• Nationalize the Banking Industry
    Why are all our homes banked owned? Why do we borrow from "commercial" banks for our home loans at a much higher rate of interest than what the banks pay to the Fed? Why do we have commercial banks acting as "middle men" to access our country's money supply for profit and abuse?
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    Created by Bud Meyers
  • No More Privileged Status for Politicians
    The political system in the United States has created a "privileged class" of politicians, both in the Senate & Congress, who earn far more than is justifiable and receive special benefits and healthcare, even after the end of their careers. "We the People" are supposed to dictate the course of government in this country, not a privileged minority. With all men & women created equal, Senators and Congressmen should be subject to the same healthcare and benefits as working class Americans and, in this time of economic austerity, receive a significant pay-cut putting them on par with the American working class average salary. After all, our taxes pay for their privileges, and We The People can no longer afford it.
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    Created by J.Palazzo
  • In-State Control of State Initiatives
    In recent years, individuals, PACs, and corporations based outside of California, state regulations and California Citizens' influences have run and funded initiatives to change the laws and constitution of California. These groups base their initiatives on what is best for their agendas as opposed to what may be better for the actual Citizens of our state. Their money does not go to creating nor expanding employment in California, and often hurts our Citizenry in favor of these outside entities' interests. It should be required that any group, corporation, organization, or individuals who proposes and funds California Initiatives should originate, be duly licensed and operate as California Based.
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    Created by Miriam Alario
  • An End to Congressional Entitlements
    Congressional entitlements MUST be eliminated. Additionally, ANY payment from a special interest group will be considered illegal. Financial records should be scrutinized yearly by the IRS. Thus, they are to be made to equally abide by ALL THE SAME LAWS THEY IMPOSE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
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    Created by Joan Schochor
  • Rep (R) Joe Walsh: Denys he failed to pay 9 years of child support totaling $117K
    Not paying child support is not only an immoral offense, it's a crime punishable by jail in all 50 states. Millions of men and women across America have been incarcerated for not providing financial support to their children even though they had little to nothing to give. Hence, professional athletes have been dragged into court, with camera in their faces, in an attempt to embarrass and shame them, for not paying child support. On the other hand, a sworn US House of Representative has not been given the same attention. In fact, his failure to comply with COURT ORDERED Child Support has gone almost unnoticed. According to court papers, Representative (R), Joe Walsh has failed to pay 9 years of support to his ex-wife, Laura Walsh, for the support of their 3 children. Once Mr. Walsh's check had to be garnished. It's reported he owes his ex-spouse and children $117,437.00. Tax payers pay him a salary of $175,000.00 Instead of paying his children what they deserve, Mr. Walsh loaned his own campaign $35,000, then, he repaid himself. Additionally, he paid $20,000.00 to a former campaign worker. He took costly international vacations with two separate girlfriends in leiu of complying with his COURT ORDER. Needless to say, he has become a high income earner. Though he earned income, he neglected his children's need in exchange for a lavash life style of the rich and powerful. Mr. Walsh neglected his obligation for so long that he no longer valued his financial obligation. For example, he obmitted the $117K arrearage from his Disclosure Form that all elected officials are obligated to complete. His omission was an act of blatant evasion. Mr. Walsh's integrity and fitness to serve in Congress should be called in to question. Consider a former staffer had to sue him. And, a second campaign staffer quit because he felt Mr. Walsh's abused his campaign fund. Improper use of campaign funds suppose to be a serious offense. Put all Rep. Walsh's offensives together, you have an elected official unfit to serve this country. Mr. Walsh places a higher standard on the president, government, and citizens. However, he does not place the same high standards on himself. In closing, Rep Walsh has an annual Congressional's salary of $175,000.00 plus medical benefit, asked the Court to sanction Laura Walsh, whom he owes over $117,000.00 in child support. This latest request clearly confirms his arrogant; he is irresponsible, and he is not accountable for his action as well poor judgment. He is unfit to serve the people of Illinois and this country. He should resign! He should not be given a Pass.
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    Created by Citizen for America
  • Cut pay and benefits to elected officials
    Our federally elected officials are not in touch with the reality lived by their constituents. They deserve to be compensated for their work, but shared sacrifice demands that they share in the budgetary cuts and challenges that face those constitutents.
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    Created by Kathryn Moore
  • Limit Terms for Congress and Senate
    With the total lack of bi-partianship, the "old school" ways of the far right and left, and the desire of our citizens to "throw out the old, bring in the new", why not refresh the Senate and Congress by limiting everyone to 2 terms in office? Stop the voting for the incumbent syndrome, return these folks to their jobs and reality.
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    Created by Susan Hambelton
  • Congress Needs to Take a Pay Cut!
    Congressman Eric Canter wants to offset Disaster Relief costs with Budget Cuts. Worse he has the gall to say so following tornadoes and hurricanes that caused multiple deaths while taking a government pay check and wearing a $2000 suite! Congressman Southerland of Florida claims it’s a burden to serve in Congress and he’s not being fairly compensated for his suffering: long hours, time away from family (being in Washington for 2 out of every 3 weeks and only getting the month of August at home to make up for it) and the treat to his life that come with the $174,000 a year – it could be worse, he could be going through all that in a war zone for 1/4th of that pay check.
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    Created by Nicole M. Gilly
  • Impeach the impostor
    We need truth and accountability back in the White House again.
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    Created by dhw1949
  • Help Save the U S Postal Service
    Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) is attempting to introduce legislation which would dismantle the Postal Service and the collective bargaining agreement between labor & management. He states that the Postal Service is "bleeding money". Far from being a burden on the taxpayer, the USPS has, according to reports by the Inspector General and outside auditors, been overcharged by $50-75 BILLION for its employees pensions, thus subsidizing the Federal Treasury. In addition, in 2006, Congress and President Bush imposed an additional $5.5 billion annual tax on the USPS. The tax was supposedly to finance the health benefits of potential future postal retirees. The Postal Service is the ONLY organization, public-private-or government, required to make such a payment.
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    Created by Barry K Rogers
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    Created by JEROME GELOVER
  • Governing, Not Fundraising
    Elected officials spend the majority of their time raising money for re-election. To often re-election is their primary concern when deciding how to vote. Their vote can be influenced by fear of being challenged when they run for re-election.
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    Created by Maureen Bureson