• Organ Donations
    My sister who fell down steps was declared brain dead.. She never wanted to be an organ donor but her son went ahead and donated her organs. I read up somewhat afterwards on brain dead and it said you do not have a gag reflex.. well my sister had a gag reflex as they placed the tube down her throat.I believe for people who wish to donate their organs is all well and good but if they do not have it in writing then organs should not be taken procument of orgaa
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    Created by Hope Lundquist
  • Insurance equality for Chiropractic Care!
    As a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic Healthcare, I know first hand that the vast majority of Americans (especially the military veterans returning home) need Chiropractic Care. It is also blatantly obvious that most of those same people would take advantage of those benefits, if; covered the same as seeing any other type of doctor.
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    Created by Perry P. Little, Jr., DC
  • Dental Health Care Coverage included in Health Care Insurance Plans
    Hundreds of millions of people's health are adversely affected by routine dental issues (cavities, broken teeth, etc.) that are inexpensive in of themselves to address whereas the health delivery system is making trillions of dollars treating health issues like diabetes, obesity, coronary artery disease, strokes to name a few that develop because of dental health neglect.
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    Created by Elizabeth St. John
  • Save Maine's Mandated Health Insurance Benefits
    EVERY mandate in Maine was written by legislators in the past because an insurance company refused to cover an essential service. LD 882 is a bill that will eliminate dozens of mandated health insurance benefits, and jobs too. We must stop this bill in the House & Senate next week. To do this, we need you! Please make your voice heard by signing this petition (and contacting your state rep & senator this weekend) to stop legislation that only benefits insurance companies. For a full list of the Maine Mandated Health Insurance Benefits, visit: http://www.maine.gov/pfr/insurance/consumer/mandated_benefits.htm
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    Created by NASW Maine Chapter
  • NBC Universal Media say NO to Randall Terry
    Randall Terry's group is poised to buy advertising time on NBC's airing of the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, 2012. These 30 second spots will depict images of aborted fetuses which are disturbing and not fit for airing during what is a family-oriented sports event. Mr. Stephen B. Burke, CEO, of NBC Universal has the opportunity to prevent these reprehensible images that portray a 3rd trimester aborted fetus from being viewed by children. Randall Terry's group has furthered the hate messages against women and the LGBT community. He and his group is attempting to have the millions of NBC viewers witness despicable and offensive images on February 5, 2012.
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    Created by Jay Poe
  • The Michigan Health Exchange
    The Michigan Health Exchange will affect our healthcare for generations. Senate Bill 693 is a "Clearinghouse - Non-Profit" health exchange design that would forbid the exchange from negotiating better health insurance rates for us and the exchange would be owned by a private company and benefit insurance companies. An "Active Purchaser - Quasi Governmental or State Run" health exchange design would be owned and controlled by us, and individuals and businesses could be combined into a large group. The exchange could then negotiate better rates for us, lowering the cost of healthcare. This type of health exchange would benefit the businesses and people of Michigan.
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    Created by David Wamsley
  • Show Your Support for the Affordable Care Act!
    Counter the Republican petition to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Health care should not be a privilege but a right. Sign the petition to keep the GOP from taking that right away.
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    Created by Larry Adams
  • Fair healthcare for transgenders
    Most transgenders in the US are denied prescribed healthcare because most insurance companies specifically state that they will not treat anything related to being transgender.
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    Created by Tracey Quirk
  • Save Costs on Prescription Drugs
    The United States and New Zealand are the only countries allowing prescription drug advertising on television. This is great for drug companies, advertising agencies, and television networks. The latter depends more and more on the revenues of those ads, but aren't you getting tired of hearing all those ads? If the ads were banned, the high cost of TV advertising would be saved by the pharmaceutical companies, which in turn, should bring drug costs down considerably. Let's put more money in our pockets, and join the rest of the world!
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    Created by Camilla Bowman
  • EpiPens in School
    Requiring EpiPen in schools for children that suffer from peanut allergies. A seven year old died in Chesterfield, Va because EpiPen was not avaliable. Congress should enacted legislation supported by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
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    Created by Leonard Edloe
  • Bill S-2316
    Please circulate this email and a list of instructions to all family members, staff (call from cell phones) and friends to call the NJ Governor’s office, refer to Bill S-2316 and express your OPPOSITION to the Bill. The Governor's Office general phone number is (609) 292-6000. You may call to express your opposition to the legislation and to request that the Governor veto the legislation. All you need do is ask the receptionist to put you in touch with someone who can log your opposition to the bill. Provide the bill number, your opposition to the bill, a request for a veto, and answer any questions asked. You should not get into a protracted conversation about the bill as the person who you will be put in touch with will likely have no idea what the bill is about. If the governor sign this bill into law, it will create the same chaos that New York has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Created by Dr. Sako
  • Adopt National Single Payer Health-Care
    Petition to repeal Obama's health-care act and adopt a universal, tax funded single payer system for all. We can no longer afford the inefficiencies and periodic losses (job losses and changes, retirement, disability, rejection by insurance companies) of coverage associated with our disjoint mix of public and private health-care funding entities. We need the efficiencies and cradle to grave coverages that can only be provided by a system based on public funding and private service delivery.
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    Created by John Clay