Israel, and Twinbrook Baptist Church • Provides sidewalk access to Bus Stop (Bus 48 Line) at intersection of Greenspan Lane and Bauer Drive • Allows sidewalk access to Rock Creek Village center grocery stores/restaurants • All three roads are being used by drivers from outside the neighborhood as a short cut around Rock Creek Village Center and associated traffic • There have been car accidents from speeding cars on our street already. • We have an active community with seniors, kids, bikers, pedestrians, and dog walkers all currently in the street and increasing the risk of a serious accident.
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    Created by William Horowitz
  • Joint Chiefs Promise to Enforce Election
    The continuation of American democracy.
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    Created by Stanley Holditch
  • Keep Gray Wolves from Slaughter!
    We've seen the tragic results when wolf management is turned over to states. States beholden to special interests are eager to let wolves be hunted, trapped and poisoned with the same kind of violence that nearly drove them extinct more than a century ago. In the one-third of Washington where wolves lost federal protections back in 2011, the state has wiped out entire packs. Idaho has for years expanded its hunting season for wolves and Wyoming even allows people to chase wolves to exhaustion with snowmobiles, then run them over. Wisconsin has laws requiring trophy hunts of wolves just as soon as wolves are stripped of federal protections. These are just a few examples of what could happen nationwide to wolves if federal protections are stripped and management is turned over to states. America needs wolves. They are a vital keystone species and their loss can have devastating effects on ecosystems and other species. Removing Endangered Species Act protection is the opposite of what's needed: stronger protections and science-based wolf management plans. We demand you immediately stop plans to strip Endangered Species Action protection from nearly every gray wolf in the lower 48.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • The University of Michigan: Decolonizing Pedagogies Initiative
    DPI must be instilled within DEI project plans to offer a sustainable approach to retaining diverse ANISHINAABEK, Native American, First Nations, Black Native, Pacific Island, Mesoamerican, South American, Caribbean Indigenous and global Indigenous students and their epistemologies. DPI at The University will give way to mass decolonization of academia throughout Turtle Island. Decolonization must BEGIN with Michigan! THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TREATY OF FORT MEIGS ON BEHALF OF DIVERSE ANISHINAABEK AND GLOBAL INDIGENOUS ONTOLOGIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Times up Michigan, your Treaty obligation is overdue. We DEMAND decolonial pedagogy.
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    Created by Samara Jackson Tobey
  • We need a climate change segment for all the presidential debates
    The climate crisis is at our doorstep, and presidential candidates must speak to how they will stop and decrease the impacts of climate change going forward. Chris Wallace included two question on the climate in the first presidential debate, and believe all debates going forward must include a similar segment. Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 hurricane, ripped apart the coastline near Lake Charles, LA, barely missing major metropolitan areas like Houston, TX, and New Orleans, LA. Massive, powerful, and destructive hurricanes are becoming the norm—and we haven’t yet reached the end of the 2020 hurricane season. Wildfires are currently burning across the entire West Coast, from California to Oregon and Washington. Entire communities are being displaced or destroyed, people are dying, and millions had to experience apocalyptic orange skies from the smoke and soot. The air quality in cities like Portland, OR, has been abysmal. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, any level above 300 on the air quality index is hazardous, and anything above 500 is off the charts. Portland has faced days where the air quality index reached 516. Firefighters—including crews of state prison inmates, who earn as little as $6 a day—are working in extreme temperatures and perilous conditions to battle the fires. And so many of these repercussions from the climate crisis happen during a global pandemic that has killed close to 200,000 people in the U.S. The impact of climate change on coronavirus transmission is still being explored, but researchers already believe that people are more likely to die from COVID-19 when exposed to poor air quality. We are seeing the tragic reality of the climate crisis of our generation. The climate crisis is disproportionately hurting communities of color and low-income communities. We are already seeing this with frontline communities breathing in toxic air, including in Philadelphia, PA, and consuming toxic water, in communities that include Flint, MI. We are seeing this with the farmworkers in California breathing in toxic air as they supply food for American families. Not only that, but the federal government, states, and localities are facing the economic consequences of climate change. Entire cities and communities are being threatened and damaged. Hurricane Laura is estimated to have caused $25-30 million in damage, and the financial impact of the West Coast wildfires is predicted to be close to $20 billion. The financial, human, and wildlife cost of climate change is incalculable. Climate change, racial justice, and economic justice are all inextricably tied. So we must act now. The climate crisis is here, and we, our politicians—and our future president—have to take action in order to mitigate its impact. That is why it is essential that candidates for president speak to this urgent issue. In 2016, the national presidential debates did not include any questions on the climate crisis. The Democratic candidates were eventually asked about climate, thanks in part to petitions like this one. Omitting a conversation on the climate crisis from the presidential debates absolutely cannot happen again this year, when a historic election is underway. Let’s collect as many signatures as we can on this petition and make sure our voices are heard. We are asking Chris Wallace, Steve Scully, and Kristen Welker, the moderator for the presidential debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and major news media networks to include a substantial segment on climate justice. Both presidential candidates must directly address what they plan to do in order to decrease the impact of climate change on this country and the world.
