• Term limits for U. S. Congress and Senate members
    We are asking the American public to vote on making a two term limit for all U.S. Congress members and U.S. Senators. The President and Vice President are both limited to two concurrent terms in office and must vacate the White House after a second term.
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    Created by Shahid Raki
  • Congress?
    I don't know why congress wants to change both the military pay and the post office pay. In what other "job" can you work for 4 years and then retire and get your whole salary paid to you for life plus health benefits and other benefits. Why doesn't congress look at itself and give the US citizens the same benefits that they get? Warren Buffet has the right idea in that the top 2% of the people who earn the most (of which constitutes most of the congress) shoud pay their fair share of taxes and not get all of the loopholes plus all of the perks.
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    Created by Anne Elmes
  • We Can Still Save America
    The financial mess, the jobs loss, the housing debacle, the debt ceiling fiasco; career politicians have been ruining our Country with their own self interests ahead of Americas. Term limits of Senators (2) and Congressmen (3) must be put to a national referendum. If a Senator can't accomplish his goals for us in twelve years, or a Congressman in six years, they must return to their previous profession. Spend your time in Washington working for the Country rather than perpetuating your own interest as a lifetime politician.
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    Created by Jay Hergott
  • Get Congress Real
    It's time to rein in congressional perks. Senators and representatives don’t run to serve their constituents, they run to get a seat on the gravy train that congressional perks have created. The Constitution envisioned legislative service as an honor – not a path to entitlement. This proposal would renew that charter. It would deter the most mercenary Congressional aspirants and should help refocus sitting members.
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    Created by Phil Kann
    A Constitutional Amendment of overrule Citizens United v. FEC. 80 % of Americans do not believe that corporations should have political rights and rights under the 14th AMENDMENT. After all corporations are creatures of the state. They have gone multi-national now; so that it is possible for a foreign corporation to control our elections. When there can be unlimited contributions by corporations, the system is corrupted.
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    Created by Lem Howell
  • How to Fix Congress - Reform act of 2011
    The Congress of the United States Has Completely ignored the wishes of most of American People - a phrase they throw around VERY lightly. They are not interested in the middle class and the poor, only in corporations and special interests - their business is the business of getting reelected!. It's time to put a stop to this!
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    Created by Georgiann Robbins
  • No career politicians
    Let’s eliminate pensions for elected officials. After all, we do not want them staying around until retirement; we need a little new blood in there every couple of years. So, like every other American who is not covered by a retirement plan, Members of Congress and others can contribute more to their IRAs each year.
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    Created by Eric Benson
  • Campaign Finance Reform
    To Combat "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" ruling of The Supreme Court" that opened the door to unlimited donations to political candidates, we must reform our campaign laws to allow only government funds for all political offices.
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    Created by Mike Pouran
  • Save military pensions
    Right now the Department of Defense and Congress are targeting military pensions as a cost saving effort. Military members who have been in less than 20 years but planning on retiring would have their entire retirement wiped away in a pen stroke, replaced with a 401(K) system. As a military spouse I am calling on President Obama, Congress and the Department of Defense to find spending cuts elsewhere and provide our military families the safety of a pension so they can be sure they have enough to live on later in life.
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    Created by Nicole Poore
  • Just Say No To The Return Of Jim Crow
    Republicans and members of the Tea Party are determined to destroy this nation and blaming it on President Obama. We have not recovered from the policies of President Bush and the attacks we are taking from these conservatives should be considered nothing less than Home-Grown Terrorism! We are calling on President Obama to be diligent in protecting us from these Republican Tea Party attacks.
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    Created by Eric R. McCarroll
  • Term and Benefits Limits for Congress
    All members of Congress should have term limits: Senators should be elected for not more than two terms of three years each, and Representatives should be elected for no more than two terms of three years each. Their benefits, including health care and pension, should be terminated at the time they are replaced. In this way, the members who run the government will know EXACTLY how the rest of the America middle class lives.
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    Created by David L. Meth
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    Created by Carl W. Robinson