• Washington state legislators: Save our Critical Access Hospitals
    We are asking that no cuts be made to Washington's 38 Critical Access Hospitals. The cuts would eliminate cost-based reimbursement for their care of Medicaid patients while saving only 1.5% of its total spending on Medicaid. A small savings for the state but would cause these rural hospitals to drastically reduce their services, cut their staff or possibly close.
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    Created by Dianne J Diamond
  • California Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal: Stop Taking Vital Medications from Disabled Patients with ...
    Evidently due to budget cuts, in the last few weeks, many disabled patients on Medi-Cal through Anthem Blue Cross have gone in to their pharmacies to refill their prescriptions for Cymbalta and other medications, only to be told, as I was, "I'm sorry, that is no longer covered under your insurance program." "Oh," I said, "so, we have to do a T.A.R. for that now?" "No," she replied, "they don't do those anymore. They just don't cover it." Then she shrugged, and looked at me like she'd just informed me they'd quit carrying Dentyne. This is what happened to me. I am 52, on Disability (which is monetarily only around $700 a month, but is supposed to pay all my medical expenses, and fails to do so) for Severe Chronic Migraines and Bipolar Depression. I have other serious medical conditions as well, but the two most important medications in fighting the issues for which I was actually put on disability *for*, Migranal (migraines) and Cymbalta (depression) both of which are unique formulations, are no longer covered under Anthem's new drug formulary. The problem is that Cymbalta is a drug you cannot simply stop cold. It MUST be stepped down from slowly, and ALL physicians know this. However, NO ONE from the State or from Anthem thought to give ANY physicians, psychiatrists, or PATIENTS advanced warning that they would be cutting them off of their LIFELINE medication. So most, if not all, will find out, at the time they *run out* of their current prescription that it is no longer covered, and will be caught *without* a safety net of another drug that works for them that they would have already been able to transition into SAFELY - had they at least been given the courtesy of a forewarning. Or, they will, like me, just be out of luck entirely, because nothing else works and/or there are contraindications to all the other drugs for their condition. Because of the thoughtless disregard of the State of California, and the NEGLIGENCE of ANTHEM BLUE CROSS, we can expect to see a *rash of suicides*, as people who are least able to cope with the emotional and physical blow of such disregard, as well as the uninformed and forced withdrawal from the only medication that works for them, are left with no option but to leave their pharmacy empty-handed, in shock. The truth is, this looks suspiciously like the state is in collusion with Anthem in attempting to reduce it's rolls of "undesirables" by nudging along quite a few suicides. I am attempting NOT to be among them.
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    Created by Laurie (Confidential)
  • Social Security for ALL
    If all members of Congress and all federal employees were on Social Security like the rest of us, there would be more contributors and Congress would be motivated to fix the system.
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    Created by Lynn Keiner
  • Save The Houses of the Disabled
    I have had three amputations in my life and during the process I have met many other disabled people, think about our cherished Veterans who were sent and damaged, but in the end all of the people with amputations and disabilities who are trying to keep their houses. Please help us make a difference, we need it badly. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
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    Created by Matthew W. Murphy
  • Stand Up for Affordable Gluten-Free Food
    Allergen-Free food is so expensive. Stand together and work to make these foods affordable for all who need them. Some healthy diets are a choice, but not ours. We don't get to buy the cheap and easy food; We don't even have too many choices where we can buy the food we need. Our allergies can be life-threatening. Let's help each other get more affordable pricing for gluten-free foods, vitamins and medicine. Lets save more people from suffering debilitating and painful symptoms and diseases.