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    Created by Anisa Nanavati
  • Stop the appointment of a climate denier to NOAA!
    As fires fueled by a climate crisis rage across the West Coast, Trump just appointed a climate denier to a key position in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- the federal agency that focuses on weather and climate. Trump's new appointee, David Legates, believes the sun and not unchecked carbon emissions cause climate change. He even said rising CO2 levels in the ocean are fine because they'll produce bigger crabs. Legates has ties to the Koch brothers, who have funded his climate denial research in the past. He also has ties to the Heartland Institute, a far-right think tank that fight against efforts to stop the climate crisis. Trump is stacking federal agencies with stay-behind forces who will continue to advance his extremist agenda even if Trump isn't there for a second term. That's why Congress needs to act now to stop climate deniers like Legates from taking up crucial positions that oversee federal climate research. Can you help?
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Stop massive deportations that hurt regional economies and break immigrant families.
    In addition to hundreds of thousands broken families, the economic costs to American society from mass deportations are in disproportion to the economic benefits that Latinos bring to the US economy. While direct costs to taxpayers amounts to about $70 billion in enforcement agents, detention facilities, immigration judges and transportation, the Center for American Progress estimates that approximately $4.7 trillion is lost in economic output, nearly a trillion dollars in lost tax revenue over the next decade, while the conservative American Action Forum calculates some $2.6 trillion in lower GDP over 10 years, according to Unidos US. The increase in apprehensions has come as a growing number of migrants seek asylum. The demographic profile of those crossing the border has changed, too: People traveling in families, not single adults, accounted for the majority of those apprehended last year (56%). And most of those apprehended were from the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which have struggled with violence and a lack of economic opportunities.
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    Created by Susana G Baumann President and CEO, Latinas in Business Inc.
  • Portland Public Schools: Suspend classes during the air quality crisis
    As residents of a severely fire-affected region in Oregon, we are concerned that transitioning work to online during the pandemic crisis is enabling some incredibly irresponsible behavior from schools, agencies, and employers during this absolutely unreal forest fire crisis. The fact that some families can work from home does not make it a reasonable expectation for students and employees to work from home when the air quality is in the hazardous zone. ALL activities that are not essential for basic infrastructure and survival should have been shut down. There is no excuse for school, even online school, to be open today; it is irresponsible. We are ALL emotionally, intellectually, and physically impaired right now. PPS needs to halt classes IMMEDIATELY until air quality improves. According to NASA the ground-level carbon monoxide concentration in this region reached OVER 126,000 PPB this weekend. Other days, the CO concentration was recorded as high as 86,000 ppb. Obviously, these concentrations are not sustained for prolonged periods at ground level, but these are shockingly, horrifying above unsafe concentrations, which OSHA identifies as as above 50 ppm (50,000 ppb). We are certainly breathing sustained elevated concentrations down here on the ground, and what it means is that even those of us with robust respiratory systems that are not sensitive to the high levels of particulate matter in the air are suffering from chronic low-key oxygen deprivation. Feel like you can't think? Have no energy? Can't stay awake? That's why. Teachers need to be supported in order to support students. Their health and well-being matters, as well as that of the greater community. There can be no such thing as “getting behind”, when the neurological capacity for growth and learning are limited due to the nature of the current environment. Teaching to the ideal conditions is a fool’s measure; we must adapt to the conditions that exist. Just as you close schools for unprecedented weather systems that disrupt daily activities, it is appropriate to close schools for unprecedented environmental health threats that disrupt daily activities. Students, teachers, and staff need to focus on health, safety, and self-care during these hazardous air quality days. We cannot evacuate Portland; there is literally nowhere for Portland to go. But we are facing unprecedented and unelucidated health risks, and that PPS is expecting employees and learners to proceed as if it were business as usual is absolutely irresponsible, negligent, and untenable. Please shut it down. Sincerely, Mxm Bloc
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    Created by Kalera Stratton
  • Inmate Firefighters Deserve Real Jobs in Oregon
    These fire crews work tirelessly to serve and save our state when we're at our most vulnerable. Yet, they are denied access as they re-enter into society. They put their lives on the line for us, let's give them the opportunity to start new, serve the community, and create a new life with the skills and experience they possess.
