• Sign The Petition to Legalize CFC Asthma, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis Inhalers
    The scientifically, medically and morally unjustifiable ban of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) Asthma, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis inhalers by the FDA, pursuant to the Montreal Protocol and the U.S. Clean Air Act https://www.savecfcinhalers.org/
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    Created by Liane Chan
  • No Cuts to Medicare!
    GOP-proposed assualt on Medicare
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    Created by Friends of Michelle Lujan Grisham
  • Stop Blue Cross Blue Shield's Last Minute Rate Increase!
    While posting record profits and handing out multi-million dollar bonuses to their Illinois-based executives, Blue Cross Blue Shield just proposed another double-digit increase on New Mexico insurance customers. BCBS is pushing this increase through just before new consumer protection regulations take effect forcing them to publicly justify their rate increase. Don't let that happen! Tell BCBS to stop raising New Mexico insurance rates to support record profits and pay big bonuses to out of state executives.
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    Created by Know Your Care New Mexico
  • Provide our Military with the Chiropractic Benefits that they deserve.
    TRICARE, the health care program serving active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, families and survivors worldwide, does not provide chiropractic benefits. Therefore, our military and their families are forced to pay for their chiropractic care as they understand the benefit that chiropractic provides for them. Please help us support those who protect us by providing them the healthcare that they deserve by supporting HR409 Chiropractic Health Parity for Military Beneficiaries Act. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h112-409 F
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    Created by Adam Keefe
    Meningitis Vaccination/ Let us STOP THE SILENT KILLER OF 2500 Americans Annually!
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    Created by Letitia Carter
  • 2012 Florida Ballot: Medicinal Marijuana
    Sign this petition to get Medicinal Marijuana on the 2012 Florida Ballot.
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    Created by Gary Mejia
  • FDA Blocks Life-Saving Drug, Herceptin T DM-1
    Her2 Breast Cancer patients suffer from one of the most aggressive breast cancers. Herceptin T DM-1 is a revolutionary drug that has shown great results.It has been successfully tested in humans for over 4 years. Yet last Sept. 1, 2010 this FDA decided to block approval, and run more trials , until 2013 ! The drug it is being tested against has been shown already to have many more side effects to the patient and a lower quality of life. Why are they making Stage 4 patients wait, and suffer more ???
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    Created by Phil McCartin
  • Lubbock Needs a Public Health Dept.
    Lubbock is poised to become the largest city in the United States without a health dept. Mayor Martin and others in the city government want to close the Health Dept and fragment services. We are asking the citizens of Lubbock to stand up for keeping this essential service that protects the public health and safety.
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    Created by Brian D. Carr, Ph.D.
  • Don't Change Michigan's Auto No-Fault System
    House Bill 4936, which is a merging of the original Senate Bills 293 and 294, has been introduced on September 14, 2011 because the original bills were cancelled due to overwhelming opposition. House Bill 4936 is still proposing changes to Michigan's Auto No-Fault System which will affect auto accident victims who need medical care because of their injuries. 4936 will still decrease the amount insurance companies pay for medical care which will lead to loss of jobs in the home care sector, a decrease in tax revenue for the State, and increased costs to the Medicaid system. The changes will hurt the State, Michigan Citizens, Auto Accident Victims, and Home Healthcare Businesses. To read the proposed bill go to www.legislature.mi.gov and enter 4936 into the bill search box
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    Created by Centria Healthcare
  • Government cuts should start in House and Senate
    My Father has worked his entire life and had no choice but to go on Social Security Disability because of several health issues. Unfortunately his monthly $1500 stipend is all he has to pay his living expense which is not enough to cover his medical expenses that Medicare won't cover and is considered too much to qualify for any Medicaid assistance. As a result he continues to suffer from infections in his jaw because he is now up to 4 teeth that have broken off (roots still in jaw) and he is STILL unable to get the needed dental work. Our Government's fix is to keep him going to his MD for antibiotics (that he pays) every 2-3 months when his jaw gets too swollen or the pain gets too much for him to bare. I guess he should consider going to another country to benefit from the great American aid. How many others Americans are suffering while our politicians make certain that their families will be taken care of for generations - Doesn't sound like all men are created equal? STOP THE MADNESS; IT’S TIME TO CLEAN UP OUR OWN BACKYARD BEFORE WE PLANT FLOWERS IN SOMEONE ELSES!
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    Created by Tammy Mader
  • Support HIV & Anal Cancer Screening study
    We are seeking sign-ons from HIV/AIDS community organizations in support of this study to prove that screening for anal cancer in HIV+ people will eliminate needless deaths and suffering--just like cervical cancer screening has done for women for over 40 yrs. This is by necessity a large and expensive study, but without it payers will never approve the screening procedures needed to prevent anal cancer in HIV+ people. Please sign, and distribute widely to other AIDS organization fo sign as well. Thanks! Jeff Taylor AIDS Malignancy Consortium community representative
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    Created by Jeff Taylor
  • 6 month rule leaves too many people uninsured
    An individual with a pre-existing medical condition can now get health insurance from the new state or federal pre-existing condition insurance plans but only if he has been uninsured for at least the last 6 months before applying. The 6 month rule is prohibiting too many Americans from purchasing this very affordable health insurance. Unemployed workers who just lost their COBRA coverage need this new insurance plan. Self-employed and part-time individuals who pay the highest insurance premiums need this new insurance plan. But they can't get it unless they take the risk of going without health insurance for 6 months.
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    Created by Jo Ann Fields