• Drop the Medicare In Home Rule Now
    The Medicare In Home Rule refuses wheelchairs or home chore assistance for people with degenerative neuromuscular disabilities until they have become completely paralyzed. It also refuses to provide wheelchairs if people leave their homes, except for doctor visits. This not only creates painful isolation, it costs taxpayers more because without household help and access to exercise and and social opportunities - both of which help alleviate pain - medical conditions worsen and nursing homes may become the only option. Many negative things result at that point, but included among them are: 1. More money spent by Medicare for conditions that could be avoided; 2. More taxes paid at the state level, because when people run out of money Medicaid becomes the primary payor.
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    Created by peggy coster
  • We're for a single-payer health plan
    Improved Medicare-for-All as a single-payer health plan is sometimes called could coverage everyone at a lower total cost with better health results as is done in all other wealthy countries. By drastically reducing administrative costs as Medicare already does and jettisoning expensive and reprehensible incentives based on profit-maximization rather than health maximization, single-payer is both logical and moral.
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    Created by Mark Johnson
    Stop protecting the Doctor's, Hospital Administrators, Medical Staff, CareGivers to the Mentally Ill. These Professions need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and non-actions when attending to the Mentally Ill. A Mentally Ill person does not have their total faculties to make appropriate decisions for themselves and when they are in the care of others - The OTHERS need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for the care of or lack of care of and not be protected by the system making the Victim be victimized twice; one by their illness the other by the system! "Follow-Up" Feature on WSVN-7, aired 1/5/2011 > http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/investigations/MI90716/ News Article by Sun-Sentinel News > http://southflorida.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-hk-baker-act-death-20101204,0,325097.story "Initial" Feature on WSVN-7 end of 2010. http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/investigations/MI90053/
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    Created by Patricia Taime
  • Implanted medical device safety
    The Institute of Medicine on 7/29/11 reported that the FDA process of clearing implanted medical devices for the U.S. market is fatally flawed and should be scrapped. Joint replacement is now the #1 expenditure of Medicare. The FDA charter must be updated from the 1976 OLD version to provide substantially greater safeguards for patients.
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    Created by Joleen Chambers
  • Mr. Catania: Make Dying People a Home Health Care Priority in D.C.
    We need your help because people have a right to die at home among people who love them and in familiar environments. Expedited Medicaid Waiver application reviews for home health care are no longer available to hospice patients because we have reached our maximum number of program participants. We must create and reserve 200 "slots" for hospice patients and continue the city's previous efforts to expedite these applications.
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    Created by Shirley Tabb - Case Manager
    Currently the FDA is mostly funded by application fees submitted by big pharmaceutical corporations for approval of their newest drugs. Its top tier officials are also former execs from these same companies. The FDA operates autonomously with no accountability to any branch of government, yet they're responsible for our public health. Time for reform!
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    Created by Terry Stokes
  • Cuts in Medicaid Mean Life or Death for Me
    Federal and State governments are turning to Medicaid for cuts in the very cost-saving community living programs and these cuts would force people with disabilities and the elderly into more expensive institutions.
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    Created by Linda Williams
  • Health Care for the Everyone
    This petition has to do with getting rid of insurance companies handling health care. It is time that we join the rest of the developed world in providing health care for all individuals who are citizens or legal tax paying residents of this country with adequate health care that will be covered by any hospital or doctor. It is time that we look at health care as we do police protection and public education. It should be funded by taxes instead of premiums to insurance companies. Everyone should have opportunities for the same kind of care. Doctors and hospitals should not have the right to refuse to care for you because of how your health care is covered. There would no longer be an issue of remaining in your job because of the health care benefits that are provided. You would not lose coverage because you lost your job.
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    Created by phyllis ginsburg
  • Gay Men Should be Allowed to Donate Blood
    There is an FDA rule instituted during the 1980s, during the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, that prohibits men who have had sex with men since 1977 from donating blood. This rule made sense then, but almost thirty years later there are far more sophisticated and rapid tests that are administered to all prospective blood donors. As the "window period" regarding HIV infection is weeks or months, rather than 34 years, this rule both unnecessarily limits the supply of blood from healthy donors and is discriminatory. I urge the United States to follow the lead of Great Britain, which changed a similar rule there earlier this year.
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    Created by Andrew J. Heugel
  • Demand Kansas' Early Innovator Grant's Acceptance
    Governor Sam Brownback recently returned a $31.5 million dollar federal grant to create a Kansas Health Care Exchange System. Kansas was chosen as an early innovator by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This grant's funding was long considered and the Kansas Insurance Commissioner had worked hard to begin a process to save all Kansans money in purchasing health insurance. Governor Brownback out of ideological and political beliefs rejected the federal monies allocated to Kansas.
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    Created by David Wilkinson
  • Hold healthcare executives responsible
    Hold healthcare executives responsible for the damage they have done to people. In my case these people need to be charged with attempted murder, nothing more nothing less.
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    Created by Jo Joshua Godfrey
    Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board wants to close the children's ward, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. This would force families to travel with sick children to hospitals in Glasgow, often with poor public transport access. The closure may also have a catastrophic domino effect on other services at the RAH.
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    Created by SAVE RAH KIDS WARD