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    Created by Kate Woods
  • Support Veterans United To Stop The Border Wall
    Right now, the Trump administration is in a mad dash to build a border wall before the elections in order to rally an increasingly violent racist base of supporters, seizing public and private lands and tossing aside over 40 federal laws. The flagship piece of the wall runs right through the city of Laredo, TX a densely populated city right on the Rio Grande river. If built, the wall would stoke further anti-immigrant hatred across the country, and impose destruction on border towns and cities for generations. There is no "national emergency" happening in Laredo. That is a manufactured story created by the administration. Laredo is actually safer and more peaceful than most US cities. The wall serves no actual security purpose. In truth, the wall is a symbol meant to stoke racism across the country. It also has lasting, devastating impacts on the communities in which it is built. The border wall in Laredo would carve a path of destruction through Laredo, TX destroying public spaces, historic structures, public parks, private homes, places of worship, even a children's home run by Catholic nuns. The wall is not just a fence, it would be a 30 foot tall prison wall more than twice the height of the Berlin Wall. It is a 200 foot wide security corridor, that would militarize the entire waterfront of Laredo, which is precious to the people of Laredo, and has been theirs for for 265 years. Laredo depends on the Rio Grand for 100% of it's drinking water. If built, the zone would not only cut off all 250,000 residents from accessing their river, the now federally owned zone would void over 25 federal laws protecting water, land and air quality. Stand with the vets who are defending their city. Please sign this petition to have our vets' backs. Also, CLICK HERE TO WATCH an epic video of the actions that vets and the community are taking to stop the wall. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=325605755230333 Thank you! FOLLOW US on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vets-United-To-Stop-The-Wall-111198500719227 Once you sign the petition, there are 3 other things you can do: 1) Send the vets a PERSONAL LETTER OF SUPPORT https://forms.gle/L2rZdn2e8YJc1EcP7 2) SIGN UP with No Border Wall Coalition for updates on the Vets' actions: www.noborderwallcoalition.com All solidarity is welcomed, Deepest thanks, Vets United to Stop The Border Wall, The No Border Wall Coalition, Laredo, TX
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    Created by maxine rebeles
  • Stop the fracked gas export terminal in the Delaware River
    The Delaware River Basin Commission was established in 1961 by the Governors of your states and President Kennedy to protect this vital river basin that provides drinking water for over 15 million people. Yet right now the DRBC is failing to live up to its mandate with New Fortress Energy’s Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal project that will set a dangerous national precedent for the transportation of extremely volatile fracked gas by trucks and rail tank cars to export the gas overseas. The company is using the Delaware River as it’s testing grounds for an expedited plan to get around federal safety regulations instead planning to send hundreds of trucks and rail tank cars per day across the river watershed for export overseas from the site of an old DuPont munitions plant in Gibbstown, NJ. Trump signed an Executive Order last year to fastrack LNG by rail and his administration issued a special permit for this project. The DRBC wrongfully approved this project without looking at all the facts or providing the public with adequate input to express concerns and expert testimony over a year ago. This project has been cloaked in secrecy. Recently in July, the DRBC’s Hearing Officer ruled that they had done nothing wrong in handling this permit application or approval after formally hearing the case from a regional organization - Delaware Riverkeeper Network. The DRBC Hearing Officer ignored the potential impacts that this project can have on the water quality of the river including how the proposed site for the export terminal has PCBs and how these and other pollutants at the site could be disturbed by dredging the river. Furthermore, concerns about disturbance of pollution from the old DuPont munitions plant, including contamination with toxic and carcinogenic nitrobenzene, and others such as aniline, and mercury, have not been adequately addressed. The Hearing Officer also refused to accurately consider impacts on the ecosystem of the river including the federally endangered Atlantic sturgeon, rare freshwater mussels and their habitats at this location. Lastly, the DRBC refuses to look at the impact the over 1600 truck trips and up to two 100-car trainloads of LNG per day could have to the river basin as well as public safety. If there is a release of LNG in an accident, the fire burns so hot it can’t be extinguished, the vapor cloud can explode and cause catastrophic damage for miles, and people nearby can die. In fact, 22 rail tank cars have the equivalent force of the Hiroshima bomb. Thousands of people are speaking out. A large group of doctors and health experts and scientists have written about the dangers of the facility to public health. Let’s heed their warning. We ask you to reject the Hearing Officer’s findings, rescind the existing permit and stop this project!
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    Created by Mark Ruffalo