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    Created by Marie McCourt
  • Stop the destruction of care for torture victims
    The Red Cross in Stockholm, Sweden has for 25 years been running a specialized clinic helping torture victims from all over the world. These very vulnerable patients need to meet professional caregivers with a long experience. The county council in Stockholm has now decided that this care can be procured from a private, VC owned company, since "experience is not an asset". This must be stopped
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  • Coloradans Need Health Care NOW! Full Care, For All, For Less
    In Colorado, spending what we do now or less, we can have full health care for everyone, with better outcomes. Coloradans deserves to have affordable, quality health care. Every taxpayer and business needs relief from escalating insurance costs. We need to pay for our health care in a way that is efficient, transparent and accountable to us - the residents of Colorado. We need Colorado money to stay in Colorado and to create Colorado jobs.  The Federal health reform legislation won't get us there. Coloradans need to take health reform into our own hands. Vermont is creating a universal, affordable health care system, and Colorado can also if we all work together. We need to tell the governor and legislators that Coloradans need more than incremental improvements. Tell them that we'll help them do what's right: affordable, quality, sustainable health care for all Colorado residents.  For more information: 4COHealth.org HealthCareforAllColorado.org
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    Created by William Semple
  • 27, hard working and recently considered worthless
    I'm Lauren and I'm one of many hard-working, awesome Americans that just happens to have a life altering disease. Since I was 24, I have had this sneaking suspicion that I was very ill. Unfortunately, I was uninsured. As 25, I was at work waiting tables and very suddenly lost the use of my legs. Needless to say, crawling isn't good form in a restaurant so I broke down and went to the ER. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that attacks the protective coating around the chocolate center that is your nerves. Eventually, I lost sight in my right eye, most of my balance and at 27, I fall multiple times everyday. I've been working since I was 14, am trying to go to school to become a therapist to help people in my condition and I think I'm a decent person. Still, I'm pretty sure that every time I hear certain people talk about how their taxes shouldn't pay for my medicine, they're really saying that it's not worth it to them if I live. If you have a friend of a friend like me, tell everyone that they're worth your money by signing.
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    Created by Lauren Wycoff
  • Racial discrimination in Medicine. Abuse of Peer Review
    The Tennessee Medical State Health Board, illegally recieved medical records and the Board Members conspired with Lifepoint Hospital to suspend my medical licence. They used "experts' who were not qualified to be experts, because they themselves were under investegation, by the same medical board. Lifepoint Hospitals have allowed physicians who were hurting, maming and killing patients in order to keep profits up. Lifepoint Hospitals corrupt the government and use illegal process and any means necessary to eliminate competition. The Medical board sent its investagators to my place of employment to harass me and my employers. In ten years of investegation they have not been able to come up with one case of negligence or malpractice! Their actions are totally illegal and the State Court and Supreme Court refuse to evaluate the lack of due process and illegality of the medical board. I have asked the State Attorney General to investegate,but get no response.My life has been destroyed because of my ethnicity and my objections to poor medical care at expense of poor people. As a result I went through a divorce and the Judge who was corrupt incarcerated my attorney without trial, and then intimidated and coerced me, giving my ex-wife an asset to which she has no contribution and did not deserve under statutory law. The twenty first judical district of Tennessee is corrupt and this has been voiced by an assistant District Attorney and other attorneys.
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    Created by Gursheel Dhillon
  • Support Funding for Pediatric GIST Reseach
    Budget cuts in Washington, D.C. will eliminate the funding for the doctor, Su Young Kim, who is the principal researcher into pediatric gastrointestinal stromal cancer (GIST).The rarity of this tumor, combined with biological differences between children and adults with GIST, have made it difficult to study the natural history of this disorder and to determine the best therapy for pediatric patients. Pediatric GIST research at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, is conducting a clinical studies of the disease, working with patients from across the country. It's an effort to better understand the disease and develop better treatments for the children afflicted by it.
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    Created by Laurie
  • Hear our Voices! Reinstate Enteral Formulas for Patients with HIV/AIDS.
    Coverage for enteral formulas was cut from the NY State Medicaid Budget earlier this year. The removal of supportive calories, protein, and micronutrients has put many malnourished HIV(+) individuals at heightened risk of infection, hospitalization, and even death. For the past 6 months, the Coalition to Reinstate Enteral Formulas Coverage has been educating key NY State government officials that removing enteral formulas coverage from AIDS patients who are losing weight significantly increases the cost of caring for these individuals. WE ARE NOW AT A CRITICAL MOMENT. There are 5 key decision makers who are currently reviewing this issue. Please sign this petition and urge the decision makers to REINSTATE ENTERAL FORMULAS IN NY MEDICAID. With your signature and a short message, your concerns will automatically be sent, and your voice will be heard. HELP HIV/AIDS PATIENTS WHO ARE LOSING WEIGHT. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!
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    Created by D. O'Brien
  • Save BadgerCare
    The WI Republicans want to help balance the budget by kicking 53,000 adults and children off BadgerCare. Premiums are scheduled to increase as much as 1100%. This is totally unacceptable. This will prevent people from getting cheaper healthcare earlier, and drive up costs with later expensive emergency room visits and preventable hospitalizations. Tell Gov. Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers this is unacceptable.
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    Created by John Hardin