• Outragous $350 Part D Insurance
    If you have Medicare and Medicade, you have to have an approved carrier. Well, this year the majority of the carriers have a premium ranging from $0 - $170 and deductibles ranging from $0 - $350. Most of them are $350. The click in all of this great plan is that they can change what you pay month to month for your medicines. In one sixmonth period you pay one amount lower then it changes to 4x the amount in the next six months or it can be staggered in various months over the 12 month period. So basically you really only have two choices to pick from and if you take opiates or any kind of medicines like xanax you can look at spending at least $200 a month just on meds, because some companies tier their meds now, according to President Obama’s plan. So if you have any kind of insurance plan. You really should log on to the website or log on to the Medicare website and double check your options avoid register shock when check out at the pharmacy.
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    Created by Kathy Foust
  • Basic preventative health care for everyone.
    The best healthcare coverage must include preventative care. But not all private policies cover basic care uniformly or appropriate to age, ethnicity and gender. A taxpayer based single payor coverage (SPC) would provide everyone all tests, inoculations and medications through their doctor or clinic making us a healther nation. In turn we should expect and mandate lower private healthcare insurance premiums for individuals and businesses.
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    Created by Patrick Vingo
  • Medicare For Everyone
    1) Health care is a right. 2) Medicare is efficient. 3) A person with Medicare coverage can still buy a private supplemental policy. 4) Medicare For Everyone could be implemented in 6 months.
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    Created by Rudy Perpich
  • Nurse patient ratio
    There needs to be a standard in nursing care and one way to achieve that is be reducing the number of patients a nurse can take, if we make it a law then hospital and places of care will have to obey or be fined, thus in return allows better care to be provided, doesn't cause burn out and less errors or even death bc a nurse is unable to safely care for her patients in a timely mannor! It also will put the liability back on the hospital instead of the nurse if something should happen to the pt when the guidelines aren't being followed!
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    Created by Tarra
  • Stop Drug Price-Gouging
    Private and employer health insurance plans classify prescriptions using tiers to differentiate among generic, brand name and "non-preferred" brand name drugs. Any medication costing more than $600 is automatically placed on a specialty tier that requires patients to pay from 25 to 33 percent or more - rather than a flat rate. For many seniors on a fixed income, these life-saving drugs for everything from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis can cost upwards of $1,700 per month. Seniors who can't afford the medication often go without treatment.
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    Created by Becky Beaman
  • Shands Jacksonville Medical Center Granted Protection for Medical Mistakes
    Gov. Rick Scott's approval to sheild Shands Jacksonville from malpractice has opponents of the bill who have expressed concern that hospital staff may not perform as carefully as they should if immunity is extended. Victims of medical negligence at hospitals with sovereign immunity will have little or no recourse for covering their damages.This is because medical negligence claims are extremely complex and expensive to litigate. If a claimant must spend $50,000 on expert witnesses to bring the claim, by the time he or she has paid such expenses and lawyers, there is nothing left. As a result, there is no incentive for such victims to bring a claim. I know of no attorneys in Jacksonville who are currently willing to take cases against the doctors at Shands.
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    Created by Stacie Bennett
  • Amending IC Clinic hours to be more patient-centred
    We would like IC Clinic hours at St. Paul's Hospital to be amended to include early morning hours, to allow medical treatment for the majority of patients (who work daytime hours). While we greatly appreciate the health service provided by the IC Clinic, the current clinic schedule is planned for the convenience of nursing staff, and hospital administration. We would like the needs of patients to be taken into account in the planning. The majority of people who work full-time, work 9-5 (or 8-5). The current IC Clinic schedule means that patients with full-time 9-5 jobs cannot receive medical treatment. The schedule presumes that most people have employers willing to allow flexibility for staff to regularly attend appointments on staff time. The reality is unfortunately that many of us have employers who do not permit flexibility for regular appointments during work hours. Also, a number of us want to apply for full-time jobs, but cease to be candidates once it is explained that weekly or twice-weekly there are hours we cannot be available. We would like the hours to change, and feel that a patient-centred IC Clinic schedule would work better for the majority, and by enabling more of us to work and contribute to the economy, will ultimately be a better deal for taxpayers.
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    Created by Lisa Mighton
  • stop govenor lepage from taking away suboxone maintenance therapy
    Govenor lepage wants to put a cap on Buprenorphine (suboxone) therapy of two years and anyone currently receiving therapy that has been on it for two years will not be weened off but will have it taken away immedietly...this is a very important medication to help those with substance abuse problems get clean please don't let him take this away
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    Created by heather carlow
  • Florida Disability Grassroots: We need Adult Day Training Programs
    Florida Governor Rick Scott decided to cut the budget for people with disabilities which will lead per APD (Area offices) website information to 40%+ cuts for 2/3 of the costplans of Florida's most vulnerable disabled population. Rick Scott and APD Director Hansen decided in addition to those cuts to eliminate Adult Day Training Programs as a core (:needed) service. With this decision, they removed the previous guaranteed funding and parents as well as advocates fear the worst especially since the changes will happen in Spring 2012. Without Adult Day Training, parents are either forced to quit their job and care for their child, or give their adult child in an institution which breaks their heart (and cost Scott much more) or they leave their child alone at home from Monday-Friday during work hours. Current Medicaid Waiver disabled recipients have challenging disabilities and medical conditions, ranging from severe seizures, low IQ's, wheelchair bound and often unable to even move a arm, the need of receiving full assistance often through a 2-person-lift with changing attends/adult diapers or using a restroom, and most needing full assistance to eat. Many need positioning throughout the day to avoid bed sores and skin drafts. Much more could be listed her Florida's republican Governor shows no to ensure the safety of people with often severe and multiple disabilities. Tell Governor Rick Scott to stop cutting the funding for the developmental disabled population and to make Adult Day Training Programs (and transportation to ADT) again a core service.
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    Created by B
  • No smoking in bus shelters
    Maybe you've been there: You're sitting in a bus shelter -- the kinds with seats and roof, sometimes even walls -- and someone else lights up a cigarette. You get to inhale their secondhand smoke, even when it lingers after they've put it out. They tell you they have every right to smoke inside a bus shelter. Maybe they have so far, but we can change that, and have them step far enough away from the shelter that we won't be breathing their secondhand smoke even after they put the cigarette out, we won't still be breathing that smoke.
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    Created by julie rose
  • Save Health care for Low-Income and Disabled Mainers
    Governor Paul LePage is trying to push a bill through the Maine State Legislature that would slash the DHHS budget by $220 million, leaving 65,000 low-income and disabled Mainers with no health insurance, and decimating programs and services that work. Mainers have been fighting these cuts loud and strong, and it is having an impact. But we need to keep up the pressure. By signing this petition, you are letting your representatives know that these cuts are just not acceptable. In Maine, we believe in taking care of each other, and we believe that when people have access to needed healthcare services it keeps our state strong.
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    Created by Jennifer Lunden LCSW
  • Universal Health Care
    The worst part is that I have health insurance. And it still costs me over $500 per month for co-pays, prescriptions and necessary lab work not covered by my insurance. Then there is the physical therapy and chiropractic care not covered by my insurance to help eliminate enough pain so that I can continue to work. Why are the "working poor" allowed to bleed to death?
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    Created by Eileen Strangfeld