• Elect Maine's Governor by Instant Runoff Election (Ranked Choice Voting)
    Paul LePage would never have become governor if we were allowed to vote by ranking candidates in order of preference. Most of the votes for Libby Mitchell would have gone to Eliot Cutler or vice versa, and one of them would have won. Within the past few years, instant run-off voting (IRV) has been successfully used in several municipal elections across the nation. IRV enables one to vote for his/her true first choice, while indicating a second and third choice candidate. In the event that no candidate garners 50% plus one vote, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated, and voters who ranked that candidate first have their votes recast to their second choice candidate. This process is repeated until one candidate garners 50% plus one vote. IRV avoids sequential run-off elections and enables the voter to cast a "single transferable vote," ensuring that the winning candidate has a majority.
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    Created by Stephen Zaccaro
  • Congress Cut Your Pay
    Our country's representatives should show their solidarity with the American people in this time of economic downfall by taking a pay reduction. By signing this petition, we would send a message to Congress that we want to see more than just an intellectual identification with the American people. Congress will most impact the American people's faith and trust in our system with tangible sacrifice. This reduction in salary must be made immediately for optimal effectiveness.
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    Created by Ceaser A. Hancock
  • Congress Join the rest of us!
    If congress had the same medical plan, medicare, and the same retirement supplement plan, social security, their actions and votes in congressional sessions would have more value since it would effect them as well.
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    Created by Andy D. D'Amato
  • Congress to go on Social Security
    All of congress to go on Social Security and eliminate their current retirement program.
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    Created by Charles Pellicci
  • Face the Drug War's Failure
    Shall we forever entice terrorists, cartels and gangs to seek enormous profits so easily generated by defying laws against a select few plant products?
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    Created by Dean Becker
  • Remove Rick Perry
    With only 33% of the whole Texas vote Perry won as our governor. I am 23 years old and believe that with more than half the vote we can show America how we really feel about Rick Perry and his "success in Texas".
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    Created by Monique Joseph
  • Limited Terms for Congress, Senate.
    We are all sick of Washingtons games, We need new faces and fresh ideas. Lets make a stand and get 500,000 signatures to let Washington know that they are there for us and not the lobbiest! It's about time they take our best interests into thought and not how they will stay in the seat they now Sit! 2 Term limit.
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    Created by Gavin Groesbeck
  • Commensurate Reduction in Congressional Compensation
    In any deficit reduction packages, Congressional compensation must be lowered in accord with proposed reductions in compensation for federal employees or repicients of governmental assistance.
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    Created by Meredith Anderson
  • American Hemp: The 28th Amendment
    America was founded at a time when hemp was a common commodity, yet profoundly important. So important in fact that the first three Presidents of the United States praised hemp and encouraged it's growth throughout the states. We are petitioning to have hemp cultivation recognized as the valuable industry it is and amended into the Constitution to never be Prohibited to future generations.
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    Created by Jon Marsh
  • Constitutional Amendment mandating public financing of all elections
    With the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, unlimited amounts of special interest money will be spent to influence elections. Too many of our elected representatives are beholden to their big campaign donors. All elections need to be publicly financed to ensure that our elected representatives do what's in the best interests of their constituents and the country rather than what's in the best interests of their big campaign donors. Only a constitutional amendment mandating public financing of all elections will guarantee that the U.S. Is a true constitutional democracy.
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    Created by John Bird
  • Lawmakers will lose pay if the nations budget or our dept crisis isn't passed by the due date.
    Just like california law Prop 25 ; California lawmakers will start losing their pay if they don't complete a balanced budget. "We The People" as workers don't do our job where we work at "we dont get paid" so why should the lawmakes of this country be any different?
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    Created by Kell Valdez Sr.
  • Separation of church and state
    The politics surrounding the definition of "marriage", causes significant diversion from critical issues. The institution of marriage pre-dates the US constitution and hence the government should not be involved in defining it. All that the government needs, is to define when two people belong to the same "household unit".
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    Created by sarnath