• Term Limits for Congress
    Fix our Federal Government. Limit our US and State Congressmen to two consecutive terms in office. This would end corruption and cronyism. Term limits downgrade seniority, favors meritocracy. Increases competition, encourages new challengers. Builds a ‘citizen’ Congress, drives out career politicians. Breaks ties to special interests. Improves tendency to vote on principle. Introduces fresh thinking, new ideas, eliminates 'old bulls'. Reduces power of staff, bureaucracy, lobbies. It will create a natural reduction in wasteful federal spending. Encourages lower taxes, smaller government, greater voter participation in elections. While this will require a constitutional amendment that we should all support.
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    Created by Mary Rosenthal
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2012
    Save our country and ourselves and our progeny!
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    Created by Ranall Simonton
  • Save Lives
    Protecting soldiers and their family from radiation poisoning
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    Created by Deborah Hinton
  • Congressional Term Limits
    Our current Congress is dysfunctional in serving its constituents - America's voters. The source of this dysfunction is "Power which tends to corrupt and absolute power which corrupts absolutely". Power grows with longevity in Congress, where some members are more concerned with self interests, as opposed to the interests of voters who put them there. A change in course is needed to elect Senators and Representatives that respond to voters' needs, not those of special interests and big money.
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    Created by Anthony Dziedzic
  • Social Security Trust Fund
    Congress and the President are poised to make changes to the Social Security Trust Fund. Congress owes the Social Security Trust fund 2.6 Trillion dollars. We are asking them to leave Social Security alone until every penny owed the "Trust" Fund has been repaid. These monies were paid into the Trust by hardworking and trusting workers and employers. who were underd the impression that the funds they were paying into Social Security would be there when they reached retirement. Had these funds not been re-appropriated by Congress , Social Security would be solvent today.
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    Created by Obelia M. Parker
  • Repeal Lebanon Rescue Enterprise Acct, Require Resident Approval
    Lebanon Rescue had it's account changed to an Enterprise account last year. This change meant Rescue does not require resident approval for spending and budgets as is is done for ALL other town departments. Immediately after the change, the department committed the town to tens of thousands on new equipment purchases and also never clearly explained the financing of the new ambulance purchase. This was even after being pressed by the Budget Committee and Residents during the last the Town Meeting. The point is residents had NO SAY in this extra spending or ANY of the spending. The purpose of this petition is to change the department account back to a standard account as it always was, once again requiring residents approval of the departments budget and it's spending as is done for all other departments via annual referendum vote.
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    Created by Glen Stadig
  • Fire Congress
    They simply are not doing their job, so they should be fired. But the only ones in authority to do that are the people: us.
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    Created by Chris Cannon
  • Congress is comprised of citizens
    Members of Congress allow themselves to enact laws that make congress a privileged class. This should not be constitutional. We should amend the constitution to insure that congress does not enhance the standing of it's members excluding the citizenry, nor damage the standing of the citizenry while making themselves immune to that damage.
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    Created by Ron Flannery
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interests”. Patrick Henry Congress votes for their own raises, gets free healthcare and retirement while the rest of the country struggles financially. retirement
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    Created by Pat Cole
  • Publicly Funded Elections
    With the undue influence of corporations in our elections as a result of the Citizens United Decision, our only means of regaining our democracy is to have a Constitutional Amendment for publicy funded elections on a national, state and local basis. This can only be accomplished by a grass roots movement, the people who must initiate an Amendment, the House and Senate, are already safely entrenched in their situation with money from corporations, etc.
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    Created by Steve Georgeff
  • Public Campaign Financing Now
    With the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United, corporations are allowed to put in unlimited amounts of funds into a candidate's campaign. This is a threat to democracy as it drowns out free speech rights and voices of individuals and distorts the electoral process. Also, instant runoff voting allows for more proportional representation by other than the primary two political parties.
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    Created by James Lindsay
  • Return Congress To The Voters
    The only way American democracy and our Republic will survive is to eliminate Congressional seniority and unlimited corporate contributions. We are calling for a constitutional amendment to provide two terms for all federal elected officials and to redefine that only live, natural human beings are "persons." Congress represents contributors' interest, not the voters. The seniority system is undemocratic. Being repeatedly reelected gives a senator or congressman more power than those who are new to congress. This enables them to raise enormous amounts of money for their own reelection and those of other representatives whose votes they control. To eliminate this we need to limit the terms of elected officials just like the President's two term limit. With seniority gone each representative's power will equal every other elected representative's power. Without the ridiculous decision that corporations and other artificial entities are "persons" under the Constitution enabling them to contribute billions unrestricted into political campaigns, Congress could restrict political contributions reasonably to prevent artificially created financial entities (corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) from owning Congress. Unless we do this, our democracy, our Repucblic and our nation's middle class are doomed.
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    Created by Jay Curtis