• Excess Death Prevention Study
    Harvard study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage. 60 excess deaths ocurr in Vermont. http://www.pnhp.org/news/2009/septemb/harvard_study_finds_.php The study found a 40 percent increased risk of death among the uninsured.
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    Created by Al Walskey
  • Handicapped Accessible Medical Examinations
    People who are wheelchair dependent deserve to have accessible health examinations. Currently many health facilities do not have examination tables that a person who is wheelchair dependent can access. Nor do they have scales to weigh a person who can not stand or walk. We are calling on you to add your name to show your support for helping people who are wheelchair dependent have accessible respectful health examinations.
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    Created by Kristi Saul
  • Handicapped Accessible Medical Examinations
    Requiring all medical facilities to have at least one examination bed that a person in a wheelchair can access by transferring independently or with minimal assistance from their wheel chair to the examination table. Requiring that all medical facilities have a scale that can be used by people who are not able to stand or walk.
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    Created by Kristi Saul
  • Healthcare Benefits for Working Poor
    NJ Family Care has been given a directive to ignore expenses when looking at tax returns that are used to determine eligibity for services. As such, any business owner who is not earning enough after expenses to support their family is also disqualified for benefits because of the formula being used.
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    Created by Cheryl Spinelli
  • Include eyes, ears and teeth in Medicare
    Currently, Medicare pays for routine eye exams, but does not pay for glasses, especially not bifoals or trifocals, unless a senior has had glaucoma surgery (which it does cover). Medicare does not cover routine hearing exams or hearing aids of any type, despite the fact that most seniors need these. Medicare will not cover routine dental checkups, cleanings or pay for fillings, and will never pay for dentures, although a large proportion of seniors need dentures. Why are these parts of the body not included in our Medicare coverage? Seniors have problems with their eyes, ears, teeth, that need to be taken care of. Medicare should include all health-related issues, not ignore some for unknown reasons.
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    Created by Joby McClendon
  • Stop the THC Crackdown
    The Obama administration has broken its word. When Obama was running for office, he promised he would leave the question of the use of medical marijuana to state law. In December the DOJ began raiding marijuana growers and dispenseries in California. Now the effort is spreading, next is Colorado, which makes $2.3 billion in taxes for the state from the sale of medMJ. Despite what the DOJ claims most MedMJ is for treatment og chronic pain
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    Created by GEORGE S MEYER
  • Stop Insurance Companies from Practicing Medicine
    Insurance companies have too much power - they can decide if you can receive a medication or not, a surgical procedure or not -that is the practice of medicine and affects your health and your life.
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    Created by David
  • A New Name For "The Pill"
    With all the controversey over Religious organizations not wanting to cover birth control, it's time to change the name to what it really is - "Hormone Assisted Therapy." Many women use this therapy for non contraceptive reasons, ie migraines, polysistic overy syndrome, heavy periods, acne... and so.
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    Created by Georgette Muller
  • Create a Federal agency to protect the consumer from unscrupulous medical and dental insurance co...
    WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Create a specific Federal agency to help people fight medical and dental Insurance companies denial of payments. This petition is to request the Federal government to create an agency for the purpose of protecting the consumer from medical and dental insurance denials of payments to providers. Currently, each state has a department of Insurance that is charged with compliance of the Insurance laws, but more often then not they side with the insurance companies reason for denial. The consumer has no recourse but to try and resolve the denial through court. We need a consumer protection agency to be an advocate for unscrupulous medical and dental companies that find a way to deny payment of covered services.
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    Created by Diana Grillo
  • Legalize Medical Marijuana for AIDs Patents
    Need to have a Federal Law allowing for AIDs patients, Cancer Patients and Terminally Ill patients regardless of where they live. California has created Tax Revenue of over 6 Billion dollars a year from the sale of medical Marijuana.
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    Created by David Thompson
  • Tell Rick Santorum prenatal testing isn't a gateway to abortion; it's basic healthcare for women!
    What started with the Susan G. Komen Foundation's attack on Planned Parenthood has only escalated. Now Rick Santorum says the purpose of prenatal testing is to increase abortions. It's outrageous! "One of the mandates [of health care reform] is they require free prenatal testing in every insurance policy in America. Why? Because it saves money in health care. Why? Because free pre-natal testing ends up in more abortions and therefore less care that has to be done, because we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society." --Rick Santorum, February 18, 2012 Tell Rick Santorum prenatal testing isn't a gateway to abortion. It is basic health care for women! Prenatal testing is used in many ways. It determines the mother's blood type and Rh factor, whether she has anemia, whether she has infections such as toxoplasmosis, hepatitis B, syphilis, chlamydia, and HIV, and whether she is immune to rubella (German measles) and chicken pox. While it is true that in a tiny minority of cases, prenatal testing finds conditions that may lead to a choice to terminate a pregnancy, it is much more frequently true that the information gleaned from prenatal testing uncovers conditions that can be, and need to be, treated promptly. Prenatal testing can make profound improvements in the health and lives of pregnant women and the fetuses they are carrying! (1) Santorum challenges policy on prenatal testing, CNN, February 18, 2012, http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/19/politics/santorum-prenatal-testing (2) Prenatal Care and Testing, WomensHealth.gov, http://www.womenshealth.gov/pregnancy/you-are-pregnant/prenatal-care-tests.cfm#c
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    Created by Keith Rouda
  • Ban HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in our food products.
    HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS) has been around for about thirty-five years. I believe that we are beginning to see the ill effects of consuming this product. Our bodies cannot break down HFCS. Diabetes is at record numbers and continues to rise. Food manufacturers put HFCS in almost everything we eat and drink. Profits before health is not a way to do business.
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    Created by John J. Gandy Jr.