• Constitutional Ammendment
    Amend the Constitution to: 1. repeal any ruling like the Citizens United ruling that allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to Congress, State and Local representative and candidates. 2. restrict the amount of money that Lobbyists can receive. 3. restrict the amount of money that Lobbyists can contribute to Congress, State and Local representative and candidates and causes.
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    Created by Michael Willis
  • Congressional Amendment
    Congress has become non-functional and is comprised of too many lobby-supported professional politicians. The time has come to take back our government, limit their terms in office, and elect those who reflect the will of the people.
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    Created by S. D. Thompson
  • Tax the rich
    To give equal rights to the lower class and THE MIDDLE CLASS!
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    Created by Matt Laughlin
  • Ask Congress to Tighten their belts too!
    While congressmen have continuously asked the American people to sacrifice and tighten their belts during this economic crises, while they are cutting funds for education, welfare and social programs in order to reduce the deficit, while they claim that it is OK for Americans to get a cut in their wages they have not done the same thing they are preaching to us. We, the people, are their employers. Being a congressman or woman is supposed to be a service to the nation, an honor not a lucrative career with benefits for life, with perks such as not paying for gas while we have to continue paying outrageous prices at the pump. If we sacrifice, so should they. Request that they show their concern, their patriotism by reducing their salaries by 40%, to get private insurance like we do and pay their share and, no more life-long pensions… if 401K is so great, let them get a 401K plan and remove the pension plan from their benefit.
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    Created by Marilena Noy
    Call to action to pass the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.
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    Created by Bob Welch
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  • Separation of Politics and Money
    Our politicians pass laws that have been bought and paid for by corporate and special interests. If we want a government that is truly "by and for the people" we must separate politics from the obscene amount of money it currently consumes. In order to get a government that cares about the citizens more than the big-money donors, we must radically reform campaign financing.
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    Created by KJ Lowry
  • Congressional Term Limitations
    For many years and several Presidential terms now, our government shows more and more everyday how the most serious issues facing our Congress are decided by political wars, self-interests and pocket-lining, rather than what serves the best interests of our taxpayers and citizens. We propose that TERM LIMITATIONS be imposed on the members of our House and Senate so that matters may be dealt with more objectively and in favor of the people. Several states saw the benefit of term limitations long ago and they are self-imposed. The vast majority of states have not been willing to see the benefit to such a policy. We would suggest that a member of the House not serve more than three consecutive terms and a member of the Senate not more than 2 consecutive terms. Currently, 60-78% of voters support this measure. Please show your support for a stronger, more effective government that is once again FOR THE PEOPLE and not just the players in Congress. Help to ENACT TERM LIMITATIONS NOW!
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    Created by Richard C. Pinches
  • Government Anti-Corruption Petition
    We need to fight against corruption in our government! I haven't talked to anyone, no matter their political beliefs, that doesn't think this is the root of most if not all of our problems. So i've come up with this short list of remedies to fight against the corruption that is crippling our great country. 1. Publically fund all campaigns local, state and national. 2. Cap the amount of money each candidate could spend proportionate to the office they are seeking. 3. Require all media as a condition of their license to operate in this country, to provide equal time to all qualified candidates and their views. 4. Outlaw the lobby system. Make receiving gifts or money etc. i.e. any compensation or promise of such an act of treason and punishable as such.
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    Created by Keith Koelling
  • Congressional Reform Act of 2011
    Congress enjoys privileges that are not afforded the American people. They vote themselves pay raises, have private health care plans, tenure and high pensions regardless of terms of service. It is time to equalize Congress with the American people they serve and help them perform citizen service as envisioned by our founding fathers.
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    Created by andrea lynn jobe
  • Out Lobbyists
    All lobbying needs to be out in the open - no more hidden conversations, quid pro quo deals. The withdrawing of the E.P.A. recommendations on Clean Air is just another in a horrendously long line of examples where our elected officials have been bought off by big corporations. It is the last straw.
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    Created by Beatrice Shushan
  • Corporations are not people
    Many problems in campaign financing stem from corporations financing political campaigns. Their right to do so stems from them being considered "people" under the law. Laws can be changed.
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    Created by Bruce Korb